What Do Singers Wear in Their Ears?

If you are someone who visits concerts regularly, you may have noticed something strange about the singer. The entire time that they are on stage, they wear earphones or earpieces while performing. what do singers wear in their ears ?

Not only that, but more often than not, they will readjust them for some particular reasons. Those of you who visit concerts regularly are sure to have noticed this. Let us discuss that today. What is it that singers wear in their ears?

Well, to give you an idea, the reason why singers have their ears blocked is simple. In short: They listen to music, or listen to metronomes to stay in sync with their performance.

This helps singers stay focused and keeps their minds off the noises that may be present on stage. It can be crowded, the unwanted loud music created by the instruments and so on. These are called in-ear monitors and they are crucial to performing on stage.

How Do in-ear Monitors Work? 

Inside the walls of a concert venue or event center, things work somewhat complicatedly. As the amplifiers face the direction of the audience, away from the stage, the audience hears most of the music.

But the performers do not. Rather than listening to the music they create, they end up listening to the sounds that are reflected off the walls.

On stage, the singers wear in-ear monitors to keep their minds away from getting distracted by these noises. They provide them with a specific source of sound that helps them keep themselves concentrated on the song at hand. This is the primary benefit, and there are other benefits of wearing in-ear monitors while on stage which will be discussed in detail shortly.

Allows Customization of Mix

Most vocalists and singers focus on very particular aspects of the whole arrangement that is being performed. They may need to depend on one specific beat of the percussion to stay in line with the rest of the performance. They may need to listen to their vocals being in the limelight of the arrangement so that they can sing more coherently along with it.

This is where in-ear monitors are perfect, because they allow the singers to customize their mixes according to their own taste. The singer will be able to listen to a mix that focuses on the vocals more prominently.

Instrumentalists, such as the guitarist can listen to a version which focuses less on the vocals to keep their minds on the song. This way, the whole band can perform at their maximum without getting distracted.

Protects the ears

What Do Singers Wear in Their Ears?
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The life of a singer is extremely loud. Be it concerts, events or recording sessions – a singer is always surrounded by sounds and noises. Obviously, the ears will grow weak over time if exposed to such environments for prolonged periods of time. Moreover, they will end up being damaged if the exposure continues even further.

Earplugs are a solution to some singers, but there happens to be the issue of the earplugs blocking out the sound of the mix. They reduce the ability of the singer being able to hear the mix that is being played. And this is why in-ear monitors are the answer to this issue.

In-ear monitors are able to simultaneously provide the singer with a clear and consistent sound source for the user, namely the singer in this case. But it does this while blocking the ear out from loud noises while they are performing, and instead provides them with sounds of their choice.

The ridiculously loud sounds present on stage will harm the listeners over prolonged exposure, and therefore in-ear monitors prove to be protective of the ears.

Bringing a Balance

The sound generated from in-ear monitors are made more consistent with the help of technology specifically made for on stage presence. Sound quality in general is superior with monitors.

In-ear monitors are no different, as their quality of sound is better than ordinary earphones. And this is one of the reasons singers wear ear pieces while performing.

Good quality of sound is desired by everyone, in their audio devices. Singers are no different as this happens to be a part of their daily lives. With better sound quality to listen to while performing, this serves as a source of motivation for singers to perform better. 

To Keep Up with a Metronome

A metronome, which can also be called a click track, is a continuous percussive sound that musicians are seen using to keep up with pace. It is of the utmost importance to stay in sync with whatever is being played on-stage. The metronome or click track can be adjusted accordingly to the choice of the user. 

Sometimes, it is rather difficult to just focus on the sound of the drums that are being played while on-stage. This ends up being a reason why some singers choose to listen to the sound of a metronome. A metronome proves to be useful because as the singer sings, their ears are fed with the clicking sounds of a metronome, which helps them focus. This also helps them stay on track with the soundtrack.

As that is the case, in-ear monitors are often used by the singers to listen to the sound of a metronome. As an in-ear monitor generates sound of pristine quality, it ends up giving the singer enough feedback to focus on the song. Other band members may also use a similar tactic so that they do not get derailed from the song. 


These are just some of the reasons why a singer wears in-ear monitors in their ears. There may be more, as choices of this sort differs from user to user. Some use in-ear monitors, earpieces, earplugs and headphones for the purpose of looking professional, just an example among many. We hope this article has been helpful and has been able to answer your questions about what do singers wear in their ears ?

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