Pearl Decade Maple Review

Pearl Drum has never been a disappointment, not even when it came to offering an endless range of options. It provides an entire tool drum at an unbeatable rate. It is deemed a drum kit suited for many music genres like metal and jazz with exceptional durability and timbre.

If you are keen to use one, it does not need telling that you will look up for review articles about the Pearl Decade Maple. Probably, you will get overwhelmed seeing the thousands of products available in the market. The end result? You might give up your desire to invest in this Pearl Drum.

Pearl Decade Maple Review
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Fret not. We have saved the hassle for you. Here, we will have an easy-to-read Pearl Decade Maple Review. Let us see if it’s worth spending a few bucks on this!

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Specifications of Pearl Decade Maple

Shell material
Dimension of Drum Kick
20 inches
Snare Included
Shell pack along with a snare
Stands Included
Dimension of the bass drum
18″ x 22″
Box inclusions
Assembly guide and drum sticks
Satin Brownburst


Pros of Pearl Decade Maple

  • Well-built drum set
  • Premium quality at an affordable price
  • Very nicely designed
  • Durable and reliable hardware

Cons of Pearl Decade Maple

  • Although the drum heads work, they need upgrading
  • When tuned lower than medium, snare drums perform poorly.

Price: $800-$900

Build Quality

One mentionable quality about the Pearl Decade Maple is its excellent build. When it comes to serving quality, Pearl does not take any step backward. It has invested cautiously in each and every component to make the construction likable.

It comes with a maple, 5.4mm shell, 6-play that has been polished inside. Between each pair of plugs, this work has been perfectly done.

The drums boast staggered seams to keep the shell in shape and strong. With the bevel rounded above it, each shell edge has a delicate cut interior grade at a 45-degree.

Even though the small NDL lugs seem light, they are pretty sturdy when held by hand. Furthermore, there are plastic gaskets to prevent it from rattling. Other features include the narrow, telescopic drum spurs that deliver a solid performance.

The rack toms are developed with the Opti-lock suspension-style system of mounting by Pearl. At this price range, this might come as a shock to you.

Without cradling, the jumbo drum gets some space to breathe because of the Air Suspension feet present on the floor tom legs.

Not to forget that the kit comes with a 7/8-inch Unilock tom arm. This is highly functional and sturdy. To increase positioning range, these perform well with the single-bolt tilter and mating memory locks.


Using the feature-packed hardware, setting up might seem like a doodle. Those shells, though, have a vast story. Not the best extracted of top-money kit, the hardened cubes are 5.4 mm slim, significantly leaner than many extra funding kits.

As a result, you receive a more resonant, ultra-clear, pithy, and succulent sound – modern and bright, but with the middle-frequency form characterized by maple.

Even if both toms are tuned down a bit, they tend to have a slappy strike. Furthermore, the 16 inches flooring, having 6-lug hoops, can still stimulate the metalwork’s consequent fall to allow the drum to unfold.

Pearl has brought an advantageous twin-section (33cm X 30 cm) black material bass drum pillow muffler. After being properly placed, it is Velcro that keeps the Pearl drum from going.

The white-layered single-ply head is designed with the emblem of Pearl and a 5.25 inches (13 cm) air hole at the bottom corner. To rectify the pillow damper, you can get you arm around.

The Finish

You can never go wrong with these drums. The black drums come with a Black Ice finish. To set your kit in motion, the sharp, deep black lacquer used by the shells are your best resort.

It drops a really nice impression on your audience once you set foot on the stage.

What is likeable is that you can obtain any finish you like. For instance, there is an option of beautiful matte lacquer and gloss bursts that offer an excellent feeling.

Even the lightweight NDL lugs, you will get a shiny, evening wear finish. These lugs, because of their small sizes, give you sufficient playing room. They even permit a gaping maw of appeal to rest on your eyes.

To complement the desirable looks of the sound machines, there are full, lacquered drum hoops. Even more, these were balanced employing a layered white resonant-side kick head. Lastly, the pre-built port complemented the whole look.

Summing it all up, this is a decent-looking drum series.

Sound Quality

Pearl Decade Maple is popular for having a better quality of sound – if not the best. You can gain great dynamics in all tone ranges – low, medium, and high. No matter which genre you opt, you will certainly love the great quality of sound.

In a way you have never seen or experienced, the low-mass lugs and slim maple shells resonates the drum.

The star in the Pearl Decade Maple series is hands down the bass drum. With slapping assault, it is cautiously set up to offer super solid sound. Even if you tune it low or high, you would not face any problem with this drum. Since the toms are raised onto the bass drum, the bass drum gives you the exact rich and power sound you need.

Thanks to the matching snare drum, which gives lively and crisp sounds, for a wonderful auditory experience. Let your prowess in jazz spread like confetti.

Remember, however, to not tune your snare below medium.

Final Thoughts

So that is a wrap for our Pearl Decade Maple Review. You must know that this drum series has taken years to perfect itself. Thus, they are available for drummers of any levels.

Even more, it comes at a budget-friendly rate, allowing a lifetime warranty. The casing is also top-notch. With all these amazing features, this is a great product to get your hands on.

We hope our review helps you to learn more about this drum kit!

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