How to Dampen Bass Coming Through a Wall?

If you have been experiencing sleepless night due to the extensive noise from your neighbors, you must be looking for options to reduce this noise. If this noise is coming from a bass system in the homes of your neighbors, it can be highly irritating. If the bass is noisy, you are likely to not have enough control on your concentration at home. Sometimes you have to tolerate your neighbors playing loud music all night, sometimes all on their own and sometimes while hosting gatherings. At such times, it might be useful to use our techniques to reduce such bass noise. Read this article to know how to dampen bass coming through a wall.

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Why Bass Sounds Coming through Walls is So Irritating?

Bass sounds can influence your peace highly. Sometimes, it is not the volume which is annoying. It is the effect of the music through the bass that causes the vibrations which can penetrate and travel through the solid bodies.

Even deaf people will be affected by loud bass. Hence, it is a big challenge to successfully tune down bass. You cannot just soundproof the bass. However, strong soundproofing techniques can sometimes help to bring down the effect of the bass.

Cooperation between Neighbors

Of course it is not always within the budget to opt for soundproofing materials to reduce bass. It will cost you, sometimes, a fortune and even a lot of time. Hence, if it is coming from your neighbors, the easiest option can be simply communicating your problem to them. You may also advise them to consult a technician to see how the bass can be reduced from their end. 

If they are cooperative, they will work towards it. It might not work easily, but if you are lucky, they may end up choosing to stop playing loud bass at certain times of the day or even put up soundproofing materials in their walls to avoid disturbing you.

Soundproofing Curtains or Blankets on Doors and Windows

This is indeed the best and most effective method to reduce noise coming from outside. However, it is not only doors and windows that you can cover using soundproofing curtains or blankets.

Some people also attempt to cover the walls with these materials. You have to focus on sealing all the gaps of air in the wall and block any of the noise that might come from the outside. 

Soundproofing curtains as well as the blankets are made up of quite dense materials. They will not allow any sort of bass sound to disturb you in the room. 

Soundproofing Door Spaces with Dampening Seal for the Door

This is a pretty affordable, yet extremely useful method for reducing bass noise that can penetrate walls and enter through your door from the outer world. You are able to purchase this seal from Amazon and put it up on the door on your own. 

You have to first measure the dimensions of your bathroom door. Then you can make use of a handsaw to cut the weather-stripping tapes according to the right sizes. You can then place these strips to seal the door.

You can also cover the gaps from the interior if you are too worried about how bad your door may look when covered with this sealing tape from the outside. 

Draft Stopper Installation under the Foot of the Door

When you allow your door to open and close easily, there is a good amount of gap exposed between the door and the floor. This gap ends up allowing the sound from the bass noise to enter and create unwanted disturbance in the room. The size of the gap is directly proportional to the amount of sound entering through the door. 

A door draft stopper will be the solution to this problem. When you buy one from Amazon and install it under the door, it will easily adjust with the carpet or the different kinds of flooring you may have.

There will be no mark or scratches either on the top of the floor surface. These stoppers are also known as door sweeps and are pretty affordable options to reduce bass entering through the walls.

Acoustic Foam for the Walls

This option is specifically for the walls. The acoustic foams are usually made for specifically music rooms. These foams are responsible to absorb the maximum amount of bass vibrations that can penetrate the wall or those that bounce off the wall. They will also enable softening any kind of sound throughout the house and helps to boost up the home acoustics.

Soundproofing the Ceiling and the Floor

The greatest problem of a loud bass is the strong vibration it produces and hence, to prevent your entire house from vibrating due to bass coming through the walls, soundproofing the floor and the ceiling is imperative.

You can do this by putting up some sound absorption materials on the surfaces. This can be done by putting down heavy rugs on the floor. Thick mats will suffice in this regard. Furthermore, the thicker the carpet, the better will be the protection.

Bass Traps

These are devices which can collect all the noise that is passing through the walls and hence, help to dampen the bass that passes through the wall. They will successfully be able to trap the low-frequency bass produced by the neighbors or from outside. 

Concluding Remarks

Now you are well aware of the different solutions as well as the different types of techniques you can resort to in order to dampen the bass coming through the wall.

While some are more expensive than the other, your preference should go for the one which can meet the requirements you have and the level of bass you are tolerating. You will know best which method will work in your case and which will be most relevant to your situation. 

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