How much do drumsticks cost?

A drum kit is not complete without the right drumsticks. This is an essential tool that can impact how well you play drums.

Once you start searching for the right drumsticks for your set, you have to think about the price. Since drumsticks come from different manufacturers, the cost of this tool varies. Most drumsticks have a price that ranges between $ 7.99 and $ 45. Find out more!

Choosing the right drumsticks

Every drummer should focus on finding the right drumsticks. Various factors often lead to the difference in the price of drumsticks. Understanding everything about them is essential before you purchase drumsticks for your kit. We will cover the basics to help you find the right drumsticks.


Drumsticks that have various sizes come at different prices. Letters and numbers are used to identify the sizes of different drumsticks. For instance, 7A drumsticks are mostly used to play Jazz since they are thin. If you want drumsticks that are thin but longer than 7A, you can check out 8A drumsticks. Beginners can either choose 5A drumsticks, which is the standard size, or 2B. 2B drumsticks are considered the thickest are great for practice. You can also use such drumsticks when you want to play rock. If you want thicker and longer drumsticks than the standard size, you should focus on 3A.


The material used to make drumsticks has an impact on the cost of these tools. Most drumsticks are made using plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, or wood. Choosing drumsticks made from aluminum or carbon fiber can help you enjoy using them for long since these materials are quite durable. Though such materials are designed to last for long, they can harm cymbals, the drum set, or even your arms.

Drumsticks made from carbon fiber and aluminum are more expensive compared to those made from wood. For instance, the most popular carbon fiber drumsticks have a price ranging between $ 30 and $ 45. The added strength in aluminum drumsticks minimizes the need to keep on replacing a pair after some time. If you require such drumsticks, you should consider getting them from a popular brand such as Ahead. Though this manufacturer makes the most expensive drumsticks, it is known for its impressive quality.

If you want cheaper drumsticks, you can choose those made using wood. Different wood types are used to make drumsticks and have differing effects. For instance, drumsticks made using oak are dense and can withstand heavy-hitting, while those made from maple are flexible and light. Some drumsticks are also made using hickory, which is a wood material that offers a balance between strength and weight. Such drumsticks often come at almost half the cost of premium drumsticks. Getting a few pairs of budget-friendly drumsticks is important since they can act as backups in case some of them break when you are on a gig.


Apart from the material and size of drumsticks, you should also understand the different tips these musical tools come with before investing in them. Knowing this can prevent you from spending money on the wrong drumsticks. This is because the material and shape of the tips determine the type of sound the drumsticks can produce. For instance, drumsticks that feature a round bead produce a more defined and focused sound than those with an arrow bead. You should choose drumsticks that have round tips when you are looking for a dynamic punch. Such drumsticks perform well on cymbals and give them more clarity.

If you want drumsticks that can deliver high volume, you should look for the ones that feature barrel tips. These have a broad tone. Drummers in search of a versatile tone should settle for drumsticks that come with pointed tips. During shopping, you may also come across drumsticks that feature teardrop tips. These can deliver a broad tone and a dynamic sound based on how you hold them.

The beads of drumsticks can either be made from nylon or wood. If you want drumsticks that offer long-lasting beads, you should choose the ones made from wood. Though these can offer a wide range of sounds, some drummers dislike how they sound. Drumsticks that come with nylon beads, on the hand, deliver bright sounds when used on cymbals. Wooden beads are more versatile than nylon beads since they can be used in all music genres.

Should you buy drumsticks in bulk?

Most drumming enthusiasts try to save on cash by buying drumsticks in bulk. This option has its advantages and drawbacks that you should understand. Buying in bulk can save you money since you can pay $ 1.40 for a pair of drumsticks. The problem with buying drumsticks in bulk is that you may not get the best quality. Though off-brands offer cheaper costs to customers who buy drumsticks in bulk, they don’t test the sticks thoroughly. Drumsticks bought in bulk are only good for practice and may not be ideal for touring or gigging.

Here are some of the popular drumsticks you should check out

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Promark Junior
Vic Firth Nova
Ahead Classic 2B
Nylon/ Aluminum
Meinl stick 5A


Picking the right drumsticks can help you enjoy your drumming sessions. You can either choose cheap drumsticks that go for less than $ 10 or expensive ones that cost more than $ 40. As you think of how much you are willing to spend on drumsticks, you have to pay attention to crucial factors such as the size you need, tips, and the right materials. Take your time to compare different models for you to find one that is within your budget.


How long can I use drumsticks before they start breaking?

This depends on the material they are made of. Most drumsticks can last for two months without breaking.

Should I choose heavy or light drumsticks?

If you want drumsticks that you can handle with ease, go for light ones. Heavier drumsticks, however, offer more volume and last longer than lighter ones.

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