PRS SE Custom 22 Guitar Review

Sometimes, after a while of playing the guitar, all a guitarist wishes for is to add a vintage touch to their custom traditional instruments. There is hardly anyone who would pass on a touch vintage to their music after all. If you are among that crowd and could not get your head around which instrument to go for, PRS SE Custom 22 Electric guitar might just be the one for you.  You do not have to sweat over it anymore, as we have brought to you a detailed article on the PRS SE Custom 22 guitar review. If you are willing to give this guitar a try, stay with us throughout the article. In this article, we will be discussing about this interesting instrument, its features, its price range, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. We believe this PRS SE Custom 22 review will answer all the queries you had about the product. 

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Product Description

The PRS SE Custom 22 Electric guitar gives the standard custom platform a more retro tone and sound. This incredible instrument comes with a prominent mid-range along with clarity that provides a pleasant, full tonal foundation, making it easy to blend into your band’s or recording’s mix.

The PRS SE Custom 22 has a maple top, complimented with a mahogany back and a scale length of 25 inches, just as its brother of 24 frets. Dual humbuckers with pitch, sound, and three way toggle switches, as well as a stop tail bridge designed by PRS, round out the features.

This PRS SE Custom 22 guitar is a fine option for guitarists who grew up playing 22 frets and can handle anything you bring to it. It also comes with a gig bag

The price of the PRS SE custom 22 electric guitar is around $790-$800. 

PRS SE Custom 22 Review 2021

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Before we jump into the details of the building materials and the quality of PRS SE Custom 22 Electric guitar, let’s take a look at its features at a glance so you it gets easier for you to decide if this model is the one you were looking for all this while. 


  • The number of strings are six
  • It has a double cutaway body structure
  • The body type and materials are solid wood
  • It is made of  maple on the top
  • Has mahogany on the back and sides
  • Hand orientation is right-handed guitar
  • Features a glossy, satin finish on the body


  • Features a wide and fat neck shape
  • The neck is made of mahogany wood
  • Has a set-in joint
  • The scale length of the neck is 25 inches
  • Features a standard truss rod
  • Like its body, the neck comes with a glossy finishing as well


  • The fretboard is made of rosewood
  • The radius is 10 inches
  • It has medium sized frets
  • Total number of frets is 22
  • Features birds inlays
  • The width of the nut is 1.69 inches approximately


  • Has a HH configuration
  • Tone furnace on the neck and bridge
  • Passive pickups
  • 3 way pickup switch
  • Master volume control

PRS SEPRS SEPRS SE Custom 22 Review 2021 PRS SE Custom 22 Review 2021

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The Sound

PRS 85/15 “S” Bass on the neck, and treble on the bridge of Humbucker Pickups are included with this guitar. The tones are very stable, and they express sounds well from low to high. Modern rock and metal, in particular, are ideal for this.

Classic rock tones are also present, but the balance is somewhat skewed toward modern rock tones. The warmth and darkness of its mahogany body are reflected in the sound.

The maple wood on the top adds a touch of brightness to the tone. While some players may note that the sound lacks a little character and brightness, which is somewhat correct, it is nothing to be worried about however. Its clean tones are also very simple and consistent, and you can use this one to play very gentle riffs. 


According to our experience with the guitar, we think this might be best playable for solos and rock riffs. Since the neck is broad but small, shifting the thumb to the nape of the neck is convenient. Barre-chords, in particular, arise spontaneously. 

Few lower strings that are below 15th fret are a little difficult to reach with such a wide neck, particularly if your hands are small. The radius of the fretboard is 10 inches. It is very easy to switch your hand from one fret to the next. This might not be one of those extremely easy, super-fast necks, but if you have the skills, you will be able to play this one quite quickly.


These SE Custom models from PRS are exclusively produced in Korea. This model, like all PRS SE models, is renowned for its high level of quality control. The final finish and specifications are excellent, and its PRS pickups are extremely long-lasting and high-quality. Along with being an undoubtedly high-value for money material, this instrument generally can stay in tune for a very long time. 

If we are being honest, finding a flaw in its build quality is quite an impossible task. Besides that, you get a classic, traditional look with the PRS SE custom 22 electric guitar. 

Now that we have discussed the features and materials of the PRS SE custom 22 electric guitar, let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages so that you can be sure while making the purchase.


  • Great build quality
  • Excellent consistency
  • Great value for the money
  • Comfortable and durable neck
  • Sounds of rock are pleasant
  • Clear and gentle clean tones
  • Lovely appearance with birds inlays
  • Versatile


  • Some people could be bothered by the broad neck
  • It’s possible that the sound could have been brighter and more detailed
  • Does not include coil splits

 Final Words

The PRS SE custom 22 electric guitar is a great choice for players who’re into versatility and vintage touch. We hope this PRS SE Custom 22 review could help you clear out all your queries and pick the right guitar for you. If you think this article was helpful, do check our other articles on different guitars out for getting the best one for yourself.

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