How much are my drums worth?

Drums can range anywhere from $400 upwards depending on several factors. If you are looking to put a price on your drums, read on to find out how much your drums are worth.

Drum sets are like cars, once you start using them they depreciate in price over time. Pricing your drum set will depend on 4 main factors, the date of purchase, condition of the sells, material quality and brand. Depending on these factors, you can expect your drums to e around 20% of its purchasing price. Beginner drum sets may cost you around $500, for intermediate drum sets, you will have to cough up between $700 and $1500. Professional drum sets on the other hand cost around $1500 and more. Unlike for cars, it is not easy to get a blue book for your drums. There are very few resources that can help when it comes to pricing regular drum sets.

Inspecting your used drum set for pricing

What is the condition of the drums?

One of the biggest price-determining factors is the condition of the drum shells. This is because damaged and warped shells make the kit way less valuable. Damage on the shells permanently alters the sound of your drums, which is something people tend to avoid when they are buying used drums.

Inspect them thoroughly in a highly lit room and scan for any visible cracks, wrap peeling or any signs of wear and tear. Take your heads off and inspect the underside of the shells for any damages. If the shells are not circular, they are damaged and need replacement. However, this might cost you

The condition of the cymbals

The quality of your cymbals will definitely dictate how much your drums are worth. Holes and cracks on the edges of the cymbals may lower your drums worth drastically. Cracks y the bell means you had the wing nut screwed on tightly while cracks on the edges mean you hit the cymbals at improper angles.

A brilliant, clean finish on your cymbals suggests that they were well taken care of. It is also a sign that they will do not affect the sound production when you pay. This also guarantees a high price set on your drums.

The condition of the drum heads and hardware

If you have owned your drum sets for several years, there is a pretty decent chance you have extra hardware. If in good quality, adding these to your drum set can definitely increase its worth depending on what condition they are in.

For instance, cymbals stands with stripped thread from the tension rod will result to fallen over arms, which is not so useful to drummers.

The drum heads on the other hand are not such a big deal since all drummers have to replace them at some point. Drum heads are not too expensive and therefore not a deal breaker when it comes to pricing the drums.

How much are my drums worth?

Cheap vs expensive drum sets

Why are drums expensive? Even though drum sets might look the same, some are way more expensive than others. This is because expensive drums are created for professional drummers. They are designed for studio recording and live plays. Drums that serve this purpose have to sound and look perfect all the time.

Expensive drums are expensive due to the materials, attention to detail and branding. They are made with expensive wood, have a nice finish and need scheduled tuning to maintain it.

What pros and cons come with buying a cheap drum? Cheap drum sets don’t play really well, which can e annoying to professional players. They have crazy overtones, which can be both an advantage and disadvantage. Cheap sets may not be able to make clean drum sounds. You will hear additional noises from the drum heads like vibration on the bearing edge when you hit the drum.

Cheaper drums don’t play really well in the studio. This is because a drum mic is used to pick up all drum sounds. It means they can register all sounds the drums make, including the crazy overtones and unnecessary vibrations.

Is it worth it spending so much money on a drum set? If you are a beginner, it is definitely not worth spending so much for a set. As for professionals, expensive drum sets will give you so much more in reference to quality of music, which you will definitely need if you are pursuing a career in music producing.

Hardware differences

Cheaper drums tend to be poorly made. This means their hardware is made out of cheap material and won’t last you very long. As a drummer, the hardware should one of, if not the most important aspect when you consider purchasing a set.

You can tell apart the difference between a cheap and an expensive set by its finish. Expensive drum sets have a nice, flattering finish.

Final word

As a drummer, having your own set of drums is important. However, drums are not the cheapest musical instruments around. With endless drum brands in the markets, it will be difficult to make a choice straight away. Cheaper drum sets tend to wear out much more easily and don’t sound as good as high quality drums. As a beginner, you will need to change to intermediate drums for better sound quality overall. The good news is, you can always price your drums and sell them, to purchase a different set of drums that will help you make more professional music for your career.


What is the main difference between a cheap and an expensive drum set?

Cheap drum sets are poorly made with low cost material while expensive drum sets are made from high quality ones. You can see the difference in the finish of the drum sets.

Do beginners need expensive drum sets?

If you are just starting out on playing drums, you don’t need the most expensive drums to do that. As a beginner, it can be difficult to tell whether you are buying an authentic wood or not. Besides, if you are good, you can always make the cheap drums sound great and if you are not, expensive drums can’t change that for you.

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