Pearl Roadshow 5 Drumset Review

If you’re a drummer looking for the best acoustic drum, then check out ‘ Pearl Roadshow 5 Drumset Review  ‘ the best drum set at an amazing price! To know all about it stay with us.

If you are a fan of acoustic drums you must have heard of Pearl Roadshow 5 drum set. Pearl Roadshow 5 is one of the best drum bands, and has won people’s trust with their drum set since the early 1950s.

Even though there are many global offices of the instrument, the company’s headquarter is in Japan. Pearl Musical Instrument has 3 other main arm chain companies that are located in the USA, Brazil, and in Europe.  Pearl has been a company known for its innovative drum sets.

Their fame in the United States rose after their distribution under the Norlin Company had started, since then both the companies have been associated with each other. 

Pearl Musical instrument uses superior shell technology to manufacture and design all their drums. Just like other musical instrument franchise companies, Pearl too, has many drum series.

Vari pitch drum series, Roadshow series, and many more. Pearl Roadshow 5 is one of the most prestigious and popular drum set series. This 5 set series is not only perfect for professionals, but are designed in such a way that beginners feel comfortable and ‘in zone’ while playing them. Check out our review on Pearl Roadshow 5 drum set in our article. We have discussed all of its features, qualities, and design in detail.

Pearl Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set 

pearl roadshow 5 piece review

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Pearl Roadshow 5 is a 5 piece acoustic drum set that contains 9-ply shells of poplar. These shells are each covered in wraps make them highly durable. The 5 piece set drum kit comes with a 22 x 16 – inch bass drum, 12 x 9 –inch and a10 x 8-inch toms, one 16 x 16-inch floor tom, and a 14 x 5.5.-inch snare drum, along with all necessary hardware, and a cymbal package.

The hardware set includes a cymbal stand, hi-hat, snare, pedals with bass drums, tom stand, and few other additional accessories such as a durable bag for a stick, and a drum throne. 

The drum set consists of a large variety of characteristics than other regular drum sets. Their subtle robustness and sturdy texture differentiates them from other drums, making them easy to play for beginners, and allowing professional drummers have full control over them.

The bass drum pedal is actually a single kick and dual chained drum pedal that contains a standard configuration. The snare on the other hand, helps players attain any kind of sound they want to produce. 

The shells and the snare are two of the best thing of this drum set and make a great combination with all the other toms. One of the best features of the Pearl roadshow 5 drum set is that it comes with a drum key for fine-tuning each of the drum’s sound quality according to the drummer’s preferences. The snare drum does not require any assembly.

Users will also receive 5 tension bolts, 5 different washers for toms, bass, and snare drums, along with 4 tension nuts. Users will not require additional screws or nuts to assemble the drum set.

Product Design & Quality: Pearl Roadshow 5 Drumset Review

One of the most attractive features of the Pearl Roadshow 5 is its design and color combination. Pearl has other drum models and series such as jazz drum set, rock, fusion, but unlike the bass Pearl roadshow 5, the other models cannot blend into any environment, stage, or other styles. Pearl Roadshow 5 can perfectly blend into all styles, has an excellent overall tonal quality, and advanced features. 

Its beautiful and stylish design attracts non-drummers as well. Its silver black glossy finish is eye-catching and makes the 5 piece drum set look standard and of premium quality. The drum shells are also lacquered with well precision to give this 5 piece drum set a look that matches up to its amazing performance on stage. Most professional drummers love this drum set because of its exquisite seamless design and amazing sound quality.

Product Features: – Pearl Roadshow 5 Drumset Review

  • Consists of 7mm shells to produce great tonal power 
  • It also contains triple-flanged hoops of 1.2mm
  • Scare drum is great at producing the loudest to the smallest sound
  • Consists of head and hardware that is doubled-braced 
  • The wood snare drums are matched with the poplar shells


  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to transport from one place to another 
  • Comfortable 
  • Produces great sound 
  • Sticks are strong and bounce well
  • Has a perfect mixture of firmness & strength 
  • Great for stage performances


  • The shells require tuning

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Final Verdict:

Pearl Roadshow 5 is one of a kind and an exceptional acoustic bass 5 piece drum set. It has the perfect combination of hardware, cymbals, and produces great sound on stage. If you are a beginner or a professional, this drum set will help you improve your playing and uplift your skills.

Pearl Roadshow 5 has a price range from $500 to $529. This price range may seem high at first glance, but if you are not a new drummer or if you shop around you will see drums with much less features are being sold at a much higher price. 

If you are living in the USA you can order Pearl roadshow 5 drum set easily from the amazon site. Most drum sets do not come with nuts, screws or bolts. Pearl roadshow 5 comes with every piece required to fully assemble it. It is also very easy to set up and assemble. If you are looking for a good drum set within $500 Pearl Roadshow 5 would be the best option.

Bottom Line:

Now that you have read our article, you are familiar with all the features, design, applications, and accessories of Pearl Roadshow 5. Instead of relying on online reviews and comments why don’t you buy the drum set and check it out yourself? We are sure you will love playing it.

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