Drum Gum Vs Moongel

Drum dampening is the drummer’s way of customizing the sounds of the drum and cymbals to suit the style of music that they are playing. There are, therefore, several methods employed to dampen the drum, but the most common one is by using either the Drum gum or the Moongel. The latter can, therefore, be used to produce reduced tones or volume; drum muting can also be used to choke the high pitch frequencies, reduce the sustain, overtones, and ringing.

Drum dampening is normally done with regard to the situation, there are some occasions, therefore, that don’t necessitate the use of the Drum Gum or the Moongel, such as when playing rock music. However, if you are in an environment that requires for the drums to have less projection then the mufflers will come in handy. Drum muting must, however, be done correctly, before the drummer loses the tone and character of the produced sounds, including the volume and projection, thus end up with poor sounding drums.

When to use Drum Gum and Moongel

Drum gum and Moongel, are used to customize or control the sounds that are released by the drums when playing. The two products are adopted to help the drummer achieve a specific sound, important to note, however, is that most of the new drums in the market, come equipped with mufflers, and are characteristic of a rubber edge installed at the top of the drum head designed to help dampen the sounds.

Differences between Drum Gum and Moongel

Drum Gum
Can be used on Snares, Toms, and Hand drums. Also best for woodblocks, cowbells, and Tambourines
Drums and cymbals and other percussion instruments
White and purple color
Royal blue color
Re-usable and Washable
Over ring and tone control, dampens without deadening
A resonance control device

How we evaluate Drum Gum and Moongel

There are so many varieties of tone modifiers, and their criteria of evaluation will, therefore, vary with design; the gel or gum-like mufflers such as the Drum Gum and Moongel, have a unique criterion of evaluation based on their design.

Packaging- the gel-like tone modifiers are normally reusable which then calls for them to come in a proper packaging for storage when not in use, and for ease of transportation when playing gigs out of station. So, even though the Drum gum and Moongel are differently designed, they both come packaged in plastic containers that allow for easy access when needed. With regards to packaging, the Moongel is better packaged when compared to Drum Gum.

Usability – tone modifiers need to be versatile so that the drummer can have an easy time using them on the different kinds of instruments. Moongel can be used on the surface of the beater head, on the cymbals, and on the bottom head; the muffler is also effective on other percussion instruments, and if need be, the drummer can use more than one, to customize the tones to their desire.

Drum gum, on the other hand, works the same but is even better because it can be used on the different types of percussion instruments, including the tambourines, woodblocks, and cowbells.

Toxicity – given that the sound muting devices come into contact with the drummer’s hands, it is important that they are not manufactured with substances that might in the long term bring complications to the user. To which end both the Drum Gum and Moongel are made of user-friendly substances that allow them to be washed and reused without becoming toxic. We have however, noticed that Moongel does not retain its tackiness in the long term.

Handling- as a standard quality design the gel and gum-like sound mufflers, normally have one tacky side, which makes it easy to handle any time that a drummer wants to place or remove them from the drum or the cymbals. Both the Drum gum and Moongel have one tacky side that can be stuck on the drum and a clear side for easy handling.

Drum Gum vs Moongel-A Comparison Overview

Drum Gum Overview

The Drum Gums sound control devices have been designed to stay put even with a rough beating; the dampening product is reusable meaning that the users can wash and re-use it at anytime when it becomes dirty. They are therefore, a welcome option when compared to using gum tape that leaves residue on the musical instrument once they are removed.

And given their length, a drummer can reduce the sizes of the individual pieces, and place them on more than one of the percussion equipments to get the desired tone. Drum Gum is highly versatile, and functional thus drummers can be sure that it will dampen the drums without deadening the sounds.


  • The tone modifier is versatile
  • Easy to use and are not toxic
  • Can be customized by cutting the individual pieces
  • Effectively reduces the ringing overtones


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Moongel Overview

Unlike Drum Gum, the Moongel tone modifier comes, packed in a convenience container that is easy to access, and even better is that the gel has already been cut into small-sized pieces making it easy to use on the go. In each of the containers, users will get up to 6 Moongel drum dampeners that can easily integrate with any percussion instrument.

Moongel can, therefore, be used to depth out overtones, to help the drummer get a punchier sound, and can also be used to reduce the stain of the snare. And apart from the batter head, Moongel can also be used on the resonant head and that is at the bottom of the drum. The tone modifier is also effective when used on rack and toms and all that the drummer needs to do is find the ideal spot to place the Moongel.


  • Can be repositioned for effectiveness
  • The gel is easy to handle and non-toxic
  • Versatile and can be used for rehearsing and in gigs
  • Effectively clears the buzzing and ringing from your drum set


  • The Moongel tone modifiers are highly priced
  • They don’t stick well on drums


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Drumming takes on two perspectives, and the first being from the drummer’s point of view, where we notice that the sounds that they hear when playing the drums are completely different from what the audience hears. So, for us much the drumming may sound too much from the drummer’s perspective, there are high chances that the tones are well balanced for the audience, the reason why a drummer must first take both positions to determine whether they will need the mufflers or not.


How many gel pads do I get in the Moongel container?

The Moongel container comes with up to 6 pads

Does the Drum Gum leave behind a sticky residue?

No, the drum gum does not leave a sticky residue

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