Fun Songs to Play on Bass

Selecting fun songs to play on bass is not easy, especially when you want to display your playing to your friends. Bass songs can boost your mood and get your audience on their feet.

As bass has fewer chords to practice than a guitar, it is not complicated either. This increases the fun element twofold. Here, we will share some songs that you will enjoy playing. Not only you, your family and friends will also feel good about themselves hearing such fun songs.

What’s more is that we have integrated songs for all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Without further ado, let us dive into the list.

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Smooth Criminal –  Michael Jackson

Fun Songs to Play on Bass
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This song, sung by the legendary musician Michael Jackson, tops our list. No one is going to disagree with us when we say this song has simply irresistible basslines. Calling it beautiful will be an understatement.

In many contemporary songs, the song has had its basslines tweaked. If you are someone who loves to enjoy without hurting your fingers, this is the best choice for you. Its bass patterns will never tax your fingers.

For beginners, this song is easy to learn. An enjoyable song, Smooth Criminal, adds vibrance to any party.

Kryptonite –  3 Doors Down

Fun Songs to Play on Bass
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Having a dull family time? It’s time you get that bass of yours and play this fantastic piece. With its unique groove and rhythm, this song can shoo all your boredom.

Newbies love it for the slow bass verses and intros. User-friendly, the song features no complex fingering methods on the fretboard.

Does your family want to join you for a chorus? Worry not. It has some easy chord patterns for you to play a chorus. Only change the rhythm slightly.

We would recommend using an electric bass guitar to sound authentic. With this, you can retain the original sound effects. Of course, you can use an acoustic one – just that it needs a particular fingerstyle.

Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

Fun Songs to Play on Bass

No matter which instrument you use, without one Queen song, you cannot jam with others. When it comes to fun, this band leaves no stones unturned.  We would recommend considering Jon Deacon as an icon for someone who wants to plan his career as a bassist.

Thinking about whether the basslines are complex? Its simple basslines will not tone down your fun in any way. Just remember to play the fifth string the most times and that its basslines follow the song’s chord progression.

Requiring only a few fretting motions, the rhythm of this song is easy. You can enjoy this song without needing a drum – it can be thought of as a fully able replacement for drums.

Not only does this song entertain you, but it also prepares you better for other exceptional pieces having stellar bass.

Yellow – Coldplay

Who is not a sucker for Coldplay song? We definitely are! Next up on our list is Yellow by Coldplay. It is an excellent rock song for those who prefer a really minimalist approach to fun. Even more, it is perfect for the absolute newbies to the bass world.

Featuring a tempo of about 88 beats per minute, Yellow is a perfect fun song to play on bass. If you are going through a depressed or stressed moment, let this song add a fun element to your life.

Using only 3 notes – B, E, and F – this song makes it easy for the player. This song also introduces you to the basics of fretting and fingerpicking skills. As well as having some leisure, you can elevate your bass skills.

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

We cannot help not bring up Michael Jackson’s songs when it comes to entertainment. Although this song’s basslines are not as breezy as the other songs on the list, this song, once mastered, makes you feel the groove.

Needless to say, this song has one of the most popular beats on this planet. As you start feeling the rhythm, you will see people humming the tune or even dancing to your tunes (this time, literally).

The fingerpicking of this song is relatively easy. It is the finger-fretting movements you need to ace. Even though the tempo is averagely fast, it’s not like you cannot handle it. With a bit of ta practice, you can play the song in standard tuning.

Play That Funky Music –  Wild Cherry

Need to bop to some songs from the ’60s and ’70s? What better than this funky song? For aspiring bassists, you can entertain your audience with the rap version of this song. Trust us. They will be blown away.

Involving only two chords – Gm9 for chorus and Em9 for verses – this song is fairly easy to play. It just needs playing on the 7th and 5th frets. If you want a break from playing, this song offers you that as well. During the pre-chorus, the break allows you to rest your fingers for a while.

It is mandatory because your fretting flexibility with your fingers will be tested on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th frets.

According to some bassists, what is tricky is the transition between the song’s notes – it is pretty fast.

Not to forget that it offers an excellent exercise for your finger joints. They get all warmed up. If you are looking for a song to go wild without hurting those fingers of yours, you know which one to go for.

Final Thoughts

So that’s a wrap for the list of fun songs to play on bass. We know what fun means to you. Thus, we have tried to include all types of music – minimal to rock.

Brace yourselves to jam with the fun songs on your bass. Not much time is left before you turn out to be a showstopper. Till then, keep practicing them!

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