The Best Drum Throne for Back Problems – A Detailed Buying Guide

If you have a back problem, playing for a long time can prove incredibly uncomfortable and even painful. For this reason, you might want to get yourself a proper drum throne for your back. So, which ones are the best?

To many a drummer, a drum throne is just that – a drum throne. The truth, however, is that this piece of hardware that we put little though into actually plays a crucial role when you think matters comfort and spine health in the long run. The best thrones are those that prop you up and prompt you to assume the correct position. They also prove ideal for persons who already have existing back problems, and they help them sit right so that they can play as long as they desire without feeling pain or discomfort, and without having to pay for it later in the day. Below are a couple.

The Best Drum Throne for Back Problems Comparison Table

Drum Throne Model
Special Feature
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Tama 1st Chair Ergo Rider Drum Throne
Fully adjustable
Ahead SPGBBR4 Drum Throne
Highly flexible
Drum Workshop – CP9120ALHeavy Duty Drum Throne
Hydraulic height adjustment
Gibraltar Large Cordura Drum Throne – 9608MB
Memory lock height adjustment

The Best Drum Throne for Back Problems Products Review

Tama 1st Chair Ergo Rider Drum ThroneThis chair is fitted with a back rest

Boasting full adjustability, this chair makes certain that you set your seat where it feels most comfortable, allowing you and your back an incredible experience and low chances of lumbar fatigue.

Key features

  • Fitted with a back rest
  • Fully adjustable
  • Combines round seat and saddle seat design
  • Supports unimpeded thigh movement
  • Double braced legs
  • Wide rubber feet

What I like most about this seat is the fact that everything about it is made with back comfort and well being in mind. It is designed as a hybrid between a round seat and a saddle seat, allowing for an incredible and efficient sitting arrangement that allows your back to assume as natural a form as it ought to be. The round shape offers high maneuverability while the saddle form supports good playability all through.

To make sure that your spine and lower back receive as much support as they need. This drum throne is fitted with a back rest that is highly adjustable. This means that you can adjust its height and even angle so that you get full lumbar support no matter what position you assume. Another part of the drum throne that is adjustable is the height of the seat, allowing you to sit at the height that is most convenient for drumming.

You will notice that the seat features a clever cutaway, and this is actually done deliberately as a way to allow your thighs as much movement as they need, particularly when you are playing at an intense speed. You can also swivel as much as you like, and you can be sure that you will receive incredible support while at it.

The top part of this drum throne, comprised of the seat and back rest, need a good deal of support from beneath so that they can accord you as much support as you need. This is why they are mounted on a strong frame that can be able to take on a good deal of weight while still supporting your movement as you play. Additionally, the legs of this throne are fitted with wide rubber feet that hold steady on the floor, resisting slippage even as you move. The rocklock design also keeps the throne grounded even during intense movement.


  • Made for ultimate comfort
  • Comes with an adjustable backrest
  • Allows for intense movement due to high maneuverability
  • Has a strong frame for incredible support
  • Fitted with strong rubber feet for minimal slippage


  • This drum throne is pretty expensive


Back pain and discomfort can be conditions that are incredibly difficult to live with, and while they may impede your ability to do certain things, they should not hold you back from playing drums if and when you like to. This drum throne will give you incredible support, making sure that you do not suffer fatigue or pain while at it.

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Ahead SPGBBR4 Drum ThroneComes with a backrest

Made by one of the largest and most trusted industry players, this drum throne works to make sure that your entire back is well supported as you enjoy having a go at the drums.

Key features

  • Split motorcycle seat shape
  • Memory foam cushion
  • Allows for swiveling
  • Strong frame
  • Very sturdy

One of the attributes that stand out the most for me as far as this drum throne goes has to be the fact that so much thought and consideration went into its design and subsequent manufacture, making it an ideal drum throne for persons that have bac problems, but who like to play drums on a regular.

At first glance, you are going to notice that the seat is split in the middle, and that there is a sizable gap between the two halves. While this may look like a design flaw, or like it does not serve a particular purpose, this design works for the back in an incredible way.

The split is deliberately put there so that is provides room for your coccyx. The fact that you can move about with ease while allowing for flexibility in the coccyx actually provide loads of comfort for you eventually, and you are unlikely to experience that dull pain at the base of your back after hours of playing.

Aside from this, the seat is made using memory foam that actually takes the form of your backside, keeping it from contouring in a way that could lead to discomfort and subsequent pain. A backrest is attached to it, and it is fitted at a strategic point that allows for a large portion of your back to receive loads of support.

The seat is sat on a strong frame that is also fitted with wide rubber feet to make sure that there is very little slippage, allowing for incredible support and stability even during intense movement.


  • Come with a gap to support the coccyx
  • The seat is made using memory foam
  • Comes with wide backrest for maximum back support
  • Mounted on a strong frame
  • Allows for flexibility while maintaining stability


  • Height adjustability is a bit limited


The combination of a center gap and memory foam make certain that you assume an incredibly natural and even comfortable sitting position, a characteristic that makes sure that you will not be complaining about your back at the end of the day. You may have to part with a decent amount of money, though.

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Drum Workshop – CP9120ALHeavy Duty Drum ThroneComes without a back rest

Even though it comes without a backrest, this drum throne is designed to make certain that your back gets as much support as it needs for a long playing session.

Key features

  • Dual drum tractor seat frame
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • High maneuverability
  • Separate backrest
  • Double locking clamp

The design used to make the seat on this drum throne actually resembles that of a tractor, and this is done to make sure that you enjoy a good deal of comfort as you play. This, combined with the fact that it is made using dual foam, works to facilitate maximum comfort for your bottom and for your back, reducing the chances of experiencing fatigue as you play and even after.

The fact that it comes without a designated back rest is testament enough to the quality of build, and its ability to support ideal back form when using it. With hydraulic height adjustment, you can be able to adjust your sitting height so that you can be able to sit at a level that allows good playability as well as flexibility.

Even with its incredible build, it cannot be able to offer full back support for a good number of individuals who cannot play without a back rest, and that is why it is sold separately. This way, individuals that are dependent on support from the backrest do not have to pass up the opportunity to use this chair that is incredibly built.

The seat is mounted on a strong frame that can be able to sustain weight as well as accommodate intense movement during fast play. The feet are also covered with wide rubber attachments that keep the seat grounded, keeping you from slipping and falling off.


  • Cushion is made from memory foam
  • The seat comes with a clever tractor seat design
  • Supports high maneuverability
  • Supports a good deal of weight
  • Comes with rubber feet that keep you from slipping


  • Backrest is sold separately


Whether or not you intend to use this drum throne with a backrest, you can be guaranteed that you ae going to receive a good deal of back support. The main downside is that the backrest is sold separately, and it also does not come cheap.

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Gibraltar Large Cordura Drum Throne – 9608MBComes with memory lock height adjustment

This drum throne features a motorcycle seat shape, and it makes an excellent acquisition for persons who have trouble playing for a long time due to back trouble.

Key features

  • Motorcycle seat shape
  • Made using a cordura/vinyl material
  • Double braced leg base
  • Memory lock height adjustment
  • Seat locking system

Gibraltar is a company that has been counted among the largest and most trusted industry players when it comes to drums and drumming accessories, and the Gibraltar Large Cordura Drum Throne – 9608MB happens to be one of the best drum thrones.

The seat features a motorcycle seat shape, and it works to accommodate your form with ease, especially since it has a conveniently large surface area. This feature makes it an excellent drum throne for drummers that have larger bodies, and who experience a form of discomfort when sat on smaller and regular drum thrones.

The seat is mounted on an incredibly strong frame that is claimed to be at least twice as strong as a regular frame. It is also quite dense and heavy, and this contributes a huge deal to its tenacity and durability. This allows for drummers to stay comfortable, and to have those intense movements without fear of falling over since they are guaranteed support.

This seat also boasts a good deal of adjustability, allowing a height alteration of 20 to 28 inches. This provides ample room for both tall and short drummers to find the most comfortable position for them. Since it supports swiveling, you can swivel after adjusting height so that it locks itself in place after.


  • Has a large sitting surface area
  • Ideal for larger drummers
  • Comes with an incredibly strong frame
  • Great adjustability


  • It does not have as much cushioning as other brands


Finding a comfortable drum throne for persons that have larger bodies can be pretty hard, but this particular one makes sure that even your back stays comfortable. It may not have loads of cushioning, but it works pretty well.

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Buying a Drum Throne for Back Problems – What to consider

Build material

Go for a drum throne that has a good deal of cushioning so that our entire back enjoys support as well as shock absorption during intense play.


Make certain that your chosen drum throne comes with a good deal of support, especially if you often have intense sessions. Choose one that will stay grounded at all times.

Back support

If you can, go for a drum throne that has a back rest to give your back extra support whenever you are playing.

Final Verdict

Back support is an important aspect of drum playing. Much as it is the hands and arms that do most of the work, the back is the one that supports this motion. It becomes increasingly difficult to play when you have a back problem, and that is why it is recommended that you go for a drum throne that is specifically designed to keep your back happy. Even though you may have to pay a good deal of money for one of these, you will find that every penny was well worth it.

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