Drumstick Tricks to Execute While Playing

Want to look cooler while playing the drums? Incorporating some drumstick tricks might help. Check out our article to find out some Drumstick Tricks to Execute While Playing !

Great drummers are seen to perform drumstick tricks that take the stage by storm. The tricks almost feel magical. Not only that, performing drumstick tricks while playing makes you come off as a professional and confident drummer.

To begin with, you can try the fairly easy ones that will add flair to your show. Most tricks need practice for you to excel in them. Such tricks involve twirls, spins, and flips that help you to interact with the audience, Here, we will have put up a list of drumstick tricks you can try out. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

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1. Fake Spin 1: Baton Spin – Drumstick Tricks to Execute While Playing

One of the easiest and oldest drum stick tricks that can be used anytime and will always be great is this baton spin. It will fascinate the audience anytime. Even more, they will ask you to do it once more. 

To do this drumstick trick properly, you need to place your drumstick between the pointer and middle finger. The stick should be placed in a low position, resting in your fingers’ webbing. 

Next, you begin moving the finger up and again down, rotating the stick in circles. By alternating the stick in a pendulum motion, you will create a visual effect of circling the drumstick between your fingers. Even though you are basically just turning the stick without moving your fingers. 

You can think of this trick as the base of other advanced tricks. Practice it until you master the baton spin.  When you will be playing the drums, you can perform this trick without hampering your playing ability, because you would just be twirling the stick in between your kicks. 

This trick can be practiced in random hand positions, making it look like you are twirling the stick around your hand while you will be practically performing the same trick with just different hand positions. 

You can practice it from here.

 2. Fake Spin 2: Spinning Over The Pointer – Drumstick Tricks to Execute While Playing

What do you know about matched grip position? When you hold your sticks, this is the starting placement. 

Like the fake spin number 1, you take out your sticks, but this time they are placed between your thumb and index – and voila! You found a new drumstick trick that has a fantastic look.

To be honest, this trick is almost the same as the previous fake baton spin, but the audience will be fascinated as they would think you are displaying two amazing and different tricks. 

After placing the stick between your thumb and pointer finger, you twirl it – this causes the stick to make circular motions in thin air. So there’s that. 

If you want, you can add extra bling with enough practice so you can perform this trick confidently even with your hands held high in the air, of course between your kicks as you play. 

You can practice it from here.

 3. The Toss – Drumstick Tricks to Execute While Playing

Well, you can easily guess what this trick means – you take the drumsticks and simply toss them. It’s that easy. When you perform this trick in the middle of a song, you will amaze the spectators. Isn’t that what you want?

For a successful trick, you need to take the trick, hold it properly towards the end of your stick, and push the end with your pinky finger over your pointer finger, essentially making your stick form a complete circle in thin air. Finally, when the stick returns completing a circle, you grab it.

One thing to note: you should not toss your stick too high or too far. As you become more experienced, you can thrust the stick higher, but too high is certainly not going to work. You must note that the stick does the forward flip – remaining in place and circling around its axis. 

All we have to say is that this drumstick trick is extremely easy to perform. Just practice it properly to ace. Once you master this, you will face no problem tossing your drumsticks in the middle of any song, combining it with other tricks you know.

You can practice it from here.

 4. The Twirl

As we move further, we will be delving into some more complex drumstick tricks out there. The twirl is one such trick. With this trick, you will mainly shuffle your stick through your fingers successively, displaying it as though the sticks are whirling around your hand. 

For this trick, you need to take the stick in your hands and begin when you receive the upbeat from a kick. Next, rotate it around the axis surrounding your fingers consecutively – the drumstick goes in between your pointer and middle finger, then on your middle finger to the next finger, and so on.

When you reach the last finger, you continue to perform the motion to naturally bring your drumstick back to your pointer finger and thumb. Here, you take the stick back on your hand. 

Sounds complex? Fret not. With the right amount of time, you will get to perfection soon. When properly executed while playing, you can wow the spectators and even fellow drummers. 

Not to mention how combining with other tricks will help you to take the stage by storm. 

You can practice it from here.

 5. The Slide

Lastly, we bring to you the slide. It is a cool trick as you don’t have to do anything – the drumstick keeps on moving simply.

Hold the stick with your thumb and index finger and move the palm upside down, making it look upwards. While doing this, spin the drumstick with the finger in the hold of it. Let the stick perform a few turns on its own and – Voila! Pat yourself on the back for this great trick. 

Just like other tricks, this can be mastered with proper practice. Complement this trick with other ones to come off as a cool drummer!

You can practice it from here.

Final Words

So, that brings an end to the drumstick tricks while playing. Try performing all these tricks to stand out! We hope this article was helpful to you!

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