How to play the drums fast

Are you learning how to drum? You probably look up to professional drummers who have perfected their skills. Gaining speed in drumming takes time. If you want to start playing drums fast, you should try out certain strategies that can make you faster at speed. Some of them include assessing your status, determining your ideal … Read more

How much is a cajon?

Do you enjoy drumming but don’t have enough cash for a drum kit? You should consider a cajon. This musical instrument can help you save money and give you the chance to practice drumming. Unlike drum kits, a cajon comes at a more affordable price. The cost of a cajon varies depending on the brand. … Read more

How much do drumsticks cost?

A drum kit is not complete without the right drumsticks. This is an essential tool that can impact how well you play drums. Once you start searching for the right drumsticks for your set, you have to think about the price. Since drumsticks come from different manufacturers, the cost of this tool varies. Most drumsticks … Read more

How to dampen drums

If you don’t like the sound that your drums are producing, you can modify this by dampening them. This can minimize specific sound elements to help the drums create a better sound. You can try out different techniques to dampen drums until you achieve the desired sound. Some of the popular ways of dampening drums … Read more