6 Instruments You Can Learn at Age 50

As days go by and your brain reluctantly acknowledges the fact that you are aging, a sense of lethargy starts to settle in. That lethargy doesn’t necessarily need to be associated with accomplishing everyday tasks, but can be cause a disinterest in a ton of other things. Have you been convincing yourself you can’t do a certain activity because “you’re too old for that?” We’ve all heard the phrase “Age is just a number” multiple times throughout our lives, but how many of us can actually retain that information and remember to never let the years become a barrier..

With age comes experience, so isn’t it contradictory when we come up with expressions like “teaching an old dog a new trick”? Although people learn better at a younger age, this doesn’t mean older adults don’t possess the power or opportunity to learn another skill.

In fact, older adults benefit from picking up more extracurricular and extras to keep the brain stimulated and active. So, this is the perfect time to start learning a new instrument.

In addition to that, the advantages of learning music include improved hand-eye coordination, memory retention, and fine motor skills – all essential skills you must keep developing no matter how old you are. Today, we will run down the 6 Instruments you can learn at age 50.

It’s never too late to find something new to entertain yourselves, especially if you harbor a deep love and appreciation for music.

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The Ukelele

The Ukelele
Photo By: Jack Taylor Stringer

The ukulele is definitely one of the, if not the easiest instrument to play. And it’s an added bonus that it’s so inexpensive in comparison to similar instruments. There are only four strings and you can play without a pick, so anyone can easily learn the simple chords and play some tunes in no time. The ukulele itself comes in a very compact, convenient size which is lightweight and portable by nature. For most people, it usually takes a few weeks to pick up the chords on the uke, so this is one of the instruments that’s easy and quick to learn. Consider the ukulele a stepping stone towards playing a more complicated instrument.

The Harmonica

6 Instruments You Can Learn at Age 50

Amongst the list of best instruments to learn at 50, the harmonica deserves an honorable mention. It’s incredibly lightweight and portable, more than the uke. Playing it requires a bit more efforts as you will have to get your breathing and breath support involved here. If the practitioner is lacking basic lung capacity, it could be difficult to master it. However, it’s hard to sound bad when playing the harmonica as anything played will usually be on key. The ideal choice for enthusiasts of blues, folk, or country music.

The Piano

The Piano
Photo By: Gjon Mili

Albeit seemingly difficult, the piano is a classical instrument that is pleasantly easy to learn. The basic principles are easy enough to grasp. All the keys are laid right in front of you, so once the player gets a hang of standard music theory, the path pretty much clears up. With that said, there is significant hand-eye coordination work that needs to be worked on for everyone, but you will find a variety of resources both online and offline to help develop those skills. This is one of the 6 instruments you can learn at age 50.

The Guitar

6 Instruments You Can Learn at Age 50
Photo By: David Redfern

The guitar, similar to the piano, is a widely known and used instrument for newbies, even though the chord progression here has a prominent learning curve. This is one of the instruments you can learn with just a few months of dedicated practice. You can master the chords and allow yourself more room to go advanced. The best part of the guitar has to be how you can strum out an entire on three chords because many popular songs use just those beat notes.

There are quite a few options for guitars available in the market right now – acoustic, electric, or even a bass guitar. You can practice on your own and be one of those talented self-taught guitarists. This lets you learn at a pace you are comfortable with, making the lessons easier.

The Recorder or Tin Whistle

6 Instruments You Can Learn at Age 50
Photo By: Susan Wood

A category of the wind instruments, the recorder is the affordable, beginner instrument to welcome you into this instruments’ world. If the tunes of a flute or clarinet sent shivers down your spine, this is the one for you. The recorder is one of the oldest musical instruments recorded in history, and it rose in popularity thanks to the fact that both a left-handed or right-handed person can play this comfortably. It sounds great on its own, or can be paired with an ensemble. Fit it in your bag and carry the recorder with you wherever you go.

The Tin Whistle bears resemblance to the recorder. You can pick up many beginner books to help you learn this particular instrument. And although it is more challenging to master the tin whistle, it’s still rewarding. Make sure your tin whistle is tuned to the D key. Keep in mind that proper breath support and a good “tonguing” technique will be required here.

The Drums or Bongos

Photo By: James Drake


Last but not the least, the drums or Bongos are amongst the best instruments to learn at 50. Sure, they aren’t as easy to learn as some instruments mentioned on this list, but these percussion additions are a fan favorite. The Bongos are super popularity given their portability. Any of these instruments allow you to showcase yourself through beats, rhythms, and learning timing. We suggest you learn under an experience player to master percussion instruments since they are harder to learn by self. 

Bottom Line

Your age can’t always dictate what you can and can’t do, especially when it’s regarding music. Any instrument can be the best instrument to learn at 50 if you’re willing to dedicate time and passion. Finally, this is the sign you were looking for – decide which instrument will be your new hobby.

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