Best Clarinet Barrels

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument. They produce a very unique sound and are used in various musical plays. The Clarinet Barrel is a part of the Clarinet which is attached in between the main body and mouthpiece. That’s the part of the Clarinet where it creates airflow to play the instrument. In this article, … Read more

Best Cowbell for Drums

The cowbell is a handheld instrument that one usually uses for genres such as salsa or pop music but they have also been known to be paired with a drum set. Although they may seem like simple instruments, many cowbells can be found in tuned or claperless forms that can be used for music that … Read more

5 Best Mouthpieces for Clarinet

clarinet mouthpiece

Since all clarinets show up with a mouthpiece, purchasing a new one does not sound like a prime focus. Stock mouthpieces are just about of so-so consistency most of the time. This can cause you to think that your clarinet isn’t playing well when the issue is really its mouthpiece. Choosing a better value clarinet mouthpiece might … Read more

Best Musical Keyboards

Best Musical Keyboards

When it comes down to creating the best music, nothing beats a musical keyboard. With so many options available, do not get intimidated. If you are considering learning the musical keyboard, do not waste a second scouring through the web. Here, we have extracted some of the best musical keyboards to kickstart your journey of … Read more

Best Mini Humbucker

Mini Humbucker

Mini humbuckers are popular among artists for capturing the bright sounds of the electric guitar than the regular humbucker. A mini humbucker can pick up low sounds and saturate those up to high quality audio. These are narrower in size and the wiring allows less string vibration, which makes sounds more focused and bright.  There … Read more

Best Trumpet Cases


To have an instrument adds up a lot of work of taking proper care of it. Trumpets are no different. You would need a proper case to carry it around. But picking a proper case is not a very easy job. There need to assess your requirements properly for the getting the best value. There … Read more