How to find Band Members?

Setting up your own band can be both exciting as well as challenging. As fun as it is to play with other musicians, it is not easy to collaborate with just anyone. You can refine your skills as a musician when around the right people in your band. Have you recently been struggling to find members for your band? Here’s our article on How to find Band Members to help you.

Nevertheless, finding the right members for this purpose is indeed a daunting task. Sometimes you may feel like you do not know enough people to ask them to be part of your band and other times, you may feel no one would be interested to join you because you are not sufficient.

Do not get your spirit down. There are always people like you, who love the idea of a band and are looking to form a band or to be part of one. And these people belong to different levels, and will try to collaborate with people like you.

You will have to make the extra step of finding these people. That is where we enter the picture with our guide to finding the members for your band.

You can start trying out the ideas described below to find the right musicians for yourself.

1. Advertise in the nearby music store in your locality: This can work wonders. You need to let people know that you are looking for members and wanting to form a band. You can put up an advertisement, a notice or an online post to depict this.

When doing it offline, choose music stores nearby where you can expect people like you, or music aficionados, to visit regularly. In this notice, be clear about your search- who are you looking for? Do you need a drummer, guitarist or vocal in specific? Include the genres that you usually like to jam. It can work wonders.

2. Take a trip to the local rehearsal rooms: The notices or advertisements we talked about in the previous point are enormously displayed in the local rehearsal rooms. The walls will either showcase bands who are looking for members or members who want to become part of the band.

You can find a wide range of options in there- a diverse range of artists from different preference of genres. If you are looking to collaborate with a band, this might be just the right place for you.

You may also choose to contact the nearby recording studios and let them know about your search so they can recommend any member they are aware of.

3. Online Promotions and Forums: This is one of the most popular means of forming a band today. If you take a trip to the websites like Craigslist, you are likely to find other band members or get many interested people to get in touch with you.

You will also have a way to filter out the interested applicants by looking at their preferences, choices, and expertise and future mottos. Of course you will not want to waste your time and energy on underqualified candidates.

Forums like ‘Find a band’ in Reddit can also be useful in the process of finding new people or meetings ones who are in search of a band to join. When you get involved in the conversation threads, you can get closer to your search as well.

4. Social Media Promotions: Social media is another big medium in the world of today via which you can spread your message, your thoughts, your search notice etc. You can also connect to many interested musicians through the top social media channels.

Twitter is one of the most recommended platforms. You can also think of putting your music on applications like SoundCloud, asks your friend to share it with the others in their network and get involved with a wider crowd.

You can legally develop a good following and that can help provide more integrity to your stand in the music industry, motivating more serious musicians to be encouraged to work with you or to join your band.

You may also simply decide to put up a notice or post on Facebook or join relevant music related groups on Facebook, where you are likely to find more like-minded musicians. You can also start following as well as using popular hashtags to highlight your search and to reach the people who are most relevant to who you are looking for.

There are also several websites dedicated for this purpose- often called the musician finders. They are usually designed in order to allow solo musicians connect to bands who are open to hiring or recruiting new members for the band.

Some names to mention in this regard are the MusoFinder, Jamifind and Bandfinder. Usually you will not have to pay any fee to use these sites, and will simply need to make a profile, after which you may begin looking for musicians nearby.

5. Website of your own: If you already have a website of your own, you can also try advertising there. You can even think about making one if you do not have one yet. You do not have to go aboard in trying to make it super fancy.

You just need to put up your music in there, add the details about yourself in the ‘About Me’ part of the sire and put up relevant information about your musical legitimacy and some testimonies of your past involvements in the industry.

You may also record a demo and put it up in the site to grab attention. This site address can then be share din your SoundCloud or social media profiles.

Final Words

You are now well-aware of the different ways in which you can embark on your journey of finding members for your band. Try out the aforementioned techniques and channels, giving your best shot at each, and keep your eyes open for open mic nights around you where you might find your person.

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