Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

Torn out between the two choices – Is Bass Easier Than Guitar?? If you are having a hard time figuring if a bass is easier than a guitar or not, check out our article to find out!

Here come the age-old controversy and debate on whether playing the bass is easier than playing the guitar. They are two different instruments. Even though they share almost similar playing styles and looks, it might be difficult to pick a single one to be easier. Still, we have shared our take on it in this article. Read on to find out!

For beginners, learning the basics of how to play bass can be easier, mainly due to learning to play single notes in place of chords. Becoming a stellar bass player is also just as hard.

Only practice can make you excel at both instruments – that too for the same amount of time. To be a professional player in both instruments, you need to explore a lot. 

All in all, learning bass basics is easier than guitar basics.

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Bass and Guitar: Which One is Easier to Play?

It will be only a matter of hours and you would have already learned the basic chord progression in both of these instruments. Yes, they are this easy to play. 

When posed with a question of which instrument is easier to excel at than another, people seem to break out. What we would suggest is to play a single note and keep practicing. You will get the answer to your question easily. 

If we are asked to go for one, we would believe that grasping the basics is easier when it comes to bass. Instead of the chords, you will be getting to know how to play single notes here. It makes it way easier on your gentle hands. 

Even more, the bass has got only 4 strings. On the other hand, a guitar has 6 strings so you need to worry about the two extra strings. 

Having said this, we would like to add that only practice can help you determine which of the instruments is easier to play.

Some Common Differences between Guitar and Bass- Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

Before finding out the answer to your question “Is bass easier than guitar?”, we need to understand the basic differences between them. Despite the similarities, some main differences set these two apart. Let’s get right into them.

  • Pitch Range: – Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

    Although both guitar and bass have the same tuning style, the bass is usually pulled down an entire octave to achieve a slightly different pitch. 

  • Design: – Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

    Cast a glance at both of them. Same. Both have exactly the same exterior look. Bass generally boasts a longer neck, widening the space between the frets. Not to forget that bass is also heavier than a guitar. 

  • String Count: – Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

    Generally, a guitar comes with 6 strings and bass with 4. Yes, there are both guitars and strings with more number strings, but this is the norm. 

  • Playing technique:

    We know that this depends on the person and the genre that is being played on the instrument, but in general, the guitar is seen to be either played using a pick or fingerpicked.

On the contrary, the bass is more versatile. It can integrate more percussive methods like the slapping method. 

  • String gauge:

    Guitars tend to have much thinner and lighter strings than those on a bass. 

  • Note:

    Again, this is reliant on the band, player, or genre.

Work in a band: Both their roles vary in importance. Bass is said to be the foundation of an entire band. This refers to the fact that even if it is undoubtedly the most vital instrument in most cases, yet it has less freedom to be played around.

Why is Bass Easier than Guitar ? – Is Bass Easier Than Guitar

We will show you some ways on why bass is considered to be easier than guitar. Let’s get started!

 1.The bass notes are quite basic

When you learn an instrument, you definitely think of giving a shot to your favorite song, band song, or cover. Only one out of a million will straightly jump into drafting his/her own song. 

This is why bass is an easy go-to instrument for you. You will find songs that are played at various rhythms and rates.

 2.Finger plucking is way easier to adopt than strumming

Musicians often find finger plucking, the default method for playing bass, to be easier than playing a plectrum to strum their guitar. 

Fingerplucking involves the use of both index and middle fingers. It takes less timer to master this technique. 

The default method for guitars is plectrum that poses difficulty in playing is escalated by the up and down strokes.

 3.Learning chords is not mandatory

Even if you are a beginner, you will need to memorize chords while playing guitar, With bass, chords are present but very rarely. When they do occur, they are just a couple of notes evenly spaced out.

 4.Bigger gaps and larger frets between strings

Bid adieu to mistakes at least for a long time. On a guitar, the frets are narrow and the strings are placed closer. This would mean that your finger must land on a smaller space for every new note. This is easy for slow-paced strumming. As your pace of playing increases, the chances of you hitting the wrong note get higher. Bass has a larger area so mistakes are reduced. Also no more frustration!

 5.You do not have to be in the limelight

If you are a bassist, you do not have to be the center of attention. You can perform freely without glaring eyes on you. For guitarists, this is different  The keen eyes would be on them, making their performance daunting. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found the answer to your long-waited query: Is bass easier than guitar? With just the right amount of practice, you can easily master playing bass over guitar anyday. Not that learning guitar is a mountainous task. The passion for learning can drive you to excel in any instrument you love!


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