How to Add a Drum Kit to FL Studio

FL Studio is a digital audio workshop. With the use of a pattern-based audio sequencer, they feature a graphical user interface. Once you buy this product, you will receive all future updates for free.

If you are a music producer, then this is the perfect software for you. Even if you are just starting out as one or simply making music as a hobby, you should still try this software. Over time, you will feel the need to expand your arsenal. As music producer, having a wide range of music in your knowledge will always come in handy.

In FL Studio, you can add all different types of sounds and beats. Now, if you want to try something new like Drums, then you are going to need some drum kits first. If you already have some drum kits, then you can skip the next point. But we would still suggest you to go through with it. Because you can always find some newly uploaded fire beats somewhere.

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Downloading Drum Kits

If you are new to the music world, then you probably don’t know where to find some good drum kits. It’s okay though. We’ve got you covered on that part.

Sound Packs

It has a wide range of drum kits. They mostly sell their kits in packs. In every kit, there are around 20-30 packs. One of their iconic kits is the Live Percussion Samples Pack. It comes with 1239 samples. This is perfect for someone who already has some experience in this field.

Sound Majorz

It has some kits on their website. The best part about them is that they have some free kits that are said to be quite good. Unlike other websites, you can easily find their free kits. You can try out a free series kit called Appreciation Kit.

Freed Rum Kits

They provide a wide range of cool beats alongside drums. If you are a beginner you can start with that website. It is said to be a site for beginners.

All three of these websites are quite good and professional. If you find hard enough you will find good free kits as well. The owners don’t mind distributing for free. But if you plan on publishing your work you might have to ask for their permission first.

How to Add Your Kits

After you have completed downloading the files, the first thing that you need to do is unzip the files. They will most likely be zipped with WinRAR. If you have WinRAR then you just right-click on the file and options will pop up. From there, click on the ‘Extract Here’ option, and your files will be extracted right there.

If you don’t have WinRAR on your computer then go to Google and search for it. You will find many websites giving it away for free. Download and install the software. Once you have installed it you will be able to extract your drum kits at ease.

Now follow through with the given instructions:

  • Once you are done extracting the file, open your FL Studio software.
  •  Look for ‘Options’ at the top right corner of your screen. 
  • From there go to ‘File Settings’. 
  • You will see that an external window has popped up for ‘File Settings’. There you will see all the audio clips that you add to your FL Studio. 
  • Notice all the lines have folder icons with them. Click on the folder icon of one of the empty lines. It will let you add new kits and pop up another window. 
  • Now browse through your folders and select the drum kit that you want to add to your list. 
  • After you have selected you will have to press okay. 
  • You will have to restart your software before you can use the new drum kit. So, restart the software.
  • Boom! You have your desired drum kit on your list now. 

Now you can browse through your existing and new drum kits. You will be able to produce a wider variant of beats and music with some new drum kits.

Since you will most likely be using ready-made music, the sounds will most likely be processed so you won’t have to worry about it much. Unless you make your own music, then you will have to fix the EQ’ing and reverb by yourself.

An Alternate Interface

How to add a drum kit to FL studio

You can use a VST instrument as an alternate interface to play drums. VST plug-ins like the free classic 808 electronic kit can be downloaded online from many different sources just like this one:

This is the link for VST 808 Drum kit Drumatic 3. It is a virtual analog drum synthesizer. It gives an edge with its flexibility and variation. Also, all of the sounds on this are completely synthetic.

You can fit every single drum sound to suit your taste by manipulating them at every step. You can find the kick and the rush that you look for when playing a real drum. Some of its features are given below:

  • All parameters can be programmed to be automatic
  • Amplitude and modulation can be seen enveloping virtually
  • There are 6 stereo outputs and each one of them can be assigned just for a single sound
  • Saving or loading presets for single or more sounds
  • It has a very simple but effective section for distorted sounds and sounds with filters

Once you have downloaded the file, create a folder under the name Drumatic3 and unzip everything there. The ‘.dll’ files and the presets need to be located in order for them to work.

Keep in mind that VST plugins usually have their own instructions. So, you should always check out the help file first.


The FL Studio can be used for a wide range of music other than drums. Drums can only just be the beginning for you. This software is for professionals. If you are serious about making and producing music you can do that by just using this one. The fact that once you buy it, all future updates are free of cost makes it very convenient.

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