Tascam DR 22Wl Recorder

Are you a creative person? A writer or maybe an artist? Do you like recording your thoughts and ideas, or quotes or events as soon as you come across them? People may consider cell phones as the best devices for recording anything or capturing a moment. Looking for portable recorders? Tascam DR 22wl recorder is the one you should get! Read our article to get the best one in the market.

However, cell phones are not convenient for recording in many cases. Not all apps or software used for recording contain the perfect features and applications. Moreover, a cell phone contains plenty of distractions as well.

You have to insert your passcode, find your app, turn it on and record, and in the middle of it, there are high chances you will get distracted from notifications from social media. All these may result you forgetting that precious idea before being able to record it.

Imagine how frustrating that would be! Portable audio recorders are much more preferred and used by people who record thoughts, ideas, etc. from time to time.  With the press of one single buttons you can record your ideas easily. Tascam DR 22wl is one of the best audio recorders used. To know more about Tascam DR 22wl stay with us on this page.

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Tascam DR 22Wl Recorder

Tascam DR 22Wl Recorder

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There are two types of portable audio recorders. The first is used for recording private audio, especially indoors for podcasts, interviews, and such. The second type is used for field recording and used to record live concerts. Tascam DR 22wl can serve the purpose of both types.

It is great for recording crystal clear indoor audio, and also eliminates most outdoor external noise pollution while recording a live speech or a concert. Tascam DR 2ewl recorder is best for musicians as they will need a high-quality audio recorder which they can use both outdoors and indoors.

Tascam DR 22wl can connect to your nearby WI-FI system; can be used to transport your recorded audio to your smartphones, tablets, PC or any other devices. It is equipped with eight-position scene dial that helps it to record high-quality audio and enables it to share them online.

The scene dial also helps people setup recording settings manually. Tascam DR 22wl is equipped with A/D and D/A chips that help its battery to last longer. Even in low battery levels the A/D and D/A chips allow the recorder to record crystal clear audio and sound smoothly.

If you are an IOS or an Android user, you can download the Tascam DR 22wl app on your phone. The app allows your phone to act as a remote controller for Tascam DR 22wl recorder. It is also equipped with a ‘dial a function’ option which allows users to have access over filters that are ‘high-pass’, can auto record, gain pads, and many more. The recorder also contains a built-in speaker that can be used for monitoring for confidence.

Product Design & Quality

Tascam DR 22Wl Recorder

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Tascam DR 22wl recorders are designed in an XY pattern with cardioid condenser mics. The capsules of cardioid condensers are organized in acoustically, finely shaped and tuned cases. All the mics in the Tascam recorder are each individually tested extensively, listening tests are carried out and the best ones are only installed into the recorder.

The XY pattern helps to capture the alignment in phase in the stereo field. This helps to image the audio perfectly during playback.

Tascam DR 22wl is also designed to handle audio levels up to 120dB (decibel) sound pressure. This means the recorder can record sound that is 10 times more than the sound being played in a movie theater i.e. 105 dB without any clippings.

This high level and pressure withstanding ability of the Tascam DR 22wl recorder make it perfect for gathering various sound effects.

The body of the Tascam DR 22wl recorder is made of durable material, as it withstands falls and does not break apart easily. It is black, with the record button circled in red. The top portion of the recorder is silver with two green and red colored buttons to show the peak range and the sound dB.

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 Product Features:

  • Portable and can connect to your nearby WIFI system
  • Does not require a router to connect to the WIFI
  • Can record high-quality audio
  • Has a good battery life
  • Can be recharged fully within a short time
  • Can be operated using any iOS and Android phone
  • Has USB transfer mode option


  • Easy to carry, record, and check the total recorded time
  • The mics have a stereo configuration
  • Has the option of recording files at 44.1 KHz in 24-bit WAV
  • It has the ability to record MP3 & MWF files till 96KHZ
  • The screen options can be set up manually.
  • Lightweight


  • The text font size of the built-in display of the Tascam recorder may be too small for people with close sight problems.

Finals Verdict

Tascam DR 22Wl Recorder

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Tascam DR 22wl is great for recording all types of audio. No matter the frequency of your source, your recorded audio will be smooth and clear. Unlike most other recorders, users can also add an external battery supply. If you are outdoors and have no power supply to charge your audio recorder, Tascam’s ability to store and use an external battery can be a highly handy feature. Apart from its excellent features and sleek design, the recorder can be bought for an affordable price. The price range of Tascam DR 22wl recorder starts from $69.99 to $159.99. Considering its advanced features, ability to share files to multiple devices, and customizable screen, we would highly recommend it for you.

Bottom Line

Now that you have read this article, you should have a clear idea about the Tascam DR 22wl audio recorder. You can order is from amazon or you can buy it from your local gadget store. Its users are completely satisfied with its applications and service and have posted good reviews about it.

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