Top Drummers of All Time

Are you looking for inspiration as a drummer to make your drumming better or are you just interested in the drumming community? Whichever it is, today we present to you Top Drummers of All Time !

Any drumming fan or even music fan has probably had debates, or maybe even a full out argument about who is the best drummer, or who are some of the top ones of all time. They often categorize their list by the number of awards they’ve won, or the number of nominations they have, some even go for the simplicity of their technique, while others tend to look more at their technical abilities as a drummer.

A list like this won’t always satisfy everyone’s views or taste in the drumming community. But what the only way a list like this can get more adequate is by combining all the factors mentioned before and adding more to nitpick some of the best ones that can be put on our list.

No matter the crazy skills and drumming techniques you have, if the crowd doesn’t enjoy your music then it isn’t considered good. This list helps us eliminate that by going over a variety of factors instead of just one.

With all that being said, let’s get into our list of the top drummers of all time. Even though it’s not going to be the most definitive list but we still gave it our best shot!

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Top Drummers of All Time

Top Drummers of All Time
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1. John Bonham – Top Drummers of All Time

It is of no surprise that John Bonham is on the top of our list. Well, to be fair this stands true for most lists like this for drummers. Everyone knows that Bonham had changed rock drumming in a way no has done before. His drumming is evident of that. John Bonham was known for his hard hitting power, fast kick drumming, his instincts, the way he felt the groove, it all shone even brighter through his love for speed.

His loud and amazing techniques sent Led Zeppelin’s music soaring up even higher. He received his first drum kit at 15 years age and for the most part he was self-taught. He tried mimicking Buddy Rich and Max Roach to teach himself. Led Zeppelin disbanded after his death and 15 years after his death, his band was brought into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Top drummers of all time
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2. Neil Peart – Top Drummers of All Time

Neil Peart is most certainly one of the best drummers of all time. He was in the band, Rush. A big chunk of his inspiration for drumming came from looking at and listening to the top British drummers of that time. This is evident in his playing style.

Rush took Peart in their band as their drummer because they said he reminded them of Keith Moon of The Who. But it turned out the only thing they shared in common was their hard hitting style.

Neil Peart was considered to be the most technical and meticulous drummer of all time, while Keith Moon had a loose timing. He had an incredibly huge drum kit that included digital samplers and a lot more. His kit wrapped all around him and none of it was wasted since he made it sure it was all included during his solo performances.

Top drummers of all time
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3. Keith Moon – Top Drummers of All Time

Keith Moon was a part of one of the loudest and greatest rock bands ever, The Who. He was known for his drumming as much as he was known for his destructive personality and smashing up hotel rooms. It most certainly isn’t the greatest thing to be known for but he still owned it.

Moon also served as the inspiration for Animal from The Muppets. He was able to perfectly fit drum rolls in places it had never been before. He was one of the most melodic drummers in history and tried to play at once with everyone in the band.

He was not just a drummer but a performance artist as well. Unfortunately, Moon died at a very young age of 31 due to overdose of a drug, which may have been because of his explosive behavior, but it still is just as tragic.

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4. Ginger Baker

Ginger Baker was in the bands, Blind Faith and Cream. He was known for recording extended solos and using two kick drums. It is true that Baker wasn’t a very likeable person, although his talent for drumming was enough to compensate for his violent temper.

His style of drumming was often described by people as primal, inventive, extroverted and such. He was more of a ‘Jazzer’ and bebop drummer due to his use of ride cymbals- Syncopation, African rhythms. However, even though he despised it, people still think of him as a heavy metal drumming pioneer. If you really wanted to know more about him, spending two hours watching “Beware of Mr. Baker” ought to give you an idea of who he really is.

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5. Buddy Rich

Buddy Rich was a jazz drummer who was considered to be a child prodigy. Rich was well known for his power and speed that didn’t sacrifice any techniques. He started playing publicly at the age of 4 and was already going on international tours when he turned a teenager.

In the 30’s, he was also at the young age of 15, the second highest paid child entertainer. His intricate stick work and speed was showcased in his extended solos at a time when most drummers, even people wouldn’t think outside the box due to fear of failure.

He even performed and recorded with Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many more. Rich was just as famous for leading his own bands filled with high energy as he was famous for being foul tempered.

Final Words

In this list, we only added drummers we thought would best fit our criteria. Now, if you feel inspired reading about these legendary figures, then practice and one day you might end up in a list like this yourself!

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