Mee M6 Pro vs. Shure 215

Mee M6 Pro vs. Shure 215

Headphones are an instrument to isolate yourself from everything around you. Just listening to your favorite song through headphones can relieve all the stress and tension of the entire day. But when you think of purchasing one, it gets tricky. There are hundreds of products out in the market that can confuse you. The Mee … Read more

Best Whammy Pedals

best whammy pedal

The Whammy pedal is an excellent guitar instrument for transforming ideas into songs. By adjusting the pitch and tuning of your instrument, you can achieve complete musical versatility. Many well-known guitarists have admitted that getting those distinctive and overdriven tones requires the use of a whammy pedal. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the … Read more

Best Budget Mics under $1000

Mics under $1000

Quality in mics is very essential. The quality of sound captured and released depends a lot on the mics we use. The performance of the mic depends on the buildup and the materials of the mic. Mics usually cancel the background noises and gives clarity to the recorded sound. However, good quality mics comes in … Read more

Best Amps under $200

best amps under $200

There are many guitar amplifiers on the market to choose from. Among all, some of them are extremely popular.  Several factors contribute to the recognition of best-selling versions. This may be due to its fantastic tone, incredible features, consistent performance, and so on. And, this is valid not only for expensive amps but also for those … Read more

Best Bass Multi-Effects Pedals

best bass multi effects pedals

Introduction The bass multi-effects pedal is one of the interesting tools for bass guitarists. They can produce a wide variety of sound effects throughout the sessions with the help of multi-effects pedals. So, what’s the best bass multi-effects pedal right now? To find out, we went on a quest for some excellent pedals that were … Read more