Easy Drum Songs for Beginners

When you just start to learn drumming, it is quite natural that you will experience the dire motivation to play different songs, maybe even your favorite numbers, as soon as possible. We have prepare some easy drum songs for beginners

However, you must remember to go with the flow and take the baby steps. You can learn to play different songs in order to alleviate your skills as a drummer whilst enjoying the process, but not all songs are suited to try out at the beginner’s stage.

When starting the journey, it is important to pick songs that are not just melodious but also easy to learn.

Nevertheless, you should aspire to strike a healthy balance between the simplicity of picking up the song and the pushing yourself a little. And, not to forget, picking songs you enjoy will be at your advantage because you can hold on to your motivation throughout the learning phase.

You must learn to walk properly before emerging to run, Hence, when choosing beginner’s songs to play drums with, you must ensure the song comes with a relatively low tempo, as well as constituting of simpler beats.

This will enable you to get your hands on developing the basics of drumming pretty well and hence have a strong foundation which can assist in picking up the advanced techniques in the long run.

It is important that you cooperate well with the other members of the ensemble to get the best out of the songs. We have picked up some of the best songs to begin this journey with.

As many of you may be aware, this one of the best songs of all times, released in 2014, when it comes to considering the beat. There is a perfect consistency in the beat which focuses on the drum’s hi-hat, snare as well as the bass. This will allow you to get your focus on the very basics of the drumming, while allowing you to enjoy every second of the process.

It also comes with a 4/4 time signature, and runs within the range of 110 to 129 beats per minute. In the starting stage, you can either slow down or increase the pace to the song, as you may require in order to hone the skills. You can leave out the intricacies.

You must have heard about Meg White, the renowned drummer of the band, who was often in the limelight for the simplistic technique in drumming that she followed. This song, the ‘Seven Nation Army’ is one of the most basic songs out there, and any sort of complicated drumming will destroy the beauty of the song.

Hence, this is one of our greatest recommendations for beginners to practice drumming with. The beat is extremely simple, and coupled with the riff that lies beneath the song, it is quite a perfect song for the beginners.

This is a favorite among most drummers today. As a beginner, you will often face issues and difficulties in setting your rhythm right and getting the sound to match well with the original version of the recorded song.

With this song, you will be able to make use of your finger snaps and claps in order to incorporate novel rhythmic intonations to it. It has 8 notes on the Hi-hat. This allows the sound produced by the drum to be extremely rich. You can make it even more melodious by adding a touch of snare in the core of the song.

This classic song is an awesome creation in so many different ones, being one the most groovy rock pieces of all times. What makes it unique is that it is based on super simple parts. Be it the marvelous bass riff or the drumming it includes, everything is extremely easy sounding.

The song repeats the same beat throughout the entire piece. It does have some simple fills in some specific parts of the song as well. Given the simplicity, we recommend this as one of the best songs for you to practice drumming with as a beginner.

Ringo Star is a big name in the world of drumming- his techniques, tactics as well as lessons have been celebrated and implemented by many in drumming. In all honesty, he did not have super complicated or overly splendid drumming chops.

However, you will be able to notice extreme innovation and interesting drumming ideas in song of his songs like the ‘Rain’ or the ‘Back to USSR’. Furthermore, many other songs by the Beatles follow super simple and easy concepts when it comes to drumming.

One such song is the ‘Let it Be’. It will allow you to practice with a constant tempo, super simple beats, and easy fills- what more is best for beginners to hone their skills?

This extremely renowned British band, Coldplay, have created a masterpiece through the song ‘Yellow’. Given that it is played using a steady as well as slow, tempo, and simple beats, Yellow is recommended for beginner drummers to practice in order to learn the foundations of the drumming as perfectly as possible before going into more complicated drumming.

Final Thoughts

It can be challenge to pick between your lists of favorite songs to start practicing drumming with when you are beginning to take the lessons. However, hold on to some patience and choose one from the list above that suits your style best, and after your skills have been refined, and you have a stronger drumming foundation, you can experiment with the advanced drumming in your other favorite numbers.

It is important to keep the tempo and timing in mind when you are working on the basics. This list will assist you in the process.


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