How Much Do Cymbals Cost

Individual cymbals retail at a price range of either $500 or $600, while the fairly priced but good quality cymbals go for between $250 and $300.

Nowadays getting the right cymbals for your drum set is more like searching for a needle in a haystack, the reviews and comments on the different types of cymbals can throw anyone off balance. If you are either a rookie or a seasoned cymbal player, looking to purchase or upgrade your cymbal set, you need to direct your energy where you want to see the most change, in which case it would be to the crash.

Cymbals are designed to sound different and it is the release of the rather unique sound in your drumming set from the different cymbals that make the drumming entertaining. In essence, therefore, don’t let the online reviews confuse you, half of the people demonizing the cymbals are more than happy to spend other people’s money but don’t own a single cymbal.

And back to reality is that most of the high-end cymbal models do produce distinguished sounds, thus sound way better than the cheap models. Cymbals are also available in categories; we have the training and the professional cymbals, each of which retails at different price points.

Getting the Right Cymbals for Your Drum Set

When getting a cymbal set, a good number of people use price as the primary determinant of the type of cymbals that they get. And which we dare say that price is a double-edged sword, why you may wonder. Well, entrepreneurs know that consumers use price to judge on the quality of a product, so a highly-priced cymbal is automatically considered to be of the best quality.

But is that really true, well the current economy is ailing and a good number of individuals are barely able to make ends meet. So in the desperate attempt to keep money coming in, they slap a high price tag on poor quality cymbal and our gullible self wouldn’t think twice of quality, leave alone reading the reviews, ours is to press order or purchase right away.

If you are a rookie making your way into the world of drumming then you will want to get the entry-level cymbals that are normally made of brass, and which are low priced. The brass cymbals are the perfect starter unit, up until you are ready for the next upgrade. Once you have moved to the professional status, you will find the high-end cymbals made of bronze designed to offer the best sound qualities for a live performance.

Type of cymbals to purchase first

Cymbals come in sets and it is perfectly fine to get a whole set, which in the long run allows you to play your favorite sounds without bloating your budget. But if you wish to settle with the individual’s sets, then you should first get a ride, and a pair of crashes; one is also okay, and a set of hi-hats. So why the above selection, well because we know you are not going to play one style of music, as you might initially think. The above combination will, therefore, allow you to play any style of music, as you sharpen your drumming skills for the long term.

And for as much as the price of the cymbals is the primary determinant of their quality, it wouldn’t hurt to consider, the brand. Good trusted brands will have you put your hand a little deeper into the pocket, and you can also keep your eye out for the clearance specials and you never know, you might get lucky and land on a good set of cymbals that retail below $200 which you will play until you can perfectly distinguish the sounds.

And as you shop don’t be afraid of trying out the various cymbals in the shop, test them out to see if the sounds are what you are looking for, to avoid regrets.

Sabian 20-Inch B8 Ride Cymbal
Bright tight sounds
Zildjian Planet Z Crash Cymbal (ZP16C)
Bright and focused sounds
Meinl Percussion 14” Crash Cymbal
Fast and shimmering crash sounds
Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Pack – LV38
Brass with thin weight
Quiet and authentic sounds

Purchasing second-hand cymbals

Used cymbals are a smart option for drummers who want to work on their skills and technique before, investing in high-end professional cymbals. If you are, therefore, contemplating on investing in a drumming starter kit then it makes a lot of sense to buy the second-hand cymbals some of which are not necessarily low quality.

There are also the high-end inexpensive cymbals, for drummers making their first entry into the professional performance platform, and which will offer the perfect start out and enable the drummers to slowly grow their top quality cymbal collection. Used cymbals can be sourced from Craigslist, eBay among other musician groups, the local drum and pawn shops are also a hotspot for the used cymbals.

And while at it, ensure that the cymbals that you are getting are not a drumstick away from disintegration.


Now that you know how to go about shopping for your next cymbal set, don’t forget to also request for a carry case. Most cymbals sets come with a case because they are heavy and if you are going to be playing gigs back to back, then you need something that will help you transport them easily, ensure that the case is strong and durable, and has dividers, to avoid the clanking noise.


What cymbal should I buy first?

Cymbals come in different sizes, and the best size for beginners is the 16” cymbal, it would also be nice to settle with the thickly designed cymbals because they tend to offer a higher pitch.

Which company retails the most expensive cymbal?

The most expensive cymbals come from the Sabian B8 Pro Company, if you are, therefore, ready for your next level and are looking to cash in big with the live events then Sabian B8 Pro has got your back.

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