Tama imperialstar review

If you are searching for an excellent sounding drum kit, you should focus on Tama imperialstar. This is a 5-piece drum kit that both beginners and intermediate drummers use.

Tama imperialstar comes from a reputable company that makes drum kits for modern-day use and even business. The company has been in existence since the 1960s and is still considered among the most prominent manufacturers of drum kits. If you want to practice drumming from home, you can do this with the help of Tama imperialstar. This can give you returns from your investment.

What you should expect from Tama imperialstar

Tama imperialstar is more than a simple drum set. This includes all the pieces you need to create different sounds. It is a budget-friendly drum set that comes with high-end features that most drummers look for. You should expect the bass drum, rack tom, snare drum, and floor tom in the package. Apart from that, Tama imperialstar also includes a snare stand, boom stand, Meinl cymbals, and hat stand.

It is a high-quality drum kit that is made using durable materials. Therefore, you should expect to use this drum set for a long time without the need to replace some of the parts. You can still maintain some of the parts even when you choose to upgrade to a more advanced drum kit. This can save you money while at the same time giving you all the features you need to enjoy drumming.

If you like stylish musical instruments, you should choose Tama imperialstar since it comes in various colors and finishes. Most drummers prefer the hairline blue finish since it looks amazing under stage lighting. It can also add class to your studio. Such diversity makes it easy to choose a drum set that you like. Though this drum kit has many features, it can sometimes get loud and may not be apartment-friendly.

The key features in Tama imperialstar


Whether you are an experienced drumming professional or a beginner, you can benefit from choosing Tama imperialstar. This is a well-designed drum kit that sounds well. It contains poplar shells that really sing. Though poplar shells may not sound as good as birch kit, but they still resonate well. Drum sets that use poplar shells sound better than those that contain maple ones.

Tama imperialstar contains 6-ply poplar shells that are 7.5 mm. Unlike in other drum kits, the poplar shells used in this set can withstand both light and heavy beatings without the risk of damage. The shells also contain bearing edges that are precision crafted. You cannot damage these shells since they come with strong metal rings.


Though this drum kit contains entry-level cymbals, they sound better than some of the models. Tama imperialstar comes with Meinl HCS cymbals. Since the cymbals come in full size, they can give you a good drumming experience. The cymbals available in Tama imperialstar include a 14-inch hi-hat, 16-inch crash, and 20-inch ride. These cymbals can produce a deep rich sound. Its hit hat cymbal comes with a stand that features a rotating pedal. This gives you extra comfort and flexibility since you can position it anywhere.


The snare drum is a key feature in this kit since it is the main drum that you hit the most on the drum kit. When choosing a drum kit, you should ensure that you like the sound coming from the snare drum. Tama imperialstar does not disappoint since its snare drum is bright and offers a nice thud even when you tune it low. Though the snare drum is a bit dark, you can bring it to life by playing cross clicks and rim shots.

The toms of Tama imperialstar produce a warm sound. Most intermediate drummers are not impressed with the tom mounting system of Tama imperialstar. Since it is based on an Omni-sphere system, the toms are positioned awkwardly. If you are used to the toms being in a particular position, Tama imperialstar drum kit may take time to get used to. Beginners, however, don’t have a problem with this.

Its drum heads can either give you a deep or bright tone. Since this drum set comes with regular stock heads, you should consider getting new drum heads since these may not give you the best performance. Most beginners don’t find the stock drum heads to be reliable. You should expect a big booming sound from the bass drum. Consider putting padding in the bass drum to control the sound.


For a drum kit to perform well, it should not only have cymbals and drums but also great hardware. Tama imperialstar is a highly performing drum kit since it comes with long-lasting and ergonomic hardware. It contains a double-braced tripod that features supporting metal beams. These ensure that you can enjoy stability during playing and also prevents the kit from producing excess noise. Thanks to the inclusion of double-braced hardware, you can bash the cymbals without worrying about the stands moving.

Tama imperialstar also comes with a reliable bass drum pedal and a metal base that enhances stability during drumming. Since most entry-level drum kits include a metal base, Tama imperialstar is better since it can boost your playing experience. The manufacturer also gives you the chance to tune the drums as you please, thanks to the inclusion of a drum key. As part of the package, this drum kit also includes an adjustable drum throne.


  • It is easy to tune
  • Produces great sound
  • Has a reliable double-braced hardware
  • Durable construction
  • Made from poplar shells


  • It contains unreliable stock heads
  • The package does not include drumsticks.
  • The toms are positioned weirdly.


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Tama imperialstar is a complete drum kit that contains everything you need to start drumming. It has durable construction and reliable hardware. Many drummers, both beginners and intermediate, like the excellent sound quality of this drum set. Since Tama imperialstar is a flexible drum kit, it gives you the chance to learn different drumming styles easily.

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