How to Remove Drums from A Sample

remove drums from a sample

You might be wondering if there is any way for you to get drums out of an album. Alternatively, exclude all instruments from an album except the drums. Alternatively, you should only take out the drums and keep everything else in place so you can practice your drumming with that track. Truth is, it is almost impossible to totally … Read more

How to Clean Drum Cymbals

How to Clean Drum Cymbals

We should always be aware of our instruments and their cleanliness. Most people think there is no point in cleaning your pieces of equipment which can lead to various issues. Drum Cymbals especially need a lot of care. If you do not clean them often, they may change color, get rust, and even result in … Read more

Cheap Ways to Soundproof a Room for Drums

cheap ways to soundproof a room for drums

It is highly likely that you have come across this article for a reason all too familiar with drummers. Getting complaints from neighbors is nothing to take lightly, as it can lead doorways to bigger problems. At the same time, it is very important to stay true to your practice to get better at your … Read more

Donner vs. Mooer

Donner vs. Mooer

Guitar Pedals are an important factor in playing the guitar. They add levels of effects to your guitar which helps immensely in playing a different genre of music. Donner and Mooer are two of the top competitors when it comes to guitar pedals. They have a wide range of toners. Both of the companies have … Read more

How to Record Electronic Drums On Audacity?

how to record electronic drums on audacity?

It can indeed be confusing or might seem a complicated process to record your audio from electronic drums using Audacity or other recording software in your computer. There are several ways to record electronic drums, both during professional sessions or during practice. The internet might even be flooded with too much information, and you might … Read more