How much does a drum kit cost?

Have you been considering drumming? This is a productive activity that can keep you engage, especially during your free time. Owning your own drum kit gives you the chance to practice from the comfort of your home.

During shopping, you have to focus on the cost of a drum kit. Drum kits have different prices depending on certain factors. The price of drum kits ranges from $ 300 and $ 10,000. Doing a lot of research can help you find a drum kit that is within your budget. Here is more!

What determines the cost of a drum kit?

As you start shopping for the right drum kit, you should first understand why the price range of these kits differs. Some of the factors that impact the cost of a drum kit are discussed as follows.

Level of play

The market offers drum kits that are geared towards drummers with different levels of experience. This means that an entry-level drum kit may not cost the same as a drum kit meant for professional drummers. If, for instance, you want a drum kit for a child who wants to learn how to drum, you can get one at around $ 300. The cost of junior drum kits includes not only the drums but also stock cymbals as well as stands. Traditional junior kits come in four or three pieces.

Most of the junior drum kits lack other useful features, such as drum thrones. This is important since it is where you sit when drumming. If you get a junior drum kit that does not include a drum throne, you should set an extra $ 30 for this feature. Though such a set may not produce a rich sound as more expensive junior drum sets, they are great for kids who want to practice drumming from home. As you choose a junior drum kit for your home, you should also have a separate budget for silencing pads. This will cost you an extra $ 50.

Adults that are learning how to drum for the first time can use a practice pad. This can give you the same effect as a real drum. Most practice pads are made using durable materials and are easy to transport. This is a good alternative to a real drum since it is compact and less noisy.

If you have been playing for some time and want your own kit, you should look for an intermediate drum kit. Such kits come with six or five pieces. Since most intermediate drum kits only include the shell pack, you should consider purchasing cymbals separately. Most intermediate drum kits cost between $ 700 and $ 1500. Once you have perfected your skills in drumming and are ready to join a band, you can get a professional drum kit.

These differ from intermediate kits in that they come with better components and are solidly constructed with better wood. They provide room for more playing styles and are easy to move since they come in compact sizes. Professional drum kits have a price range of $ 3000 and $ 10000. The cost of such drum kits differs based on the components included in different models.

When you start shopping for a professional drum kit, you can buy the shell pack alone then find the right cymbals to add to your collection. Though this leads to more expenses, looking for quality cymbals can help you enjoy the sound of your kit.

  • The components included

Each drum kit has particular components. The difference in pieces sometimes leads to varying costs in drum sets. When choosing a drum kit, you should focus on the specific components it comes with and how it is constructed. The type of wood used to make a drum set can determine how it sounds.

The types of shells and heads used to make a drum set also matter. If, for instance, you want to choose a drum set that you can use in a studio, you should get one made using birch shells. Such drum sets sound amazing, but they come at a high cost. If you need a drum kit that you can use for gigs, you can get a mahogany kit, which is much more affordable. Apart from birch and mahogany, some of the woods that are utilized in the making of shells include maple, poplar, and oak yields.

As you think of how much to spend on a drum kit, you should also focus on the drum heads. If, for instance, you play jazz, you should choose single ply drum heads. A kick drum head costs up to $ 70, while heads for tom toms may cost up to $ 90. If your drum set does not come with sticks, you should buy them separately. This will cost you between $ 10 and $ 30. If you choose to upgrade or add extra components, you should expect the price to go up.

A summary of the cost of drum kits

Level of play
Beginner drum kits
$ 300
Intermediate drum kits
$ 700- $ 1500
Professional drum kits
$ 3000- $ 10000
Other accessories
Drum throne
$ 30
Kick drum heads
$ 70
Silencing pads
$ 50
Drum sticks
$ 10- $30


Drum sets come in different shapes, materials, and prices. Whether you have a high or low budget, you can easily find an ideal drum kit. Drum kits cost between $ 300 and $ 10000. Start by assessing the level of experience you have in drumming so that you can choose the right one. Also, look for a drum set that comes with quality components and have some extra cash for a few accessories.


Why are some drum kits costly?

This depends on certain factors like the quality and finishes applied.

Can I learn how to drum on my own?

Yes. Drumming is an easy to learn skill that only needs practice. Within a few weeks, you can learn the basics and keep on getting better at it with time.

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