Funny Drummer Quotes

Being a drummer is mostly fun. Set aside the hard work and countless hours of practice, it is probably enjoyed by those who do it. What are some of the funny, relatable incidents that go on in a drummer’s life? For those of you wondering, we have covered this topic today. Here are some of the funny drummer quotes.


Over the years, drummers have created a culture for themselves. They are familiar with it and they know it very well. For those of you looking to get into this, for whatever reason, we are here to help today. Maybe you are trying to get a souvenir for your drummer friend, but do not know drummer references.

You might also be thinking of getting a card for them with a quote in it, for which this article will be perfect. We will also be including the source, when possible, so that you can be sure that these are real. Unlike random posts on social media without any reference, we will try to make sure that these are legitimate. 

Some Funny Drummer Quotes

We have a list of six funny drummer quotes that we have found. We have also included the name of the quotee like we said we would. Surprisingly, not all the quotees in this list are drummers by profession, but by hobby.  

Quote 1

“But primarily, the drummer’s supposed to sit back there and swing the band.”

  • Buddy Rich 

Meaning: The first part of this quotes tries to say that a drummer just sits back, which may give a false impression at first. You might think that this is dissing drummers. Quite the contrary, the next part of this quote says that a drummer is what swings the band. This refers to the fact that a band’s speed and pace when playing songs is fully dependent on the drummer.

Quotee: The person who said this is Buddy Rich, who was a legendary jazz drummer from the United States. The presence of Rich in Western Drummer communities is very significant, and many drummers who aspire to be like him love him. 

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Quote 2

“Do you know why they call a drummer’s seat a throne? Because drummers are kings and queens.”

  • Ed Thigpen

Meaning: Here is an attempt at humor at the fact that drummer seats are called drum thrones. The quotee suggests that the reason behind this is that all drummers belong to royal groups. This is a joke, but it falls into line with the massive amount of respect that Thigpen probably had for all his fellow drummers. 

Quotee: Ed Thigpen was an American drummer known for his work 1956 to 1959 with Oscar Peterson. He was versatile and his skill on the instrument was of pure class.

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Quote 3

“If you drum open handed, you automatically look like a better/cooler drummer than every other drummer.”

  • Christopher Mintz

Meaning: Open handed drumming is the action of playing the drums without following the convention of crossing your arms when you do it. Cross armed playing is found to be more commonly done due to a very wide number of reasons. However, the quotee suggests that playing the drums open handed looks better and requires more skill to do so.

Quotee: Quoted by Christopher Mintz, an American actor who is also great at the drums. He is not a drummer by profession, but he definitely seems to have the heart of one.

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Quote 4

“Drummers have so much to think about that they unconsciously make a variety of ridiculous facial expressions as they play.”

  • Richard Jupp

Meaning: The quotee makes awareness about the fact that drummers often make a lot of facial expressions. The joke is that he tries to justify this by saying that a drummer does this unconsciously. He is suggesting that these facial expressions are a result of a drummer having to think too much when playing.

Quotee: The quotee is Richard Jupp, who is the co-founder and drummer of the band Elbow. He has won awards alongside the band for their musical performances.

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Quote 5

“I play weird. I’m always just behind. We drummers only have so much room. We’re not guitarists.

  • Ringo Starr

Meaning: The drummer suggests that a guitarist has a lot of space compared to a drummer. The funny factor is that this is very true, as a drummer does not have the comfort of moving around on stage. They have to sit still surrounded by some very large drums, usually speaking. 

Quotee: The person in question here is Ringo Starr, one of the most famous drummers ever. He is the ex-drummer for the iconic band – The Beatles. He has since been a pioneer in the drum scene and has immortalized himself there.

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Quote 6

“I’m a drummer. I can count to four and repeat.”

  • Tre Cool

Meaning: Quotee mocks at the fact that drummers, like himself, almost always play the standard 4/4 time signature. You will know what that is if you are a drummer yourself. A drummer playing 4 notes per beat is the most common time signature used in just about every song you have ever listened to. 

Quotee: The quotee is Tre Cool, who is the drummer of the punk rock band Green Day. Cool is a very successful musician for his caliber and charisma. He has cemented his legacy in music after being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame with Green Day in 2015.

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These were some of the funniest and insightful quotes for drummers that we have found. You can use these quotes for t-shirts, mugs or any other gifts you want to give someone who is a drummer. It is highly likely that they will appreciate the gift and the effort you put into it.

We hope this article has been able to help you in some way. Feel free to use these drummer quotes with your drummer friends now!

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