Pearl decade vs. export

Drumming is a great activity that helps in relieving stress. If you are ready to invest in a drum kit, you should look for a quality one you can use for a long time. Some of the options available include Pearl decade and Pearl export.

Both of these kits can help you enjoy drumming. They are popular drum sets that beginners and even professionals choose for their drumming sessions. Before selecting either of them, you should find out how they differ so that you can go for the best option. Some of the differences between pearl decade and export include shell construction, purpose, and features available. Find out more!

Comparison table

Pearl decade
Pearl export
5 mm maple
7.5 mm poplar and Asian mahogany
Gearless tom arms, floor tom feet, and tuning lugs
P930 demonator pedal
For professionals
Entry-level kit
31 pounds
34 pounds
21 x 22 x 17 inches
23 x 25 x 19
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Pearl decade vs. export- How do they compare?

  • Shells

One of the things that you should focus on when comparing drum kits is the shell material. Pearl decade comes with maple shells, while pearl export is made up of Asian mahogany and poplar shells. Mahogany and poplar shells are softwoods that make pearl export more forgiving. The use of maple in making pearl decade shells makes it to deliver louder sounds. Thanks to the use of acoustic glue shells in the Pearl decade, the drum kit reacts fast to each stroke. Since the maple material sounds better, it makes the Pearl decade’s shells better than that of pearl export.

  • Purpose

Pearl decade is designed for professional drummers who have experience with drum kits. This is often used in recording, touring, and gigging. If you want an excellent sounding drum kit that you can play live, you should focus on this model. On the other hand, Pearl export is meant for beginners who want to practice and boost their skills in drumming. Some drummers also use it for light gigging. Pearl decade is, therefore, more advanced compared to pearl export.

  • Features

Though both drum sets come from the same company, they have some differing features. For instance, pearl decade comes with gearless tom arms, tuning lugs, and floor tom feet, while Pearl export includes a p930 demonator pedal. Pearl decade can give you more value for your cash than pearl decade since it is more equipped and has a lifetime warranty.

Pearl decade vs. export- A comparison overview

Pearl decade

Most drumming enthusiasts focus on well-crafted drum kits, and the pearl decade does not disappoint. This is a quality drum set that has excellent shell construction. You can use the valuable drum set in live performances. Pearl decade drums consist of 6 ply maple shells that create deep and rich tones. Many customers admire the glossy finish, which gives this set an elegant look. Feel free to choose this drum set from a variety of color options depending on your preference.

The manufacturer of Pearl decade designs it to produce excellent sound quality and deliver a wide tone range. Its hardware is made up of a snare stand, cymbal stands, and a hi-hat stand. This is a five-piece drum kit that is made up of a bass drum, toms, floor tom, and a snare drum. Most customers find the bass drum pedal user-friendly. Since the rack toms are designed using opti-loc suspension technology, it enhances resonance and reduces wobbles and bounces.

You will also appreciate the toms of this drum set since they feature uni-lock gearless arms. Since the manufacturer of Pearl decade uses superior shell technology to make the drums, they are quite responsive. Your purchase even comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Delivers impressive sound
  • Reliable hardware
  • Elegant look
  • It is affordably priced.


  • Some users raise issues regarding the snare drums.


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Pearl Export

If you are in need of a great entry-level drum kit, you should consider Pearl Export. This drum kit contains six-ply poplar and Asian mahogany shells. The shell material makes this drum set ideal for metal or rock drummers. The manufacturer of this drum set also uses superior shell technology in its making. Like pearl decade, this drum set also uses an opti-lock suspension mechanism, making it sound great.

The package includes a bass drum, toms, floor tom, snare drum, and tom holders. You can choose Pearl export from a wide range of finishes depending on your taste. You should also expect the tom shells to be punchy and warm. Unlike regular drum sets, pearl took an extra step with this drum kit by including a kick pedal. This drum kit comes with the P930 demonator pedal, which has an excellent response.

Most users are also impressed with the sturdy and durable hardware of Pearl export. Since this is a beginner drum kit, it does not include cymbals. You should, therefore, think of buying cymbals separately. Pearl works closely with Remo, a reputable company known for making quality stock heads.


  • Great for beginners
  • Includes a kick pedal
  • Delivers great sounds
  • Durable hardware


  • It does not include cymbals.


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Pearl has been producing valuable drum sets for years. It offers differing drum sets to help fulfill the needs of different drummers. Focusing on this company can prevent you from wasting your cash on a poorly constructed drum set. Though both Pearl decade and export are great, they don’t sound the same.

Verdict: So, which is better? Pearl decade or export

Since these drum sets are geared towards different drummers, people have differing views regarding them. Choose Pearl decade if you want to upgrade to a better sounding drum kit. This is designed for people who have playing drums for some time and need advanced features. If you are in search of your first drum set, then Pearl export is an ideal choice.


Can you teach yourself how to drum?

Yes. You, however, have to do a lot of practice to master it. Buying a starter drum kit can give you a good opportunity to practice.

Is there a way that can make a bass drum less boomy?

Yes. Try putting a blanket or pillow into it or get drum heads that feature muffling rings.

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