The Best Snare Drumheads for Rock – A Detailed Guide

Resonant snare drumheads are parts of the drum that are ideally charged with resonance and sound projection, and they are not made to be hit. When playing rock, which drumheads are best, and why?

In the world of drums there are many technicalities and characteristics that are bound to get a beginner confused, especially when they are trying to get their hands on a drum or drumhead to use on a regular basis. However, seasoned players are accustomed to a good number of them, and telling a batter head from a resonant head is as easy as 1, 2, 3. When playing rock, you need a good drumhead that gives a mix of both vibrance and warmth to deliver sound that is well rounded. Below are a couple snare drumheads that are ideal for rick music.

The Best Snare Drumheads for Rock Comparison Table

Drumhead Model
Special feature
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Evans Hybrid – Coated Snare Batter Drumhead
14 inches
Woven textured surface
Aquarian HIP14W Drumhead Pack
14 inches
Advanced molding
Remo Powerstroke 77 – Coated Snare Drumhead
15 inches
Warm and clear tones
Remo Emperor X Coated Snare Drumhead
14 inches
Extremely strong

The Best Snare Drumheads for Rock Products Review

Evans Hybrid – Coated Snare Batter DrumheadComes with a unique woven textured surface

Originally designed for marching snare drums, this drumhead presents an incredible amount of strength and also facilitates high quality sound.

Key features

  • Has a diameter of 14 inches
  • Comes with a woven textured surface
  • Ideal for brush players
  • Facilitate warm and vibrant tones
  • Versatile

For a good length of time, Evans as a company has managed to provide incredible quality, both on the build and sound fronts, and this is why their products remain so popular. The Evans Hybrid – Coated Snare Batter Drumhead is not an exception since it delivers features that are incredibly unique.

For starters, it is constructed using a distinctive fiber weave technology that gives the top surface an incredibly unique feel. This fiber weave technology gives the drumhead a certain bounce once hit, allowing for high responsiveness and a unique sound profile.

Aside from this, the drumhead also presents a particularly strong build, allowing for heavy hits consistently without damaging it over time. This allows players to achieve maximal attack without worrying about damaging the integrity of the drumhead. Even with consistent heavy impact, the drumhead retains a good deal of sustain.

The combination of these characteristics is what makes this drumhead incredibly popular, especially as far as rock music goes. It is able to deliver a balance of warmth and vibrance which are vital for a good rick music sound.

One of the features that makes the Evans Hybrid – Coated Snare Batter Drumhead sound both vibrant and warm is the fact that it bears sound shaping technology. This feature works to prevent overtone which often times results in distortion, retaining sound that is clear even when it is loud. In addition, the drumhead comes with Externally Mounted Adjustable Dumping and a Control Ring for Internal Overtone Control. This makes certain that sound is at a constant smooth every time you get to playing.


  • Made using distinctive fiber weave technology
  • Delivers a unique sound profile
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Comes with sound balancing technology to keep overtone away


  • It is considerably expensive


Going wrong with a product from one of the world’s leading producers of drums and drumheads is an occurrence that is unlikely to happen. The Evans Hybrid – Coated Snare Batter Drumhead is an incredibly powerful drumhead that sounds great and that is strong enough to last a good length of time.

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Aquarian HIP14W Drumhead PackMade using advanced molding to make it strong and durable

Just like the Evans Hybrid – Coated Snare Batter Drumhead, this one is made for superior sound and incredible durability.

Key features

  • Has a diameter of 14 inches
  • Made using advanced molding procedures
  • Molded with 2 plies
  • Made for high impact
  • Produces loud and full tone

When buying drumheads to use for rock music, many a drummer go for thin drumheads that have more vibrant tones. The Aquarian HIP14W Drumhead Pack goes against this norm, presenting what would be considered a thick drumhead that many drummers would not be keen to choose.

However, the drumhead manages to produce sound that is incredibly vibrant and rounded, you would not possibly have an idea that it is as thick as it is. This is largely attributed to the fact that it is made using advanced molding procedures that ideally work to promote sound transfer and deliver sound that is full, vibrant and well rounded.

Another unique characteristic is that it is made using 2 plies, a feature that contributes to its thickness. This characteristic contributes a great deal to the strength of this drumhead, allowing it to take a good amount of impact. Thick as it is, it comes with a pleasant bounce when hit, allowing for incredible sound uniqueness.

Aside from unique sound and clarity, it bears the capacity to be pretty loud, filling a room and carrying the sound above other loud instruments such as guitars and pianos. In addition, it produces a conveniently loud rim shot that is most rock drummers’ favorite.

Often times, when dealing with a loud drumhead, drummers encounter lots of distortion due to such characteristics as overtone and the lack of sustain. Thankfully, this drumhead is fitted with a power dot, a system that works to reduce and even eliminate altogether such characteristics as sustain an overtone, leaving a full and balanced tone that is devoid of distortion.


  • It is a loud and clear drum
  • Fitted with a power dot
  • Made to be strong and durable
  • Has clarity, vibrance and warmth even though it is thick
  • Made using advanced molding procedures


  • Some drummers do not fancy the thickness


Thick as it is, the Aquarian HIP14W Drumhead Pack manages to produce sound that is loud, vibrant and balanced, with minimal traces of distortion. The combination of these characteristics makes it an ideal drumhead for use when playing rock music and other genres as well.

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Remo Powerstroke 77 – Coated Snare DrumheadKnown for producing warm and clear tones

This drumhead is made with snare drumming in mind, and it does an incredible job of delivering sound that is well rounded and vibrant all at the same time.

Key features

  • Has a diameter of 15 inches
  • Sounds warm and vibrant
  • Has 2-plies of 7-mil coated films
  • 7-mil inlay ring for reduced overtone
  • 5 mil clear dot for durability

Just like Evans and Aquarian, Remo drumheads prove incredibly practical and also presents some impressive characteristics. The Remo Powerstroke 77 – Coated Snare Drumhead is one of Remo’s best, providing features that are incredibly impressive and ideal.

The one characteristic that stands out the most about this drumhead is its beautiful tone that has an incredible depth of warmth that are ideal for rock music and other genres of music. When you play this drumhead for starters you are going to notice that there is a dryness to it, and a sound that sounds almost bland. However, this feature proves pretty helpful when it comes to clarity, since it allows for the guitar to be heard over other loud instruments such as bass guitars.

When you consider the build on this drumhead, you are going to realize that it features 2 plies of 7-mil coated films that are made to be very durable. This allows the drumhead the ability to withstand an incredible amount of impact without having its integrity compromised, and without breaking.

In addition, it is fitted with a 5 mil dot that works to reduce the chances of damage since it keeps the drumhead very strong and durable. The fact that it can take on a great deal of impact makes it ideal for playing over long sessions at a time. They are able to take a bang with grace, and they are able to back it up with great sound.

Unlike most other drumheads that have a maximum diameter of 14 inches, this particular one comes with a diameter of 15 inches, allowing you a larger surface area on which to play. To make sure that you do not experience overtone, it is fitted with a 7-mil inlay ring that is charged with the reduction of overtone that causes the distortion of sound.

Even though it is made to be a snare drum, it works just as well as a regular drum on a drum set. This makes it a versatile instrument that you can use in various settings to achieve the same sound effect.


  • Incredibly strong ad durable
  • Fitted with a 5 mil dot for extra durability
  • Has a 7-mil inlay ring to control overtone
  • It is loud and vibrant, and has a touch of warmth


  • A tad pricey


Finding a drumhead that combines incredible sound and durability is always a bonus, and this is what makes the Remo Powerstroke 77 – Coated Snare Drumhead an incredible tool for rock music.

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Remo Emperor X Coated Snare DrumheadIt is one of the most durable drumheads in the world

Made using mylar, this drumhead brings to the table an mount of strength that remains unmatched. It is able to take on an incredible amount of impact without losing its integrity.

Key features

  • Has a diameter of 14 inches
  • Made with extremely durable mylar
  • Made using 2-ply 10-mil mylar film
  • Has a 5-mil reverse black dot

If you are going to be an ardent rock drummer, you definitely need to pick a drumhead that bears a good deal of strength, and the capacity to handle loads of impact without losing integrity. The Remo Emperor X Coated Snare Drumhead is made to do exactly that, and this is what makes it so ideal for playing rock music.

In addition to being very strong, this drumhead is actually quite thick, and what this does is make the levels of overtone pretty low, keeping the sound crisp and clear at all times. You will also be glad to know that there is very little sustain on it.

Resonance is also really good on this drumhead, and you can be certain that the sound will fill a room, rising above sounds from other loud instruments such as bass guitars and piano. Seeing as it has a 5-mil reverse black dot, you can be sure that there is going to be a good deal of muffling as well as an increase in durability.

The 14 inches diameter sees to it that you get a large surface area on which to play, allowing for long hours of practice since you have the freedom to go all out.


  • Made to be extremely strong
  • Has great resonance and volume
  • Idea for rock music
  • Has a wide playing surface


  • Some people do not fancy the thickness


Durability is one of those factors you need to consider when purchasing a drumhead, and this particular one delivers it in droves. It is made to take on impact, and you are guaranteed a good run when you purchase it.

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Buying a Snare Drumhead for Rock – What to consider

Low sustain

Make sure that the drumhead you choose does not support lots of vibration after each hit since it causes for sound distortion during play.

Incredible response

Go for a drumhead that is sensitive to touch, and that has no trouble playing those lighter strokes. Usually, thinner drumheads and 1-ply drumheads present the best response


Try and get a drumhead that is able to maintain integrity for a good deal of time even after receiving loads of impact. Also, choose one that has strength enhancing features such as a black dot.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of drumheads, and they all present different characteristics and sounds. Snare drumheads are known for clarity and resonance, and this is largely why they are popular among rockers. Seeing as there are many brands out there, make sure you choose one that will work for your sound, and that will have you enjoying every bit of play. Happy drumming!

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