Most Difficult Drum Songs

Are you a drummer looking to play the most difficult songs? Then look no more! Read ahead as we compile a list of the most difficult drum songs.


Learning how to play an instrument can always be challenging. While everyone learns at their own pace, certain songs are more difficult to learn and play regardless of how skilled you are. It is the complexity of these songs mixed with the unique harmony that makes them worth it to learn. 

The songs on our list range from an array of genres all of which are considered challenging to play because of several reasons. But more about that later. 

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What Makes a Song Difficult to Play on Drums -Most Difficult Drum Songs

What might be difficult for one player might be a piece of cake for others. However, a few certain criteria and technicalities make a song testing and hard to play.

One thing that is seen in all difficult songs is their odd time or odd meter. The common time signature is 4/4, and anything else other than that is considered odd. Some songs will incorporate several changing time signatures in one song making them hard to learn. 

Another fairly common characteristic seen in difficult songs is polyrhythms. This refers to the use of multiple or more than one rhythms on the same or similar tempo. Being able to keep up with the changing rhythms can often get strenuous. Add to that varying speed and you have got your hands full.

The songs have grooves and fill played at high speed when the amount of notes being played is considered. Complex beats played at high speed are also included in this. 

The drummer needs to adopt precise controls and supreme beat execution. Every entry note is complimentary to the song, and it is crucial to get it right. Any mistake and the song will not song like what it is supposed to.

Probably a factor that everyone struggles with is being able to imitate the original drummer. Legendary drummers such as John Bonham, Neil Peart, and many others have their own distinctive playing styles.

The songs are played with unique grooves and fill along with speed and great chops. It may seem easy enough in the beginning, but once you actually start playing them will you realize that it is not as simple as it appears. 

6 Difficult Drum Songs 

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1. La Villa Strangiato by Rush – Most Difficult Drum Songs

This exemplary rock song “La Villa Strangiato” by Rush meets all the criteria and technicalities that make it difficult. Neil Peart’s powerful percussion extraordinary guitar and bass riff, this song is a true masterpiece.

The song features various odd meters, spectacular speed, beats, and drop. Aside from other technical details, there is precise control and execution on Peart’s part. If you truly want to challenge your instrumental skill then La Villa is your go-to.

Most Difficult Drum Songs
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2. Moby Dick by Led Zeppelin – Most Difficult Drum Songs

The band Led Zeppelin is bound to come to your mind when thinking of rock music. “Moby Dick” by Led Zeppelin showcases John Bonham’s fantastic performance. With a fifteen-minute long solo drum part and two and a half minute long hand drumming, you will experience amazing hand and footwork.

Adding to the crazy footwork, you have great bass dynamics that will surely force you out of your comfort zone. To play “Moby Dick” like the exceptional Bonham you will need meticulous finesse and control. With so much to keep up and coordinate, it will be no surprise if you want to pull your hair by the end of it.


Most Difficult Drum Songs
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3. Goliath by The Mars Volta – Most Difficult Drum Songs

Goliath” by The Mars Volta is a hammering rendition of how loud and hard-hitting the song is. The drum patterns are heavy and the fast double bass beat and crazy fills will have you smitten and wanting more.

Add to that blazing sounds and several grooves with multiple time changes. Playing the song requires jaw-dropping energy and is a learning experience to play some loud melody.


Most Difficult Drum Songs
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4. Ticks and Leeches by Tool – Most Difficult Drum Songs

If you are looking to truly challenge yourself as a drummer, then “Ticks and Leeches” by Tool will have you question your endurance. This demanding piece played by Danny Carrey is a technical spectacle that has polyrhythms playing all at once. The song mostly is in the 7/4 meter that is played at high speed on 16th notes.

You will have to start slow and gradually find yourself building up to polyrhythms and syncopated patterns that require both hand and footwork. This piece is extremely challenging and will push you to play with finesse at odd meters. “Ticks and Leeches” is a learning curve for enthusiastic drummers who are keen on improving themselves.


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5. Sedation Deprivation by Nerve 

“Sedation Deprivation” by Nerve is one of those songs that will have you thinking that it is easy to tackle, but ultimately push your limits with its easy fluidity. In this track, the bass and snare shine through without being too overbearing.

It gives a subtle kick, with its mesmerizing groove and smooth feel. Playing “Sedation Deprivation” ticks all the boxes for difficulty, odd meter, blazing speed, crazy polyrhythms, precise dynamic control, and breakbeats.


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6. The Violation by Fleshgod Apocalypse 

“The Violation” by Fleshgod Apocalypse is a death metal headbanger with influence from classic symphonic. The powerful performance by drummer Franco Paoli perfectly complements the guitars and symphony.

The use of double bass drums, orchestral elements, and blast beats at extremely high speed makes the song difficult to master. 

Conclusion – Most Difficult Drum Songs

Learning a new melody can be difficult sometimes, but if the song is hard, to begin with, you are bound to get intimidated. You can understandably get intimidated but we assure you that your drumming skill and your overall understanding of drums will enhance when you push yourself to play these songs.

It will require patience and consistent practice to master them, but we assure you there will be no regrets by the end of it. The songs included on our list are chosen keeping in mind certain criteria that make them the most difficult drum song.


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