How to Remove Voice from a Song?

You may have considered the option of removing voice from a song in several occasions. Sometimes it is the best thing to do in order to fix the song, sometimes it is the call you have to make for the sake of censoring. Are you struggling to remove voice from an existing song? Here’s our article on How to Remove Voice from a Song for your help.

You can also attempt to do so in order to make a karaoke or an instrumental track. Sometimes, removing these voices from the song is not easy. They can surely be done using several online sites, but the music remaining after the removal will not always be the best version or up to the mark that you will expect it to be.

You need a proper set of guidelines to be able to perfectly remove voice from tracks. In this case, you will require a paid or a free audio editor. There are several methods that you can follow to achieve this.

We will be giving you a complete overview of how you might be able to do these using distinguished techniques like audio, phase, or voice cancelling methods, or even through the configuration of the equalizer. Sometimes, making use of professional quality tools can also produce the desired results.

Let us take a look at these different options.

1. Moises (Compatible with Android and iOS. Web-version also available)

This is a renowned web-application, which is also available in its mobile version, compatible with both Android and iOS. It does the job well in removing the voices from several different songs with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It comes in both free and paid versions.

However, as you may expect, the free application comes with some limitations in terms of the number of times you can make use of it every month. The premium version is available at $3.99 per month or $40 per year.

Using advanced machine learning methods, the app is able to divide the song into two, four or even five different tracks and you can choose where and how you want to remove the vocal from.

Moises makes use of open-source, MIT-licensed tool called the Spleeter, in order to retrieve information in your audio file. This tool is also used in the next two options we will discuss in this guide, given its advanced performance.

2. (Web-based Application)

Thought primarily a web-based application, this is also available in mobile versions just as Moises. It also makes use of the machine learning technology to split a song into different tracks.

However, there is option for only a 2 or a 5 track model. You can use this application for no cost at all unless you need to get an extension for the browser. It is generally priced at $29. Why would you want to spend on that? Well, it is pretty relevant when it comes to YouTube videos.

3. Acon Digital’s Acoustica (Compatible with both macOS and Windows)

This one is another paid application, available for both Mac and Windows operating systems. You can subscribe to the standard version for only $19.90, while the premium edition will cost you around $199.90. You can get either version with a 30-day free trial opportunity.

The latest version of the app also includes a novel Remix tool on both the versions. Furthermore, it also makes use of the machine learning technology to split a song into 5 different tracks.

Not to forget, the new Remix tool will allow you to eliminate the voices from instruments like drums, piano, bass etc. Even when you upload a mix version, separating the song to several tracks, to remove the vocals will not be difficult to achieve.

4. Audacity (Compatible with Linux, mac and Windows Operating Systems)

This is a quite popular program compatible with all the 3 major operating systems in computers. It is mostly renowned for its convenient approach to reducing (if not entirely getting rid of) vocals on a digital track or file of song. There are several ways to do so in this specific program.

To start with, you can utilize the tool called ‘Invert’ in order to cancel out most of the voices from the MP3 file or another digital track file. You may split the audio into two, invert half of it, and switch to mono output for the audio.

Furthermore, the newest version of Audacity allows you to access a feature called the ‘Vocal Removal and Isolation’ effect. This is quite an upgrade because it is way easier to implement and conducts the inversion method even better.

While this should not be the perfect method to remove vocals from your songs, it can surely be a good alternative to the aforementioned, better programs.

5. Apple GarageBand (Compatible with iOS and MacOS)

As the name might have already revealed, this one is compatible with only Apple products and Mac operating system. However, it is unable to cancel audio from the songs completely.

However, it does a pretty good job at decreasing the sound of vocals from a given song. Why we recommend it is due to its simplistic operation. All you will need to do is add the AUGraphicEQ plug-in to the song and lower the frequencies from the mid-point to the graphic equalizer.

This is because, these are the points where you hear the vocals the strongest. While this should not be your first choice in removing voices completely, it can surely be a good option to try.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the different methods or techniques, as well as the different tools available in both web and mobile versions, in our article named How to Remove Voice from a Song, you can design your own karaoke or instrumental track.

The ones mentioned first in the list are better than the ones that come below. You can try all of them to find your best fit, or commit to the one you are convinced most about.

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