SPL Kicker Pro 5 Review

When it comes to buying an instrument for the young drummer in your life, you’ll almost certainly have to strike a balance between price and quality. If you’re the drummer in question, you’re probably much more conscious of the value of making the most bang for your buck in the music industry.

The Sound Percussion Kicker Pro 5 Drum Set is a strong novice drum set that looks amazing, feels solid, and comes at an almost unbelievable price. SPL Kicker Pro 5

At a Glance

The SPL Kicker Pro 5-piece Drum Kit is an advanced and scaled-down drum kit with a strong, toneful sound that meets the expectations of a full-size kit. It comes with an 18-inch kick drum, multi-ply wood bodies, completely tunable and bottom and top heads that are replaceable, and black powder-coated hardware. 

The setup includes everything you’ll need to get jamming right away, including a snare drum, kick drum, throne, tuning key, a pair of sticks, three tom drums, kick pedal, and cymbals.

Design & Quality

Basswood, also known as tilia, is a common acoustic and aesthetic material among today’s top drum manufacturers, but it is the wood preferred choice for most SP drum shells.

Basswood has a well-balanced sound with the solid echo, rebound, and mid and high-frequency power. Kicker Pro drum shell bearing edges are precision cut at a 45° angle, resulting in a loud, centered tone.

For beginners who are shorter in stature, shells of smaller sizes are suitable. The Pro Kicker’s shells, despite being smaller than those used in regular kits, pack a remarkable amount of volume and punch. The out-of-the-box sound is really harsh and resonant, so most drummers would want to cut a porthole in the front of the bass drum and place a cushion or other sort of muffling.

The set’s hardware is powder-coated thoughtfully constructed and meticulously manufactured. The bass drum tension rods come with plastic washers to prevent potentially noisy metal-to-metal interaction.

A chain-drive bass drum pedal has a light and fast reaction. The tom holders are wide and durable, with geared tilters that make it simple to change the toms’ height and angle.

The tom holders are firmly held in place by large wing screws with rounded edges that are comfortable on the fingertips. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it situation. The tom holders’ memory locks allow you to quickly and easily adjust the toms to the same height and angle every time.

The toms and bass have cast lugs that allow for precise tuning. Single-ply transparent heads with fast attack and strong resonance make up the tom and bass drumheads. The supplied hardware includes newly redesigned die-cast drum spurs.

The eight lugs that come with the package allow for precise tuning. The tone of the wood snare harmonizes well with the pitch of all other drums. This is a lively snare drum with quite a slashing strike.

The snare batter head is a traditional white-coated style, which helps to soften the sound a bit, but you might want to consider investing in some cheap sound-dampening rings for both the snare head and the other drums.

This allows you to instantly monitor the volume of the normal ringing of drumheads that most drummers find too much without much muffling. Some drummers, on the other hand, favor a more resonant, unmuffled tone. Personal and arbitrary choices like this are made.

With the hardware powder-coated in black, the silver metal flake-like finish looked fantastic. This style of covered finish has a rugged, robust outer surface that avoids scuffs and stains better than lacquered finishes, which is another benefit for players who intend to use their drum set often.

The matte black finish on the lightweight metal bass drum hoops gives the bass drum a dark vibe, and provides a pleasing contrast to the shell’s finish.

Why Is It The Best?

Drums are designed to be struck, but not all are capable of doing so. When buying a drum set for a beginner, it’s critical to choose one that sounds fine, is easy to play, and can withstand repeated use.

The SPL Kicker 5-Piece Set meets all three criteria. The hardware, which is often the weak point of low-cost beginner drum kits, feels sturdy and well-made.

The all-wood framework and big shells provide the package a warm, full tone that avoids the tinny sound that is typical of sets in that price point. Players that begin on a good instrument are more likely to get used it, while those learning on a difficult-to-play instrument with a good sound are more likely to give up in frustration. Sound Percussion Labs has created a new drum set, the SPL 5-Piece Kicker Pro, that satisfies the demands of a beginner player.

SPL Kicker Pro 5

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Features & Specs

  • Shells made of multi-ply natural wood
  • Drumheads that are tunable and replaceable
  • Both hardware and mounts have a contrasting powder coat texture.
  • 18” x 14” bass drum
  • 8” x 5” and 10” x 5” toms
  • 12” x 10” Floor Tom
  • 12” x 5” matching wood snare
  • Stand for crash/ride cymbal
  • Full-size foot pedal and hi-hat cymbal with stand
  • Bass drum pedal with a full-size chain drive
  • Drum throne with padded cushioning and height adjustment
  • Triple-flange hoops with a one-piece, weld-free construction.
  • Tuning key for drums
  • Drum sticks


  • Plain and simple instructions
  • Comfortable sound quality
  • Top and bottom hats can be replaces
  • Perfect for children around 


  • The size is not ideal for adults

Final Verdict

It’s a pretty good drum set but might have to adjust the throne. The sound quality is good for the price. It’s kind of small like the description says ‘scaled-down’, but it has quality. It is perfect for kids aged 9-13 that wants to play the drums.

A customer said that all the instructions were simple to follow and the set was easy to assemble. The SPL Kicker Pro Drum Set is ideal for inexperienced drummers and is a perfect investment for your growing drummer. It’s enjoyable to play, easy to wear, and long-lasting to hear.


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