Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums

Are you in the market for a new drumset or wanting to upgrade your old one? But you do not know whether to get a Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums ? Read ahead as we compare the two.


When you look at massive drum sets, aside from looking really cool they have two bass drums included in the set. This might make you wonder how a double bass pedal is any different? Learning how to play a two bass drumming pattern will elevate your percussion and beat.

Plus, it is a great addition to your drum kit. But you cannot help but wonder whether spending extra money on two bass drums is really worth it? So to help you get a clearer idea we will be looking at double bass pedals and two bass drums in detail.

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Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums
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Double Bass Pedal: Pros and Cons – Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums

If you are into speed drumming then a double bass pedal will make the job easier. Unlike a two drums system, there is little distance from the hi-hat pedal to the bass drum pedal. The double bass pedals allow you to place the left foot pad next to the hi-hat pedal.

This essentially makes it easier to go back and forth from the two pedals while changing speed. You have the option to place the other bass pedal wherever you like, which not only makes it convenient but does not require you to move the whole bass drum around for your convenience.

The biggest advantage of choosing double bass pedals is that you will relatively be spending less. A decent pedal will only set you back by a couple of hundred dollars. You can even some slightly cheaper double bass pedals depending on the brand and discounts. This is better than having to spend thousands of dollars on two bass drums, but more about that later.

If you are wondering about the sound difference between the two, then let us tell you it is almost minimal. The only problem is that the beaters on the pedals may not always be in the same spot.

This means that a different spot of the skin will be kicked of the same drum. This results in uneven sounds every time depending on the tuning of the drums. It is most noticeable when you are playing at an extremely high speed. A simple and easy solution to this problem is placing the pedals correctly on a properly tuned drum. 

The practicality of having a double bass pedal is why many drummers opt for it. Being small and lightweight, you can easily carry and store the pedal. It does not take up much space which is convenient for those who need to travel long distances for gigs or if you have a small music room.

Plus, with the space that is being saved, you can easily place your cymbals and hi hats around the kit.


Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums
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Two Bass Drums: Pros and Cons – Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums

If you want to maximize the sound out of each kick, two bass drums are your answer. With only one bass drum the sound can get cut off with fast beats. When you have two separate bass drums the sound is bound to get amplified to get a more rich sound.

There might be some issues with the tuning as both the bass drums may not always sound the same. But you can use that to your advantage. You can get another sound from the additional bass drum which will add a new dimension to your melody. 

In addition, you may also face some trouble with double bass pedals. Double bass drum pedals are known to have some lag on the left pedal. It does not matter if the drum is direct drive, chain driven, or belt driven. Aside from the lag, it is also stressful to make sure that everything is going smoothly. This is where single bass drum pedals have an upper as they are comparatively much more fast and efficient.

The size of double bass drums can be considered a pro as well as a con depending on your preference. Having double bass drums increases your playing area. This essentially means that you get to add new drums and other instruments to create better rhythms. It will elevate your beat to a whole new level. Plus, large kits make you look professional and cool. If you want to give off that aesthetic then you should definitely look into double bass drums.

On the downside, a big size means bigger problems when it comes to portability and storage. Not only are drums heavy, but adding two extra drums will only add to the weight and take up space. If you have limited space or need to travel often with your drumset, then do look into its feasibility. 

The Cost – Double Bass Pedal vs. Two Bass Drums

It is obvious that compared to double bass pedals, two bass drums are going to be more expensive. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is most likely that you will need to custom order your extra bass drums as it will be difficult to find ones that perfectly match the style and color of your existing ones.

Plus, most stores do not sell individual bass drums. If you want to buy a completely new drumset, then matching colors should not be a problem for you. You can find drum sets with two bass drums included. A Middle-range drum kits will likely cost you less than $1000, while high-end ones are much costly. At the end of the day, the cost depends on the wood, the finish, and the type you opt for.

As briefly mentioned, two bass pedals will usually be under $500, making them relatively cheaper.


Now that you have an idea about double bass pedals and two bass drums, it is safe to say that when it comes to the sound there barely is any difference. It all boils down to your preferences. Hope this article was helpful to you!


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