How to play the drums fast

Are you learning how to drum? You probably look up to professional drummers who have perfected their skills. Gaining speed in drumming takes time.

If you want to start playing drums fast, you should try out certain strategies that can make you faster at speed. Some of them include assessing your status, determining your ideal speed, using a metronome, warming up, using heavier sticks and a practice pad. Here is more!

Start by assessing your current status

For you to boost your speed in drumming, you should first assess what you can currently do. If you have just started drumming, you should not only focus on the speed by also delivering quality sound since this is what will determine if the audience feels the music.

Learning how to drum fast takes a lot of skill and patience. Instead of rushing into it, try to identify your strong points and figure out if you prefer certain rhythms to others. Find out where you would like to develop your speed. It could beat or a rudiment.

Come up with a goal

When you have assessed your status, you should come up with a goal that you are looking forward to achieving. Setting goals as you practice drumming keeps you focused. If, for instance, you are teaching yourself how to drum a new song, you can determine the tempo and keep on adding beats per minute so that you can find a goal speed.

Do a lot of practice

They say that practice makes perfect. The more you practice how to drum, the faster you can get with time. Choose a rhythm that you like and play it over and over at your fastest speed. Doing this can help you learn how to drum faster while still remaining in control. It can also prevent you from straining. When drumming fast, you should not feel tense but rather relaxed. Avoid tightening body muscles during fast drumming since this can make your body strain.

Increasing speed should be a continuous process that can take a few months. You can even try tracking progress over time as you continue practicing. Lots of practice in drumming enhances endurance and gives you better muscle memory. Feel free to practice drumming as you sit in front of a mirror. This can help you notice any weaknesses with your drumming technique. Work on resolving these issues so that you can boost your drumming speed.


Though some drummers overlook this step, warming up is crucial. Since drumming is physical, you should take the first few minutes to warm the body, hands, and wrists. Do this before you begin laying down beats. You can even stretch your arms once you sit next to your drum set to loosen up. Start by playing some simple rhythms so that you can prepare your mind and help your wrists find the right spot.

Consider using a practice pad

Have you invested in soundproofing elements for your drumming room? You should also consider using a practice pad when you start drumming. This can help you increase your drumming speed since the pad can help you focus more on each drum stroke.

Use a metronome

This is also a crucial piece that every drummer should have since it can boost your timing during drumming. When you use a metronome, you may notice significant differences in your rhythm after a few weeks. Some drummers who take part in live performances also rely on this piece. You can even use it while recording.

A metronome allows you to practice rudiments at both low and high speeds, enhancing your timing and control. You can utilize the metronome app available on your phone or laptop. Begin by selecting a slow BPM on the metronome, then do some simple rhythms like double or single strokes. As you continue increasing the BPM, the metronome allows you to assess your speed.

Get heavier sticks

If you are used to drumming using light drumsticks, you should try out heavier ones since they can help you boost your skills. Such drumsticks allow you to do quick rhythms so that you will not feel restrained when you go back to using lighter ones. They help you challenge yourself more so that with time you can drum faster.

Attend a college

If you don’t have enough time to teach yourself how to drum, you should consider attending a music college. This can give you access to well-equipped recording studios that can help you boost your skills in drumming. It also exposes you to experts who can help you enhance your drumming techniques. You can even enroll in an online program if you have a tight schedule. Taking such initiatives can make you a better drummer after a few months.

A summary of how to play drums fast

Find out what you can do.
Learn your strong points and choose a rhythm
Set goals
Identifying your ideal speed keeps you focused and determined to achieve it.
Doing this helps you work on your weak points and leads to increased speed.
This prepares your mind and body for the physical activity.
Use a metronome
It can help you boost your timing.
Attend a music college
The college can expose you to well-equipped studios and experts.


Drumming is a skill that takes some time to learn. As long as you are determined, you can boost your skills over a couple of months. Start slow and continue pushing your boundaries over time for you to improve your speed naturally. All the best!


Can I play drums without reading music?

Yes. Though this is possible, reading music first is more advantageous since it helps you understand music more and can help you grow.

Why do some drummers prefer playing on a pillow?

Doing this forces one to work harder for every stroke since pillows do not offer rebound. Drumming on a pillow can help your hands develop better muscles for playing such musical instruments.

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