Mee M6 Pro vs. Shure 215

Headphones are an instrument to isolate yourself from everything around you. Just listening to your favorite song through headphones can relieve all the stress and tension of the entire day. But when you think of purchasing one, it gets tricky. There are hundreds of products out in the market that can confuse you. The Mee M6 Pro and the Shure 215 are two great headphones. But which one has the upper hand?

To help you answer this question let’s look at some common and distinct features of the two headphones.

Mee M6 Pro:

Mee M6 Pro vs. Shure 215
Mee M6 Pro

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Price: $40-$60

This is a professional headphone for the masses. It has an amazing sound quality. The cables are detachable and nicely shielded. As it’s a single driver headphone, it pays more attention to the mids while keeping the bass sound warm. Every musical instrument sounds extraordinary in it. Especially if you like classical music with acoustic guitars, then this is a must choice for you.

Shure 215:

Shure 215

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Price: $80-$120

The Shure 215 offers users tons of features. With its monitor technology, it provides crystal clear sound every time. The cables are easily adjustable and can be customized to the user’s preference. It’s great for listening to ambient music as it captures the echoes perfectly. All in all, it’s a complete package in a small piece of instrument.

Difference Between Them:

Treble Sound:

Treble sounds are crucial for making music sound soothing to our ears. The high notes make each song unique. The high notes seem brittle on the Mee M6 pro and it makes it more like a supporting sound than the main one. Although the trebles seem quite natural. On the other hand, the treble sounds of Shure 215 is worse as it sounds a bit screechy. In terms of high notes, it is best to go for the M6 Pro.


Hearing background noise while listening to music in your headphones can ruin your whole experience. That’s why this is perhaps the most important factor on the list. Both of them have little to no noise on them. The Mee M6 pro has noise-isolating ear monitors to prevent any type of noise while playing. The Shure 215’s innovative noise isolation technology also goes hand in hand with it. That’s why they are at the same level in terms of noise cancellation.


Price is what matters the most. While good products tend to have higher prices, sometimes mediocre headphones can be expensive. The Mee M6 pro is way cheaper than the Shure SE215. So, if you are searching for a headphone in an affordable price, then the Mee M6 pro is the better choice.

Headphone Case:

Both headphones come in attractive cases. But the Mee M6 Pro has a nice, hard case. On the other hand, the Shure SE215 has quite a soft case that is good for dust protection and other stuff. But surely it doesn’t have the same appeal as Mee M6 pro.

Sound Quality:

The sound quality of the Mee M6 pro is better in a lot of aspects. It has a low-end EQ bump that makes the overall sound resonate together. It creates a wonderful balance. Although the highs are not as good, the mids and the lower notes sound breathtaking. On the other hand, the Shure SE215 has a good quality sound. The bass quality is top-notch and mids are clear. But overall, Mee M6 Pro wins hands down.


In terms of durability, Shure SE215 is the front runner. Its reinforced cable can withstand any kind of impact. The headphone works miraculously for a long time too. The Mee M6 has a durable body but it stands no chance against the Shure SE215.


The Mee M6 pro comes in different styles and sizes for users to choose from. It also has foam earbuds for providing the utmost comfort to the users. The Shure SE215 is comfortable for some time. But users have reported that they have an itching feeling after wearing them for a couple of hours.

Visual Aspect:

The Shure SE215 comes in 4 distinct colors. All are stylish and eye-catching. It has a certain novelty to it. On the other hand, the Mee M6 pro sure looks aesthetic but has a much-limited range of colors.

Audio Style:

Both are exquisite for listening to a wide range of music. But the Mee M6 Pro has an upper hand on some syles. Podcasts, news sound much better on the Mee M6 Pro. The voice is separated perfectly and it reaches our ears in the most effective way possible.

Which Is Best?

Both headphones have their strengths and weaknesses. The Mee M6 Pro is far ahead in terms of comfort, audio style, price, and overall sound quality. The Shure SE215 is much more durable and visually appealing. You can try out both of them according to your needs. If you want a headphone to work for a long time, then you should go for the Shure SE215. But if you are thinking of buying a good quality headphone on a limited budget then the Mee M6 Pro is best for you.

The results are pretty obvious. Though Shure SE215 has some amazing features, the Mee M6’s value for the price can’t be neglected. That’s why the Mee M6 is better than the Shure SE215.

Final Thoughts:

Both headphones are great. It depends on the user’s preference. That’s why it doesn’t mean one is greater than the other. At the end of the day, headphones are our companions no matter which one it is. Sitting in a lonely night and looking at the sky with headphones put on is an otherworldly experience. An experience both of these headphones can give.

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