How to Set Up a Drum Set?

When seeing the drum kit equipment for the first time, you might be a little confused or scared about how complicated they make look. It is only expected that you struggle a bit in setting it up if you have no proper guide about where to begin and what steps to follow.

When you have the drum set, you might feel impatient to start playing and are likely to make a mistake in putting the main components of the drum together in the rush.

In order make the process of setting up your drum set easier, and to make you aware of the rights and the wrongs in the journey, we have made a summary of the steps you need to undertake. But before starting to go through the guide, it is important to be aware of the arrangements possible with the drum.

You must first think well about how to arrange the drums based on how many pieces the kit includes. When it comes to beginner’s drum kit, it mostly comes with a 4-piece or sometimes, a 5-piece, setup for the drum. As you get more advanced in the journey as a drummer, you can add more components to your drumming kit, as per your need or skill.

Let us take a look at the main steps to follow in setting your drum set up.

  • Step 1: You must identify the 3 most important components of the drumming kit:

If you have a beginner’s drum set, it is most likely to constitute of drums, hardware and cymbals. You should acquaint yourself well with these components before moving forward.

Drum sets usually come with the kick drum, the snare drum as well as toms. The hardware will mostly include the drum pedal (bass), the hi-hat, the throne and finally, the cymbal stands. Cymbals can again be of different kinds- the crash, the ride and eventually, the hi-hats.

  • Step 2: In this stage, you should be putting your bass drum together:

How To Set Up a Drum Set

The bass or kick drum needs to be positioned in such a manner that it is at the middle (center point) of your drumming kit. Bass drums are usually equipped with legs that can be further adjusted.

Hence, you can easily position it to the floor as such that it is stationary when you are playing. It is very important to set the legs in a way that it balances the two sides.

  • Step 3: Make sure you have properly adjusted the bass drum pedal:

How To Set Up a Drum Set

The bass pedal is of utter importance when it comes to setting up the drum set for the first time. This pedal is attached to the drum’s hoop. When you step on it, the beater needs to strike the drum’s head in the center of the drum and then return back to the initial position.

If this requires too much effort from your legs, you have to realize that there is a call for adjustment. Same goes for situations when the pedal does not bounce back from the head. Either too tight or too loose pedal will affect your playing. Hence, the knob or the screw of the pedal needs to be well-adjusted.

  • Step 4: This is when you have to position the snare drum:

How To Set Up a Drum Set

While arranging the drum kit, you have to pay attention to the height of the snare drum and adjust it in the perfect manner. This should not be more than a few inches above your leg height. Why so?

Such a height allows you to conveniently hit the drum using any of the hands without risking hitting the drum’s rim. You will often realize that most drummers prefer to set up the snare drums flat, although, traditionally, they are seen to tilt downwards.

  • Step 5: This is when you should set up the toms:

How To Set Up a Drum Set

Toms are of two kinds- the floor toms and the mounted ones. The former needs to be put at the same height as that of the snare drum. The latter however needs to be put a little angle facing you.

You are free to make changes to this arrangement as per your convenience during the drumming. You just need to try to keep the toms at a few inches from one another and at the same angles.

  • Step 6: Put down the drum throne:

How To Set Up a Drum Set

This is the place where you get seated during playing. Hence, for convenience purposes, you must ensure that you place this throne in such a position that all the different components of the drum set are well within your reach.

This will ensure that you do not have to put up too much effort during the drumming sessions and you can avoid getting injured anyway.

  • Step 7: Setting up the hi-hat and cymbals:

How To Set Up a Drum Set

While seated, your hi-hat must be placed on the left side of the snare drums. You have to attach the hi-hat cymbals to the stand’s rod with the help of a clutch.

This will keep the top cymbal safely positioned to the rod, giving you the flexibility to open and close the hi-hats accordingly. The hi-hat cymbals should be placed a little higher than the height of the snare in order to facilitate the hitting of the drums.

Usually drummers make use of two crash cymbals (sometimes one) and one ride cymbal, which has to be placed in the right side of the throne, just on top of the floor tom. Crash cymbals go on the left side of the drumming kit, in between the snare drum and the mounted tom.

Final Remarks

You are now well-equipped with the knowledge of the correct setup of your drumming kit. Follow the aforementioned steps in the given order to avoid messing up the process, and try not to rush through it. You want to be at peace, and free from worries of the rods getting stuck midway while you are drumming. So, be patient!

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