Easiest Songs to Sing

If you’ve just started to take singing lessons, it can be hard to find an easy song that you want to sing, especially if you have no idea about the style you want to learn and practice or if you just don’t know what your voice type is. Of course your choices become easier to sort through once you’ve had enough practice, and know the type of your voice but at the beginners level it can get hard to put your finger on which one you want to start with.Are you trying to impress someone? Maybe your family,and you can also read our full article Easiest Songs to Sing.

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What Makes a Song Easy to Sing?

You may ask yourself this, and the answer is quite simple. Songs with simpler lyrics that are easy to remember, having the range of an octave or even less, a rhythm that doesn’t have many unexpected accents and songs that have more a chest voice than head voice. A good place to start may be easy karaoke.

How to Find Your Singing Voice?

Easiest Songs to Sing

It’s important to note that as you mature your voice lowers. It is mo

stly a really small change for girls but for boys, they have a significantly lower sou

nding voice since their voice breaks. Your long term voice may be unpredictable so it’s good to stick with higher numbers for the meantime.

Often pop songs may be a good place to start. It is important to not place too much stress and strain on your voice at a young age since a damage of sorts can end up having a lasting effect on your voice. It’s better and safer to just sing what it feels more natural to you and enjoy that.

Songs Which Can Make Your Voice Sound Good

Easiest Songs to Sing

Yes, it is true that a complex song will most of the time sound really impressive, that much is obvi

ous, but it is also true that there are many tracks that are really simple and they pulled through the test of time. This means that choosing the right song no matter how simple, can still make you sound just as amazing and impressive as any other complex songs. Often times, artists have unusual rhythms or vocal acrobatics added in their songs which can make them sound more complex than they really are.

If you’re able to strip these unusual rhythms and complexities out, then you will end up with a melodic and easy song. If you are able to read music, then you can try getting a hold of the sheet music of the song you want to sing, this will easily allow you to identify the extra added notes and runs, meaning you can easily weed those out and give yourself a much simpler song.

And if you are unfamiliar with sheet music and can’t read it, you can always try doing it by ear with another version of the song, it’s a harder process but it still is another option you can consider.

Easy Songs for Beginners

Simple songs offer you the opportunity to add your own flavor and identity to the song with much ease as there aren’t a lot of complex notes or runs you need to follow through.

We have gathered together a list for you with some of the easiest songs out there through the decades that can help you to find your style of music and even add your own style to the songs to be more creative.

1. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

If you want to sing a love song for your partner or even if it’s just for yourself, this song by Christina Perri may be a good place to start with. It doesn’t have that many high notes or complexity to it and is very simple.

If you want a song that is easy to sing but also has meaning to it, then you’ll definitely love this. Moreover, it is also a gender neutral song, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl, it’ll still work!

2. Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

This song is a widely known and loved song. If you’re thinking that going with a slow ballad would be the best option for you or it’s just your preferred style of music, then you should definitely give this Can’t Help Falling in Love a try.

This is a really easy song, only the bridge has a little variation but apart from that this song is really repetitive and thus the verses end up sounding the same over and over again. Apart from slight variations, there’s not really much of a complexity to this song.

3. Shake it Off by Taylor Swift

If you’re looking for a fun song to lift up the mood and get your hips moving on a karaoke night out with friends or family, then this is a great choice. Shake it Off is a fun, peppy and upbeat song that can really get you going once you get into it and start singing.

The verses are really simple and it has a repetitive melody, meaning it’s not complex at all and can really get people dancing. It’s an amazing crowd-pleaser and definitely worth a try if you’re at a gathering.

4. Mamma Mia by ABBA

This is another easy to sing upbeat song with an easy tune. Mamma Mia is also a great crowd-pleaser that allows you to pay more attention to the delivery of the song rather than its pitch because of the fact that it doesn’t have any key changes.

Final Words

It’s important to experiment with a variety of songs to figure out your vocal range, voice type and also the style of your own music. Don’t be afraid to explore and try new things till you’ve found a style you’re satisfied with!

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