Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set Review

Mendini by Cecilio might not be as well-known as some of the other major names, but it has plenty to offer fellow drummers. Maybe you are unfamiliar with the company, but they do provide excellent goods that many drummers have been embracing for many years. Check out our article on Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set review.

The Mendini drums are quie prominent of the Cecilio series, which sells high-end instruments. Cecilio is well-known for the work with brass and woodwind instruments in addition to percussion. Mendini by Cecilio has become correlated with high-quality drums that one can buy at an affordable price.

As for the ideal users, many think that the Mendini Junior drum set is perfect for those who want to be musicians or are showing potential for being a drummer. Parents discovered that by merely making a few adjustments, their children could create a great sound even after being a novice who is just getting started.

What’s in the Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set?

Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set Review

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The Mendini Junior drum set stands out among many rivals for their overall pieces included in the set. If you wish your kid to have the feeling of being a real drummer, then the Mendini set is a perfect choice since the set comes with all the accessories one would need.

It doesn’t feel like a toy, but a real drum set. This also helps for future improvements. You won’t have to buy a whole different set as your kid grows older. You can just replace a few things and they would be good to go.

You get everything you need to start playing right in the box. The Mendini drum set includes-

  • Kick drum with a pedal
  • 2 rack toms
  • 1 floor tom
  • 1 snare drum
  • 1 crash cymbal and 1 hi-hat cymbal (with stands)
  • Wooden drumsticks (single pair)
  • An adjustable drum stool
  • Instruction manual

Design and Outlook

Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set Review

The overall design of a drum is vital to any performer, particularly a beginner. An unappealing kit can discourage the kids, and they would become less focused on performing. The Mendini drum set is a visually appealing drum.

It is available in different colors so players can choose accordingly. The texture and shine of the drum are both excellent. Only make sure to inquire about your child’s color preferences prior to purchasing.

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Build Quality

Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set Review

Mendini is a well-known drum maker on the marketplace, and the Mendini drums demonstrate this with exceptional consistency. Any color, whether it’s metallic blue, red, or black, the drum set can exceed anybody’s standards in terms of detail.

The kit is appropriate for children and does not come bearing any rough edges. The set’s coating is flawless and would not pose any threat to the user. The drums are lightweight and can be strengthened for further stability as the player increases power in striking the drums.

The cymbals are sturdy and would not collapse on your kids as they play. The drum set is built to last and is assured to be productive for years. The flexible seat is intended to evolve with a growing drummer.

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Sound Output

Mendini by Cecilio Drum Set Review 4-01

Considering these are such an affordable package, the drums genuinely sound rather fine. The shells are crafted from basswood and are PVC-coated. The stock drum heads are very cool, and you won’t have to spend anything for getting the latest set of heads. You can have the drums sounding richer and better in no time with a little bit of tuning.

The snare and tom drums are excellent when it comes to producing vibrant sound. You won’t be disappointed with any one of these. The bass drum is also stable enough. However, the cymbals are another case.

Take some notes from the internet or have someone tune the drum set. You would see the difference instantly.

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Easy and Quick Assembly

Many details about drum sets remain unknown to children and beginners. For example, putting together the most advanced drum sets to make them sound better.

This is also another reason why Mendini is an outstanding pick. They designed the drum sets considering how the users would fare against the assembling process. The Mendini comes with detailed instructions to make your job easier. You can put everything together in 15-20 minutes.

There are several guides available online to assist you along the way, but the manual is very well designed. So you don’t have to study and waste time, but just evaluate it and play the drums.

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The cymbals are a massive disappointment. That being said, if you are purchasing this as your kid’s first drum kit, you do not need to be concerned. This is due to the fact that kids don’t care how fine the cymbals sound. They just like to hit the cymbals as hard as they can.

Once your kid has a basic understanding of drumming and begins to appreciate the complexities of cymbals, you can purchase some specialized kit with a set of high-quality cymbals. The new and improved ones can replace the default cymbals in the set.  Though cymbals are not inexpensive, they are a good investment that would fare nicely for a long time.


  • Value for money drum set
  • The toms and snare drums produce rich and vibrant sound
  • All the necessary accessories are included in the set
  • A great drum set for children aged between 5-13 years
  • Height can be adjusted as needed
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not the best hardware
  • The cymbals may need upgrading

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Mendini drums are inexpensive, so you won’t have any difficulty picking one out. But can they provide the highest value for money?

If you’re aiming for something that can also serve as a game thing for your children, the Mendini sets are excellent choices because they’re both sturdy and inexpensive. Nevertheless, if you really want your children to master the art of drumming as they mature, the Mendini set may be too basic for them. You should start searching for other options from rivals.

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