Meaning of LP in Music

I have been a music junkie pretty much my entire life. Often, I would research different terminologies that dominate the landscape of music. Million years ago, I came across the term ‘LP’. That is when I dug deeper to know more about the subject. If you feel lost as I did back then, hold on. … Read more

3 Steps to EQ a Kick Drum

EQ a Kick Drum

The kick drum is an important part of the majority of musical genres. It’s what separates a professional mix from an amateur one. And when you truly want your audience to feel the impact, there’s no alternative to properly setting the EQ on your kick drum. Make your drums sound infinitely better. Check out the … Read more

How You Can Make a Drum Set at Home

Option 2: Build Your Drum Set from Household Items or Scraps

Drumming is a fun new hobby or passion to pick up, giving your mind and body the creative outlet it craves through the strikes and beats. But much all good things, they come at a price. Drum sets are generally expensive, at least the high quality ones are. So, you’re probably considering putting together your … Read more

Simple Steps to Setting Up a Recording Studio

What Do Singers Wear in Their Ears?

There used to be a time when releasing music was a strenuous task that would wring the artists dry of money. But with technological advancement, the music industry advanced just as fast. With sites like YouTube and Soundcloud allowing their users to upload their songs, it’s now easier than ever to share your musical boon … Read more

The Story of the Drum Sets

The Story of the Drum Sets

The moment your eyes lay on a set of drums, chances are, you’ll immediately start thinking about music. That’s understandable given how our generation has learnt to associate drum kits with upbeat tempos. If you didn’t know already, drums have been a part of people’s musical conquests for many decades now, in various cultures and … Read more