Top 10 Best Bass Drum Pedal

Drum pedals are inseparable from the set. As a drummer, your first pick has to be durable. The pedal is going to take lots of kicks. Drum pedals have to respond simultaneously with the feet. Check out the list for best bass drum pedal for professionals and amateurs.

People may say, pedals are personal choices. We cannot think that an amateur knows everything about drums. Which pedal is the best bass drum pedal, that is up to you. We can only recommend.

Best Bass Drum Pedal in 2021

We have analyzed the available drum pedals in the market. Here is the list which we made with rigorous consideration on their price and performance. After that, there is a buying guide for drum pedals you may want to check out before choosing one.

Product Name
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Pearl 300D Eliminator
·        Direct drive pedal

·        Adjustable height and beater stroke

·        Convertible footboard

·        Belt drive pedal

·        Lengthy footboard

·        Portable

Offset Eclipse
·        Double chain drive

·        Adjustable drive wheels

·        Durable bearings

·        Adjustable beater angle

·        Long pedalboard

·        Lightweight and portable

DW CP5000AD4
·        Double chain drive

·        Delta II bearing

·        Advanced tri-pivot toe clamp

·        Adjustable spring tension

·        Single chain double pedal

·        Affordable price

Pearl P930
·        Adjustable cam

·        Single chain drive

·        Dual surface beater

DW 2000
·        All-metal construction

·        Adjustable beater angle

·        Long-lasting

·        Adjustable spring tension and beater angle

·        Power glide cam

·        Affordable price

·        Fast touch G pedalboard design

·        Direct drive pedal

·        Lightweight


1.    Pearl 300D Eliminator – Top Professional Choice

Pearl 300D Eliminator

Here we have a direct drive Pearl 300D Eliminator.

Pearl Eliminator comes with two-position direct link adjustments. It also has two adjustable beater stroke positions. The ninja bearings in the lever are top-quality that ensures fast drumming.

Pearl Eliminator is amazingly fast with the direct lever drive. Credit to the adjustable traction plate that ensures a grippy base! That makes it a very professional choice.


  • Sturdy build and durable structure
  • Adjustable beater stroke for wider varieties of music
  • Click-lock agreement ensuring a stable base


  • Considering one pedal, it is an expensive option

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2.    Yamaha FP-8500B – Best All-round Choice


The Yamaha FP series comes with lucrative options for you to select from. Yamaha FP-8500B features a belt drive. The belt is durable enough for frequent and regular use. It has 5 years of warranty.

The felt beater hits spontaneously that produce warm bass. This special drum pedal is literally weightless as it has no baseplate. You can carry it everywhere. Besides, the setup is easy.

Yamaha FP-8500B can be your drum lesson companion in a couple of practice sessions. Not to mention the price, which is also reasonable.


  • Durable structure and sturdy build
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Appropriate for long feet


  • May be found unstable without the baseplate

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3.    Offset Eclipse – Best Double Pedal Set

Offset Eclipse

Here is the most professional double pedal choice for you. Offset Eclipse is a double chain drum pedal with the most stunning performance.

Surprisingly, the arrangement is very simple even though it has so many functions. The drive wheels, height, and radius are easily adjustable with keys or fingers. Offset promises symmetric setup and alignment. It comes with dual-adjustable springs ensuring a seamless connection between your feet and drums.

The toning of Offset Eclipse is identical at both ends. Choosing Offset Eclipse will be wise if you want a professional experience with your drumming.


  • Easy setup and adjustments
  • Sturdy build, durability guaranteed
  • Long pedalboard, stable base
  • Adjustable beater stroke gives access to varieties of music


  • Expensive

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4.    Sonor – Portable Choice


Sonor brings a single drive pedal drum. It comes in a pedal bag as it is amazingly compact in size and portable. Just get it out and set it in front of the drum. The mechanism is very easy.

Sonor gives a satisfactory performance with the round cam. You will have a smooth response from the beater. It has an adjustable beater angle. You can also adjust the tension of the spring. Sonor by Jojo Mayer will be an exceptional choice if you are on the run!


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Sturdy build and durable
  • Lightweight and transportable


  • A bit expensive

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5.    DW CP5000AD4 – Top Durable Choice

DW CP5000AD4

DW CP5000AD4 comes with a double chain and tri-pivot toe clamp. It is an improvement over dual-pivot as it gives you access to any bass level.

DW CP5000AD4 has a non-skid rubber pad ensuring instant connection with your feet. The dual-bearing spring ensures instant command over the pedal. It doesn’t weigh too much considering the double chain sprocket.

DW CP5000 boosts the power with the sensitive cam and toe clamp. Not to mention how durable it is.


  • Durable double chain sprocket
  • Dual bearing spring rocker ensuring sensitive rule over the pedal
  • Stylish design and structure


  • Expensive

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6.    Mapex P500TW – Best Value

best bass drum pedal

Here we have a single-chain drum pedal from Mapex. It is the best one if you want a double pedal on an affordable budget.

Mapex P500TW is very lightweight because of the single-chain drive. The spring tension is adjustable. You have a sturdy single chain build along with that.

Both of the pedals offer fast and spontaneous reactions. The setup is easy for anybody. There cannot be any complaint if you consider the powerful bass it offers.

Starting drums would be easier if you have Mapex P500. Is there any other model at this price with more features? Let us know!


  • Double pedal for wider varieties of usage
  • Affordable price
  • Easy setup
  • Adjustable spring tension


  • Not sustainable enough for frequent and professional use

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7.    Pearl P930 – Best Overall

Pearl P930

Here we have Pearl P930. There is a dual-drive pedal from Pearl P932 if you want a look at that.

Pearl P930 is a single chain drive. The setup mechanism is very easy. It comes with an adjustable beater angle. So, you will have options. It comes with a circle cam, which is common for beginners.

Again, Pearl P930 has a starting part in your drumming carrier. There is no similar quality bass drum pedal at this price.


  • Adjustable beater angle cam
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not for professionals

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8.    DW 2000 – Best for Features

best bass drum pedal

DW makes this list again. DW 2000 is a single-chain drive with a double pedal. Yes, it offers more functions and durability than Mapex in our list.

DW 2000 is an all-metal construction DWSM107 Flyweight beater. It is a little bit heavy though. It comes with adjustable spring tension and an adjustable toe clamp.

The setup mechanism and adjustments are easy. With these many features, DW 2000 would be a reasonable choice for long-term usage.


  • Metal structure makes it durable
  • Highly sensitive pedals
  • Adjustable beater stroke


  • Single chain build may be found unstable

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9.    TAMA HP200P – Top Affordable Single Pedal

best bass drum pedal

Ever wonder why TAMA HP200P is so popular? TAMA HP200P has everything you need for a pedal, at a very affordable price. It comes with a powerful chain drive. The spring tension and beater angle are adjustable, which allows you to adapt to any level of bass you want.

TAMA HP200P has a single chain pedal. That makes it lightweight yet durable. The iron cobra design is a bonus for it. It is the best kicker you will find in the market considering the price.


  • Adjustable spring tension and beater angle
  • Lightweight and
  • Affordable price


  • Does not provide varieties of bass for professional level

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10. Gibraltar 6711DD – Affordable Direct Drive Set

best bass drum pedal

Here is a direct drive pedal from Gibraltar. You will notice that immediately, it gives smooth control over the CAM. The bearing spring offers a natural response to feet input.

Gibraltar 6711DD is lightweight and comes at an affordable price. You have to practice twice as before with Gibraltar 6711DD under your feet! Can you keep up?


  • Fashionable black-chrome design
  • Adjustable height position
  • Stable base


  • Tension is difficult to adjust

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Bass Drum Pedals Buying Guide

Here is a list that contains everything you need to know before choosing a drum pedal.

Pedal Drive

There are mainly four types of drives for bass drum pedals.

  1. Single chain:

Single-chain drives are for beginners. The reason is, professional drummers don’t like the side movements it gives. After the continuous and frequent performance, the chain may become unstable.

Also, single-chain drives are less expensive. That is why it is more suited for beginners. These are also lightweight.

Although, there are nowadays high-quality pedal chains that are pretty sturdy. You can use those for years without any problem.

  1. Double chain:

Double chain drives are sturdier, more durable. The price is higher than a single chain drive. The pedal requires more pressure from the foot than other kinds of pedals.

  1. Direct drive:

The whole mechanism is metals, lever system, and physics. The performance is top-notch, no doubt. Although these are comparatively more costly.

Fast drumming suits direct drive pedals. By ‘fast’, we mean, extreme level of response. That is how professionals are very fond of direct drive pedals.

  1. Belt drives:

The best thing about belt drives is, you don’t have to put too much pressure on the response. That’s perfect for powerful and fast drumming. The strap goes back to the initial position fast to take the next hit.

Do belt drives last? Belt drives are light and affordable. And, if the belt material is from strong fabric or leather, like nylon, they surely last for a long time.

Pedal Cam

Cam is the connector between the input and the output of the pedal. In one word, it is the chain or belt in your pedal. Cams are not available direct drive, as it is lever dependent.

There are two types of Cams:

  1. Round cam: Round cams offer fast and responsive. It gives you more bounce.
  2. Offset cam: There will be a little resistance compared to the round cam.

Some drum pedals come with adjustable cams that let you access both types of songs.


It is better if the pedal offers adjustability on height, footboard, beater angle, and springs. With that, you can easily control the tension or whatever you want for your performance. Some others have limited adjustability.

You may want to look for adjustable cams for the future if it is in your budget.

Tension adjustment

Making adjustments to the spring will impact the execution. Higher tension means, that requires more power. It becomes less sensitive. So, you have to put a lot of pressure. It gives lots of bounce. Use higher tension if you want fast drumming.

As a beginner, you will struggle in higher tension. The drumming will not be accurate and most importantly, you cannot learn much. You will not have the proper control of the movements.

Lots of beginners’ drums don’t have adjustable springs. That means you don’t have to worry about the tension which is in the moderate position.

It is good to have an option to adjust the springs, height, or others. However, don’t fall for it if it takes you beyond your budget.


A stable base is important if you want good control of the pedals. With quicker drumming and an unstable base, you will face problems while drumming. Generally, all drum pedals have that, made of rubber.

However, some bass drum pedals let go of the base to cut off some weight. So, it becomes portable. This idea comes in handy if you are taking lessons outside and still want to practice at home.

The number of chains or features doesn’t make a huge difference if you know your way.

Final Thoughts

The first condition of best bass drum pedal is Responsiveness. The ancient way was to less talk and getting the pedal under your feet. That was better, wasn’t that?

In our list, Pearl Eliminator will be the best recommendation. It is loaded with features for you, also, durable. However, if you are a beginner and don’t have much to spare, go for Yamaha FP-8500B.

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