Best Intermediate Drum Sets

intermediate drum sets

If you’re someone who has been playing the drums for a while now you would of course improve yourself and move to the next stage, you’re not going to be a beginner forever. When you’re ready to take your skills and techniques to the next level and develop even further, you’ll need to have a … Read more

Best Boom Mic Stands

Many people don’t really pay much attention to it since they consider it to be just an accessory. However, buying good boom mic stands is actually really important since they are a big part of any recording studio setup or stage. You need to select a good mic stand in order to prevent your mic … Read more

Best Overhead Drum Microphones

Best Overhead Drum Microphones

Investing in high-quality microphones for drum overheads is one of the most effective ways to improve your audio quality. Check out our review list of the best overhead drum microphones if you are in search of something more than overheads. The Best Overhead Drum Microphones are probably the most critical aspect for a fantastic drum recording. … Read more

Best Tablets for Musicians

You will need a tablet that can accommodate all forms of daily use, whether you’re looking for the best tablet for your jam sessions, the best tablet for viewing sheet music, or even the best tablet for using as a handheld recording studio. At present where Apple maintains an undeniable monopoly on the tablet industry, … Read more

Mee M6 Pro vs. Shure 215

Mee M6 Pro vs. Shure 215

Headphones are an instrument to isolate yourself from everything around you. Just listening to your favorite song through headphones can relieve all the stress and tension of the entire day. But when you think of purchasing one, it gets tricky. There are hundreds of products out in the market that can confuse you. The Mee … Read more

Best Whammy Pedals

best whammy pedal

The Whammy pedal is an excellent guitar instrument for transforming ideas into songs. By adjusting the pitch and tuning of your instrument, you can achieve complete musical versatility. Many well-known guitarists have admitted that getting those distinctive and overdriven tones requires the use of a whammy pedal. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the … Read more