How Much is a Wooden Clarinet Worth

Clarinets have a long legacy in music. They are one of the most popular instruments that stem out from the flute family. Wooden ones also can create an amazing sound when played. Clarinet players around the world play the instrument in shows, events and just as a hobby. Their prices range over various amounts of money. So how much is a wooden clarinet worth? Let us answer this question today.

Why play a Wooden Clarinet?

How Much is a Wooden Clarinet Worth
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Contrary to popular belief, a clarinet is actually very popular in the world. Regardless of wooden or not, they get a lot of love from the music community. This is because they are portable, easy to learn and musically versatile.

Be that as it may, wooden clarinets produce a more “natural” sound. Players who prefer a more acoustic and analog sound will want one. Electric clarinets have very digital sounds, while non-wooden clarinets do not sound as clean or acoustic.

Selling your Wooden Clarinet

A lot of you will want to upgrade to better clarinets once they have gotten good. Your beginner clarinet is probably not very expensive, as beginner instruments are mostly made under a budget. What to do in such a situation? Selling it off is probably the wisest thing you can do in this case.

Not only will you be selling the wooden clarinet to someone who wants it, but more actually. You will be giving it to someone for a more affordable price than a brand new. This can be highly beneficial as some wooden clarinets tend to fetch a big price brand new.


Let’s dive into the meat of our topic now. How much is a wooden clarinet worth in reality? The discussion will cover on topics such as selling your used clarinet, and buying a new one too. It will also tell you about the factors to consider when buying a wooden clarinet. Before all that, we will also be covering the market to buy it from.

Where is it being Sold?

A product’s worth is obviously decided by the place it is being sold in. Is it a website, garage sale, a music store? Getting this down is important to decide the price.

A garage sale will fetch the smallest price when you are buying one. The circumstances of a garage sale do not require any brand value – cheapening the price. If the wooden clarinet has been used significantly, it can fetch very small prices, even down to just $100!

A website will fetch somewhat higher prices. A used wooden clarinet will cost about half the price online than its original price. This is mostly due to how an e-commerce site will take a cut of the money when you sell it there. A brand new clarinet will obviously sell for just as much as the price at a music store.

The Prices

A wooden clarinet will be worth about $100 dollars when buying brand new, if you are looking for the cheapest. The price can go up to as high as $3000! The ones at the lowest budget range will be harder to sell for a higher price. They can be found being sold at just $10-$20 on websites.

A Wooden Clarinet’s Worth
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For standard quality at the best budget, you should consider getting a brand new wooden clarinet at a range of $400-$600. This will get you some optimum results. Under general circumstances, wooden clarinets at this budget will be durable and versatile. They will also be able to satisfy you in terms of sound, as that is what most clarinet players will prioritize.

Stay Away from These

If you are finding a wooden clarinet that is being sold at a suspiciously low price, do not get it. The situation, as you will probably find out over time is that they are damaged. It may not be apparent at first, but you will not find a quality wooden clarinet at price ranges that are too low to be considered genuine..

What to look for in a Clarinet

There are certain factors you should be on the look out when getting a wooden clarinet. Here are some that we thought are essential to consider before you buy one.

Hole covers

Each of the hole covers should be made so that the inner padding does not stick. They should have a keypad feel to them which stays thick, yet not worn down. It eases playability when using your fingers to change notes.

Clean and Dry Bore

This part of the clarinet is literally the body of the clarinet. If the bore ends up having poor quality, it will not be worth much. You should essentially look for clarinets with a wooden bore. They are more likely to have better quality of sound and better feel to them.

Another factor to consider when checking the bore out is to make sure that it is clean and dry. You do not want a wooden clarinet with a wet interior as that can cause serious trouble down the line. Simultaneously, a bore that is too dry means that it may run the risk of cracking under extreme dry and hot climates.

We understand that these are a lot of factors to consider, but this is the importance of a bore. As the bore is the body of the instrument, it should be given the most priority.


That’s about all you need to know before you go to buy a clarinet. A wooden clarinet’s worth may vary from product to product, but what you should be looking out most for is the quality. If the quality is not on par, if the sound is not good enough and if the instrument itself is faulty – it will harm your performance in the long run. We hope you found this article informative, and that it was able to help you.

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