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Mini humbuckers are popular among artists for capturing the bright sounds of the electric guitar than the regular humbucker. A mini humbucker can pick up low sounds and saturate those up to high quality audio. These are narrower in size and the wiring allows less string vibration, which makes sounds more focused and bright. 

There are plenty of mini humbuckers in the market. To make the best pick amongst them you need to set your requirements right. The qualities of the products vary as the price range shafts. The genre of music you play on your instrument is also an important criterion to keep in mind. 

Here are some of the important things to look in a mini humbucker.

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Magnets directly impact the sound of the instrument. That’s why we need to understand which magnet does what. Individual magnets create much clearer and thin sounds. Steel poles create sound that is comparatively dense and dark. 


The outputs vary because of the wiring of the system. Winded coper wire can increase the output. But too much force can ruin the quality and make the sound damped. Lower output usually provides much cleared sound. 


We can find mini humbuckers using either parallel wiring or series wiring. In the parallel wiring, the signal is split into two paths, traveling through two different channels the sound meet at the end of the channel. This causes the output to be low and clear. In the series wiring the signal travels through a single route. This makes the sound warmer and dens.

Now let’s look at some of the top mini humbucker in the market and find out what they have to offer.

Product Name
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Seymour Duncan SM1-N Vintage
  • Single wired 
  • Alnico 5 magnet 
  • 1 year warranty
Lace 90693 Mini Nitro Hemi Humbucker
  • Barium ferrite Magnet 
  • Vintage gauge coil wire 
  • 5 years warranty
  • Ceramic magnet 
  • Single coil 
  • 3 years warranty
1DiMarzio DP241 Vintage Minibucker
  •  Ceramic magnet 
  • 4 Conductor wiring 
  • 5 years warranty
Seymour Duncan Antiquity II
  • 1C Braided shield 
  • Alnico 2 magnet 
  • 1 year warranty

1. Seymour Duncan SM1-N Vintage Mini Humbucker

This mini humbucker from Seymour comes with in a pair, a neck and a bridge. The resistance of the neck is up to 6.3k and the bridge goes up to 7.4k. This mini humbucker works best on soft wood bodies i.e. mahogany and swamp ash.

Balanced and warm instruments really compliments this set. The sound created by this set is very clear even at high volume. This mini humbucker is made very delicately. The negative and positive wiring must be separated, which may seem complicated to some.


  • Good for beginners 
  • Comes as a pair of neck and bridge 
  • Effective even in high volume 


  • Installation may seem complicated 


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2. Lace 90693 Mini Nitro Hemi Mini Humbucker

This pair of mini humbucker from Lace is popular for its high-pitch metal sounds. It uses vintage gauge coil wire and Barium ferrite magnet. The bridge of this set delivers detailed and deep aggressive volume, while the neck works on character and tone.

The neck has resistance of 15.8k and the bridge has the resistance of 19k. All in all it’s a great set for heavy metal but works well for other genres too. This set is also very responsive to picking. To some users the quality of the bridge and the neck may differ, but that is a personal preference.


  • Amazing mid-range 
  • Clarity and articulation 
  • Separate humbucker for neck and bridge 
  • Well responsive to picking 


  • The quality of the neck and bridge might differ to some users 
  • The bridge may seem too muddy to some



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3. TOM ANDERSON M-1 Mini Humbucker

Tom Anderson is one of the most popular names for quality. This mini humbucker has a single coil and works amazing in mid-range. It creates a balanced sound. You can tell that the tunes are smooth. It will sound great on your guitar once you have figured it out according to your requirements.  Mini Humbucker


  • Long time warranty 
  • Fatter single coil 
  • Good for mid-range 


  • Needs a separate bridge
  • Might not be preferable for heavy metal 


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4. DiMarzio DP241

This humbucker set from DiMarzio uses a ceramic magnet to process the tunes. It comes in both the bridge and the neck. The bridge adds more warmth to the tune and the neck is used to fuse the jazz tones. The resistance of the bridge is up to 8.25k and for the neck it is 6.11k.

This mini humbucker set has 4 conduct wiring that means you can add up to 4 different kind of sounds. It also does an excellent job maintaining the smooth quality of the tunes. The cover of this mini humbucker is nickel coated, the look is real sleek. This particular set might be a little large in size than the others we have seen so far.  Mini Humbucker


  • Available in neck and bridge 
  • 4 conductor wiring 
  • Well suited for all genres 
  • Excellent bridge 


  • Slightly larger than other sets available in the market 
  • Bridge and Neck does not come together in a pair
  • Might need adjustments on installment


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5. Seymour Duncan Antiquity II Mini Humbucker

Seymour’s Duncan humbucker is popular for its vintage look and good sound quality. It comes with 3 sets of guitar strings. It is built with much delicacy. This set has a pair of humbucker, one used for the bridge and other for the next.

The resistance of the neck is up to 6.4k and for the bridge it is 7.5k. This particular humbucker creates sound quality that is very clear. It can be used for any genre of music or any guitar.  Mini Humbucker


  • Separate humbucker for neck and bridge 
  • Aesthetic look 
  • Suitable for any genre 
  • Three sets of guitar strings 


  • The cover is a little loose


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Final Thoughts

Getting the ideal mini humbucker will compliment your tunes and help you achieve the perfect sound. Understand what your requirement and the genre of your music to make the best purchase.


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