The Mackie THUMP15

Only Mackie speakers can deliver that class-leading, and that chest-thumping low-end sensation you’ve been looking for. You get the high performance you want in a box that’s rugged, lightweight, and compact with 1000+ watts of power.

The power output of the Thump Series loudspeakers is more than double that of the past ones. They’ve also increased the incredible amount of low-end Thump produces. The speakers have more bass, higher performance, and seem to be as cheap as ever. Thump provides speed, efficiency, and validated quality and was engineered by the world’s leader in portable sound.

Design & Quality

The material used to make the speaker seems to be quite durable. Since the outlook is quite different from the original Mackie THUMP so they must’ve upgraded the woofer.

The base ports are at the frontal bottom part. You will be able to see two holes at both corners, which are where the ports lie. The LED indicator is just above the left hole of the base port. 

At both sides of the speaker, there are handles to pick it up. There are four holes like structure on each side of the speaker. Their purpose is not exactly clear. It could be vents or it could be used to hold up the high when used as a monitor at the DJ booth. 

At the backside of the speaker, you can see the configuration. At contour EQ you will see low, medium, and high filters. There is also a different knob for frequency. It goes from 100 to 8,000 hertz. This speaker lets you daisy chain to other speakers through the ‘thru’ port. They contain XLR on both the input and the output.

The EQ settings are highly suggested but there are no presets available. They have written everything down in a diagram for people who want to use the speaker’s settings.

Now look at the bottom part of the back, you will see the power cord input and the power switch. Just below the power cord there is a space for pole mount area. Some speakers come with an adjustable screw that fixates the speaker on the pole. 

There is a holder on top of the speaker as well. There are four indentations on four corners of the top part. They are basically there to stack up speakers on top of each other. The bottom part has 4 identical indentations. 

This is your ideal speaker for the price range you can get it at. An 18” subwoofer will complement the speaker so you can get yourself one if you want. This speaker’s base is really nice. It feels tight and punchy. It has solid mids, nice and crisp highs. Compared to other speakers, the bass on these speakers sounds deeper and slightly better. 

Why it could be the best?

At every volume range, Thump’s all-new dynamic base reaction technology delivers the deep and the hard-hitting lows you have learned to expect. You will not be disappointed with the quality of the base. You will be able to feel every single beat in your chest.

Thump full-range loudspeakers have 1000W of ultra-efficient Class D capacity and custom-designed motors, making them ideal for portable applications of high output. You can easily fit this in a sedan.

You’ve got everything you need to finish the job with Thump. The built-in three-band EQ includes a sweepable middle, which is ideal for tailoring the audio to the user. This is one of the reasons why this speaker can give off such nice sounds.

What’s more?

Adding the 1200W Thump18S driven subwoofer amplifies the bass. The skilled band-pass configuration of the powerful 18″ subwoofer delivers high performance and deep and rich lows that fully fill the space.


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Some of the main features of the Mackie THUMP15 1000 Watt is given below:

  • Fully ready for gigs and design that maximizes out
  • Class D amplification that provides complete efficiency
  • A 15” max output woofer
  • A compression driver made of a 1.4” titanium dome
  • The dynamic bass delivers with perfect lows at any volume range
  • Crossover with precision from both direction
  • Transducer time orientation
  • System protection/limiting
  • Three-band EQ with sweepable mid to fine-tune the pitch
  • Mic/line input allows for direct microphone communication.
  • A variety of mounting options are available, including tripod and pole mounting
  • Ideal for use as a stage control due to its angled shape
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Polypropylene construction that can withstand a lot of violence.
  • 33.2 lb. / 15.1 kg


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Good low frequency

Now we will note some of the places where it is best to use:

  • DJ
  • Home Studio
  • Performance in front of medium range of crowd


  • Limited functions
  • Not durable

Customer Review

I’ve been able to get by with the Mackie THUMP15 as main speakers, and for the price I paid, I think they’ve done a fantastic job. However, I will not consider them as key speakers for a band because I believe most bands would demand more in them than these speakers will provide. If you’re looking for monitors for a gigging band or perhaps a rehearsal room, this speaker will just not disappoint. If you’re a mobile DJ on a budget, this is a decent option, but I’d consider pairing it with a sub or subs because a pair of these won’t give you the bass you’re looking for.

Final Verdict

Overall, this speaker has an incredible voice! The guitar sounds amazing and the vocals are crisp and simple. For a mid-sized location, there is plenty of power. The sound is complete and powerful enough to take on a large audience. And in the mains, the bass is deep. You’re on point if you can sense it in your chest from a collection of mains. The addition of the subwoofer simply lets the audience leap. I adore it. You’ve got it. You need not be disappointed.


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