The Best Budget Bass Drum Pedals – A Detailed Buying Guide

Most budget bass drum pedals rate poorly when it comes to quality, but it is possible to find a couple that perform pretty well, especially for the beginner and intermediate level. Below is a detailed review.

Bass drums bring music to life, and while the actual drum produces the sound that is essential, a smaller part of the ensemble makes sound delivery possible. The drum pedal makes an integral part of a bass drum system, and it is the one charged with making sure that the drum sounds good. Small as it is, the drum pedal comes with many parts, and they all need to work together so that the sound produced is good, and so that the drummer has a much easier time, coupled with loads of fun. Seeing as most high performance pedals cost a pretty penny, we decided to review a few that are reasonable priced. They are listed below.

The Best Budget Bass Drum Pedals Comparison Table

Bass Drum Pedal Model
Pedal Drive
Cam Action
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Tama HP-30 (Stage Master) - Drum Pedal – Single Bass
Single chain drive
PDP by DW – 400 Single Bass Drum Pedal
Single chain drive
Foraineam Drum Kit Heavy Duty Drum Pedal
Single Chain Drive
Gibraltar 6700 Series – 6711DD Direct Drive Single Pedal
Single chain drive

The Best Budget Bass Drum Pedals Products Review

Tama HP-30 (Stage Master) Drum Pedal – Single Bass – Uses the same offset-cam make as Iron Cobra (Power Glide)

With a surprisingly low price range, this bass drum pedal makes sure that you get nothing but the best, offering characteristics that can only be found in high end models.

Key features

  • Has a single chain drive pedal
  • Offset cam action
  • Ideal for beginners and professional players
  • Power glide cam
  • Adjustable beater angle dials

Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate player or even a pro, you can have a go at the Tama HP-30 – (Stage Master) Drum Pedal – Single Bass and enjoy yourself while at it. I like that it is a budget gadget that does not require loads of cash to purchase, and it also comes with a good number of features that you are likely to find on a professional high end bass drum pedal.

For starters, this drum pedal features an exceptionally solid build that sets it up for longevity, and that makes certain that it can handle a good deal of play, even when you are used to playing over a good deal of time. Each part is carefully crafted so that they all create a strong and efficient system that you are going to enjoy playing.

It comes with the same offset as the legendary Iron Cobra Series which is one of Tama’s high end gadgets, and this gives it an almost similar mode of performance that most drummers like. For the pedal, it presets a single chain type that allows for smoothness during play, making each stroke easy.

It presents a power glide cam that works to make sure that the end of each stroke receives a power boost that results in a higher speed. This results in a classic modern sounds that many a drummer have become quite accustomed to. It also comes with a reversible soft felt and plastic beater that makes it ideal for using with multiple styles and genres of music.


  • Features a strong and sturdy build
  • Made for multiple types and genres of music
  • It is pretty affordable
  • Comes with multiple pro features
  • Comes with convenient high speed and power


  • The beater may sometimes get stuck to the drum during play


It is not every day that you come across a gadget that combines a good deal of professional grade qualities and an incredibly affordable price. The Tama HP-30 (Stage Master) Drum Pedal – Single Bass has managed to do this, making certain that you get the best of both ends.

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PDP by DW – 400 Single Bass Drum PedalIdeal for beginners, intermediate players and professionals

This universally acclaimed device has become one of the most popular bass drum pedals because it is built for performance, and it still manages to remain quite affordable.

Key features

  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Offset cam action
  • Single chain pedal drive
  • Dual way beater bell
  • Auxiliary side base plate

Made by one of the largest and most experienced industry players, the PDP by DW – 400 Single Bass Drum Pedal sets itself apart as an incredibly efficient and popular device that works for a good number of drummers globally. It is a solid piece of equipment that is made to handle a good deal of use, withstanding lots of pressure while maintaining its integrity and strength. Like other DW pedals, this one comes with loads of exceptional features, but it stands out for the simple fact that it is pretty affordable.

One of the features promised by this bass drum pedal is smoothness. When it is new, and fresh out the box, you will notice that it feels a bit stiff, but this is not a characteristic that is permanent. Using lubricant causes it to move a lot easier and restores smoothness so that your strokes become more effortless.

With an offset cam action, this pedal allows for that initial delayed feel when you step on the pedal which eventually gives way to a smooth and swift motion that feels a lot more rounded, causing the beater to whip forward towards the drum head. My drummers prefer this style since the delivery is quite good, and it results in great sound that is full and round.

For versatility during play, this device comes with a dual way beater bell that has soft felt on one side and plastic on the other. This allows for dynamic sound and a wider range of music genres that can be played on this addition, it presents a drum key clip, a small device that allows you to hold your drum key as you play.


  • Strong and durable
  • Has a dual way beater bell
  • Comes with a drum key clip
  • Comes with offset cam action


  • A bit pricey if you do not intend to spend upwards of $100


If you are looking for a bass drum pedal that will work exceedingly well and that will stick with you a good deal of time, you might want to consider getting this one. It is exceptionally strong and it also features a number of pro characteristics, making it ideal for all players; beginner and professional alike.

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Foraineam Drum Kit Heavy Duty Drum PedalIdeal for drummers that play often for long hours at a time

This bass drum pedal features some of the best and strongest features that allow for tenacity and longevity. If you like to play for long periods at a time, you might want to get yourself one of these.

Key features

  • Single pedal
  • Single chain drive
  • Offset cam action
  • Heavy duty felt
  • Adjustable beater height
  • Adjustable beater angle

If you are a drummer that plays for long hours at a time and are looking to get your hands on a bass drum pedal that will last you a good deal of time, this just might be the device for you. At first glance, you will notice that it presents a pretty solid form that can withstand a whole lot of pressure.

For great playing mechanism, it presents an offset cam action that is idea for delivering powerful yet rounded sound. Offset cam action works by causing delay in motion when you step on the drum pedal, making you feel a certain strain. The strain is the eased, resulting in a fast drop for sound delivery. What this does is allow you to actualize sounds that are pronounced but well rounded.

In addition, this pedal allows for players to play various genres of music, owing to the fact that it is a pretty versatile pedal. You will also realize that you can use it as a replacement pedal, or as a way of expanding an old kit. With great adjustability, it also allows players to customize the height at which they play and the angle of play. This becomes a big contributor to overall player comfort.

Even though it does not come with a 2 way beater bell, it comes with a high quality heavy duty felt that bears the capacity to drum away for a long time without losing its integrity.


  • Has an exceptionally strong build
  • Ideal for lengthy and heavy use
  • Comes with a heavy duty felt
  • Ideal for most genres of music
  • Ideal for use as a replacement drum pedal


  • Does not come with 2-way beater bell


The truth is that it is hard to find heavy duty items that are actually affordable, but the Foraineam Drum Kit Heavy Duty Drum Pedal checks both boxes. It is a drum pedal that is cheap, and that also promises longevity.

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Gibraltar 6700 Series – 6711DD Direct Drive Single PedalComes with direct drive cam action

This bass drum pedal makes an excellent acquisition for drummers that like to play for long hours at a time since it is a hardy device.

Key features

  • Direct drive single pedal
  • Direct cam drive
  • Dual surface black and chrome beater
  • Rock stabilizer plates

Unlike the offset cam drive bass drum pedals, this one presents a direct cam drive that delivers a good deal of smoothness and ease of playing. Usually, offset cam action pedals are designed to present a degree of initial resistance, but they end in a smooth stroke and well rounded sound. This, on the other hand, delivers smoothness when it is stepped on, delivering a high power punch that results in incredible sound.

If you are looking to play for a good length of time, this pedal will work pretty well for you since it is made to be pretty durable and strong. One of the best features on this device is its dual surface beater that presents a black surface as well as a chrome surface, allowing for versatility.

This way, you can be able to play jut about any kind of genre without having to compromise on sound quality. Its unique build also makes it an incredible replacement pedal for a good deal of drum sets. It is also fitted with rock stabilizer plates for better and smoother performance.


  • Comes with a direct cam drive
  • Ideal for heavy use
  • Fitted with rock stabilizer plates
  • Comes with a dual surface black and chrome beater


  • It is a bit difficult to adjust the tension on this pedal.


This gadget combined high performance and longevity with affordability which is an incredible convenience. Aside from tension adjustment, you are bound to have very little difficulty with this device.

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Buying a Budget Bass drum Pedal – What to look out for

Build material

Budget tools often times come with mediocre builds, and you may find yourself replacing your purchase in a short time. Be sure to get a device that is strong and durable, and eventually economical.

Style of music

If you are a person that plays different genres of music, make sure that your chosen bass drum pedal is able to handle them all so that you do not have to get multiple gadgets.

Cam type

Different cam types result in different playing styles. Make sure that you choose one that works best for you and that you find easiest to play.

Final Thoughts

Getting a high quality budget item of any kind can be pretty difficult, if possible at all, and the case is no different when it comes to bass drum pedals. Thankfully, there are a couple brads that have managed to create high performance devices that are reasonably priced wo you can enjoy drumming even on a budget. Of course, good research makes sure that you come across the best, and this is where the likes of us come in. We hope that you pick a bomb gadget, and that you have fun with it!

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