LyxPro HAS-30 Review

LyxPro HAS-30 is a great over-ear headphone. It is suitable for any kind of use. From professional music studio use to podcast recording to YouTube video making to your average music listening. It has a very simplistic appearance with a coil-designed 3.5mm detachable cable to avoid wire tangling.

The coil design allows the long cable to retain a small length, setting you free from the trouble caused by long cables. Speaking of cables, the LyxPro HAS-30 does not have any wireless feature. These are the only possible cons we can point out for the moment. Other cons include sound leakage.

Overall, the LyxPro HAS-30 is a great over-ear headphone and it gets the job done. You can easily complete a successful session at the studio without getting any ear-pain or head fatigue. The build quality is premium, so you would find it as a cheap headphone knowing the fact that it only costs around $50.

Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at the design, sound quality, and other aspects of the LyxPro HAS-30 headphone.

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Design and Quality

Despite being affordable, the LyxPro HAS-30 delivers great build quality. It is unbelievably premium for its value. You have the traditional headphone design. But with premium 1800 rotatable ear cuffs puts a lot of difference. Also, these cuffs are made of sound isolation-grade materials.

As it is made to isolate yourself from the environment, you will be completely lost in the music without getting distracted from noises in your surroundings. The sound isolation works both ways. It is not only letting noise in but also not letting the sounds you are hearing get out of the ear cuffs and disturb others nearby. In short, it is preventing sound leakage. The ear cuffs are replaceable so don’t worry about damaging them.

The headband is made out of stainless steel and covered with leather. They are also adjustable to fit the wearer. The headband is not that tight, not loose. It will give you a comfortable experience, making you forget that you have headphones on. The ear cuffs are attached with the headphone in such a way that you can easily fold them and store in the compact carrying case that comes with the headphone.

Now this headphone is not wireless. But don’t let that bother you. The cable that comes with it is a 3.5mm detachable wire. So you don’t need to worry about damaging the wire. You can replace them if they are damaged.

The cable that comes with the headphone has a coil design, stopping it from tangling. Initially, it is 4 feet long but when stretched, it can be up to 10 feet long. In addition to the cables, you will receive a ¼” screw-on adapter and a cable-carrying pouch in the box.

So overall speaking from a design perspective, the LyxPro HAS-30 did a 10 on 10 jobs. They look like traditional classy studio headphones. The cable is designed smartly and can be used in multiple scenarios. And the branding of Lyx is done on the center of both of the earcups.

Sound Quality

LyxPro HAS-30 Review

We all know that sound quality is what matters the most while judging headphones. Looks do not matter at all. Looks can be deceiving. So let us take a look at the sound quality of the LyxPro HAS-30.

The LyxPro HAS-30 has 50mm drivers in each ear section. These drivers are a great choice for stereo headphones and they can produce frequencies of 15Hz to 26 KHz. It is a good range of sound-producing. But two problems may or may not concern you. The first one is that these headphones do not produce much bass. It may help professionals to hear their recorded music with more clarity.

The other problem is noise leak. Though the company claims that the ear cuffs are totally noise canceling and it will block any kind of noise leak, it does have noise leaks. But we cannot blame them because it is just a $50 headphone. You cannot expect it to be perfect in every way. Even the expensive ones have flaws. So let’s just look over these flaws and go back to the topic of sound quality.

The 50mm drivers will make you enjoy soft music, podcasts, and videos. We would not recommend it for heavy music with bass because this headphone cannot produce much bass.

On the other hand, you can enjoy movies and games in a different level of experience with this because of its noise cancellation.

So overall, the LyxPro HAS-30 does a pretty good job in sound quality. But it fails to produce bass and block noise leak.


It is a bit tricky to talk about the performance of the LyxPro HAS-30. Design-wise, it gets a full 10 on 10. They are built with premium material and are comfortable to wear, even for long sessions.

Sound quality-wise, it is a pretty good quality headphone to let you enjoy all sorts of music and entertainment except heavy music. It also does a great job in noise-canceling but in other cases like anti-noise leaking, it performs poorly. Noise does come out and may disturb the ones surrounding you.

So will the LyxPro HAS-30 get a 10 on 10 or less, we leave that up to your judgment because each person has their criteria of judgment.

LyxPro HAS-30 Review


  • Simplistic design
  • 1800 rotatable and replaceable ear cuffs
  • Noise isolating materials
  • Adjustable leather-covered headband
  • Foldable design
  • 50mm drivers
  • Detachable 10 feet long 3.5mm cable
  • Headphone and cable carrying pouches


  • Complete noise cancellation
  • 12Hz to 26KHz sound frequency
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Replaceable parts
  • ¼” screw-on adapter
  • Affordable


  • Noise leaking
  • Inability to produce heavy bass


So this was our take on the LyxPro HAS-30. In our opinion, this headphone is delivering much more than similar headphones at the price of $50. But it does have some drawbacks. But they are not critical. However, everyone holds their right to judgment. But if you ask us, we would definitely recommend the LyxPro HAS-30.

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