The Best Drumsticks for Beginners – A Detailed Buying Guide

When choosing drumsticks for a beginner, it is imperative to go for a pair that supports easy hand motions, and that is easy and fun to interact with. So, which ones are the most ideal?

While the drum is actually what receives all the glory for incredible sound, it would not be what it is without the drumsticks. These sticks are solely responsible for facilitating the link between the player ad the drum set. A lot of consideration and planning goes into the making of these small gadgets, and for good reason. They have the ability to influence your experience as a player, ad even the way the drums end up sounding. Seeing as there is a wide selection from which to choose, we took the liberty to pick a couple brands that are ideal for beginners but that deliver exceptional features. They are documented below.

The Best Drumsticks for Beginners Comparison Table

Drumsticks Model
Special Features
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Zildjian Trigger Wood Anti-Vibe Drumsticks
Hickory wood
Reduce vibration during play
ProMark Classic 5A Active Grip
Hickory wood
Heat activated grip
Vater VH 2BN Drum Sticks
Hickory wood
Heavy shoulder
Ahead Drumsticks – 5B
Aluminum core + Plastic coating
Vibration reduction system
The Best Drumsticks for Beginners Products Review

Zildjian Trigger Wood Anti-Vibe DrumsticksMade using Hickory wood

Vibrations during play can be a pain in all the wrong places, but the manufacturers of this par of drumsticks came up with an ingenuous way to resolve this trouble, making certain that you get to enjoy playing and receiving quality sound while at it.

Key features

  • Made using Hickory wood
  • Type 5A
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals alike
  • Have a length of 16 inches
  • Ideal for electronic drumsticks

Even though these drumsticks are ideally recommended for use on electronic drums, they make excellent devices to use on regular drum sets largely for their incredible build and ease of use. One of the features that stands out about them is that they are constructed using hickory wood which is considered ideal for drumsticks.

This is largely because it comes with a balance between density and weight, bearing average weight when compared to drumsticks made from other materials. This makes it pretty easy to handle, especially when the user is a beginner who is still learning the motions and hand movements that are imperative for ideal drum playing.

With most drumstick models, the problem of vibration remains quite a menace, but the makers of this set came up with a way to make certain that you do not have to deal with it. The sticks are fitted with a tiny piece of rubber at the rear end, in a hole drilled to accommodate it. This small piece if rubber on each peace makes sure that you play without trouble, and that the sound you experience is free of vibrations, delivering as much smoothness as you need.

The main reason as to why these sticks are recommended for electronic drums is that electronic pads are pretty hard, and they come with a good deal of vibration as compared to acoustic shells. The fact that these sticks are designed to handle vibration make them ideal for this kind of set, but this characteristic does not take away from the fact that they make excellent sticks for acoustic drums as well.


  • Have the ability to dampen vibration
  • Made using hickory wood
  • Have a balance between weight and density
  • Ideal for both beginner and professional players
  • Excellent for electronic drums


  • Not ideal for drummers who prefer longer drumsticks


With an incredible balance between weight and density, and the ability to dampen the effect of vibration, these drumsticks allow for incredible playability. The fact that they get rid of excess vibrations not only allows for smooth sound, but for ideal comfort as well.

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ProMark Classic 5A Active GripMade using walnut wood

If you constantly have trouble mastering the right grip for your drumsticks, especially during intense play, you might want to consider getting this set for yourself for better comfort.

Key features

  • Made using Hickory wood
  • Has a length of 16 inches
  • Fitted with active grip which is activated by heat
  • Oval wood tip
  • Classic 5A

Drumsticks usually come in different sizes and classes, and each one has a different form and also plays a bit different. The most commonly used type of drumstick is the 5A which combines regular length and weight, as well as thickness. It is considered the standard form of drumsticks, and you are likely to find most acoustic drum drummers using it.

The ProMark Classic 5A assumes this form, delivering a length of 16 inches and a diameter of 0.551 inches. This makes it an easy drumstick to hold and play, allowing it to fit beginners and professionals as well. The fact that it is made using hickory wood only adds to its advantages, especially since it comes with a weight and density balance that makes it incredibly efficient to play different genres with.

One of this drumstick’s most unique structures is the active grip that is facilitated by a special coating. For most drumsticks, grip becomes a problem as you continue to play progressively, especially when your hands heat up or become sweaty. What the ProMark Classic 5A actually does is take advantage of this heat that is hand generated, and it uses it to activate the Active Grip which makes playing incredibly easy.

With this feature, you can be certain that lengthy play will only get easier since active grip is actually sustained by the heat generated by your hands. Aside from high quality build material, this drumstick also presents an oval tip made of wood that works to deliver warm tones that make most genres of music sound pretty good.


  • Made using high quality wood
  • Comes with a heat activated grip
  • Presents an oval wood tip
  • Ideal for beginner, intermediate and professional players
  • Works well for most music genres


  • They may not be ideal for high speed drumming


If you are a beginner who has in the past struggled with grip, you may want to get your hands on this set of drumsticks that is made to take advantage of all the heat generated by your hands to give you better grip. Seeing that it is also pretty durable, you will be able to enjoy it for a good deal of time.

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Vater VH 2BN Drum SticksMade using high quality hickory wood

If you are a beginner that has you sights set of heavy drumming, you might want to get yourself a short and dense set of drumsticks, and this is precisely what this set delivers.

Key features

  • Made using hickory wood
  • Has a wooden tip
  • Size 2B
  • 16 ¼ inches long
  • 0.635 inches diameter
  • Heavy shoulders

When it comes to creating heavy beats and practicing constantly, size 2B drumsticks prove most suitable. They often have the thickest diameter of all drumstick sizes, making them thicker and easier to hold. This way, mastering the right grip becomes pretty easy, allowing you to play for hours on end. This is largely why they are best for practice, since you do not have to strain your hand after playing a long time.

For high quality build and great sound, these drumsticks are constructed using hickory wood. It makes one of the best woods for drumsticks because unlike maple which is incredibly light, it has decent weight to it, and it is also not as dense as mahogany, giving it a good balance of the two elements. More importantly, however, hickory bears superior sound transfer characteristics, and it is able to get a drum sounding really good, especially when you are playing such genres as Jazz.

The sticks have a length of 16 ¼ inches, making them ideal for most, if not all, drummers. Additionally, it presents two unique build characteristics which are added length, and heavier shoulders. Regular drum sticks have a 16 inches length, and the added ¼ inch makes playability better. The heavier shoulders come in handy when you want to play in attack mode and land heavy punches as you play.

Finally, these drumsticks have an oval tip which is wooden, and it provides a wider surface area for contact, allowing for better sound and more interactive play.


  • Ideal for heavy punches and for heavy practicing
  • Has added length
  • Made using hickory wood
  • Oval tip for wider surface area
  • Presents heavier shoulders


  • May not be ideal for playing softer genres


For sticks that land heavy punches and that land heavy punches as you play, the Vater VH 2BN Drum Sticks prove ideal, largely because they are fitted with features that give them characteristics that support heavy sound and that make playing them pretty easy.

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Ahead Drumsticks – 5BMade using aluminum and hard plastic

If you are looking for practice drumsticks that have the capacity to last you a long time, these may be your best bet yet.

Key features

  • Made using aluminum and plastic
  • Size 5B
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Vibration dampening system
  • Precision alloy core

Before finding the perfect type of drumsticks to use for a good deal of time, you are bound to break a couple pairs of drumsticks, especially those that are wooden. However, it is possible to find types that could actually last you an incredibly long time owing to the fact that they are made using hard material.

The Ahead Drumsticks – 5B are drumsticks that are made for hard performance, and they can handle an incredible amount of stress while maintaining their integrity. They are mostly liked by hard hitters and drummers who like to play fast and hard music.

One of these sticks’ outstanding features is the fact that they are actually constructed using an aluminum alloy core which keeps them strong and free from breakage or damage. This core is then covered using a hard plastic coating that is also strong and durable. To make certain that you do not struggle to master the required grip, they come with an ergonomic handle that allows you to play a good deal of time without feeling fatigued.

For smoothness and increased sound quality, these drumsticks are also fitted with vibration dampeners that absorb excess vibrations which could potentially distort the quality of sound. The sticks, even though made from aluminum, remain incredibly light, but they are capable of packing quite the solid punch.


  • They are strong and long lasting
  • They are incredibly light
  • Are fitted with vibration dampeners for high sound quality
  • Come with an ergonomic handle for easy gripping


  • They are pretty expensive


While most drumsticks are normally made from wood, a good number of them deviate from the norm and present a material that is both unique and strong. With this set of drumsticks, you are guaranteed superior sound quality and longevity.

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Buying Drumsticks for Beginners – What to look out for


It is possible to find wooden, plastic, carbon fiber and also aluminum drumsticks that deliver great quality. Choose what you feel will work best for you, and pick sticks that will be most comfortable.

Stick size

There are many drumstick sizes which include 7A, 8D, 1A, 5A, 3A, 5B and 2B. 5A and 2B are best for beginners, and it is recommended that you choose one of the two.

Bead type

There are several bead types that range from oval, barrel, Taj Mahal, Arrow, Round, Tear drop and nylon. Smaller beads tend to deliver more defined sound, and they make the best for practice. The best are often arrow, nylon and round, and they could prove best for beginners.

Final Thoughts

Your journey into drumming is not just determined by the choice of drums you make, but on the sticks with which you prefer to use as well. Go for sticks that will allow you as much comfort as possible, so that it is easier to navigate hand motions and to practice for long hours at a time without fatiguing. While the cost may be an important factor, go for sticks that are likely to last you a decent length of time so that you get your money’s worth. Happy drumming!

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