How Long Does it take to Learn Drums?

The drums are undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of music today. Once more exclusive to music from the west, the drums have become essential to most mainstream forms of music today. It is necessary to add the rhythmic flair that the instrument seems to add to pieces that it is featured in. how long does it take to learn drums 

So for what about those who want to learn the drums? Those who aspire to become the best at the instrument known to be the rhythm of the song? Maybe the process is too tedious? Or maybe is it too difficult? Or could it be that none of those are true and it just matters the effort you put in? Well, let us talk about that today. 

The factors to consider

Let us clear out the most obvious thing first, there is no fixed amount of time in which you can learn the instrument. There are many other factors to consider when talking about this. Your personal life, how often you are being able to practice, how dedicated are you all factor in. And like most instruments, this is not something you can master over just a day or week. 

Your practice routine

You must be considerate about your practice schedule, there is no doubt. Keep your practice time regular and if possible, consistent. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when practicing the drums.

Warming up:

One of the most important things in regards to all sorts of practice, warming up makes sure that your body is ready to handle the information that it will be fed. It also ensures that your muscles are at no risk of spasms or discomfort when hitting your first hits of the day.

Gripping the sticks properly:

This would make practice much more difficult, and possibly open door to injury. Moreover, the progress of learning drums may be hampered by an incorrect technique like this. This way, investing a lot of hours into practice may even make your effort unworthy of the time. 

Perfect posture:

Sitting with your back straight is very important as well, as slouching and having poor posture will hamper the experience. You may eventually find that a straight posture eases the process of learning too. A proper posture makes it easier for you to hit the drums, kick the pedals and overall stay in synchronization.

Focusing on the basics:

This is possibly the most common mistake learners of any musical instrument make, especially drums! Do not overlook the basics under any circumstances. The basics are the pillars of success, they pave the road to you being able to master the drums!

Focusing on your weaknesses:

It is essential to ensure that the aspects of learning the drums that you are the weakest at get focused on. There is no way to improve if you do not try to get better at what you’re weak at. Moreover, this may lead you to perform live while having a lot of errors in the roots of your playing.

How Long Should You Practice?

How Long Does it take to Learn Drums?
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Another key factor, and probably the main focus of what we are talking about today – time. Honestly, time depends on you and your own life. How busy are you? How important is it to you to learn the drums? Can you keep it as a priority? Can you put in the effort regularly?

For a high school student in their earlier years, it probably is not much difficulty to put in a lot of time in learning the drums. But if you are studying in university, maybe you will need to adjust your drum practice sessions more limitedly. And if you work a full-time job, there is even more adjustment needed. 

These are all essential aspects to learning the drums, but try to keep in mind once again. These things vary from person to person, not everyone learns or functions at the same pace. Do not compare your progress with someone else, compare yourself with the progress that you had before.

In any case, refrain from practicing too much. While that may sound funny, there are a lot of people who try to learn the drums by putting an unhealthy amount of hours in. This may cause you to progress less effectively in your learning, and possibly cause injury to your body. No matter how much you want to learn the drums, please do not forget that your health is more important here. 

Getting an instructor

This one is the key to the whole purpose as well. A well-guided instructor is crucial to getting the basics down and progress coherently. An instructor who knows what they are doing will be able to figure out your weaknesses even before you do. And then be able to guide you to improve upon your faults. 

As you may find out from anyone who has learned to get to good at any musical instrument including the drums, a good instructor will surely speed up your learning process. Yes, self-learning is an option open to you at all times, but you cannot really learn sequentially without an instructor. However, there are always exceptions and it is possible to make the best out of self-learning.


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Quite a bit difficult it is to make sure that you are learning to your fullest. Make sure that you have no distractions present when you are practicing to make the best use of your time.

While it is rather difficult to ballpark to a specific time period in which it is possible to learn the drums, experts say that about 6 months to 1 year of regular practice may be effective. Remember, practice is the key to the whole process!

We hope you have found the answer to your question through this. Stay healthy, play well and play safe!


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