Most Difficult Drum Songs

Most Difficult Drum Songs

Are you a drummer looking to play the most difficult songs? Then look no more! Read ahead as we compile a list of the most difficult drum songs.   Learning how to play an instrument can always be challenging. While everyone learns at their own pace, certain songs are more difficult to learn and play … Read more

Best Live Vocal Microphones

Vocal Microphones

The first and perhaps most significant element in an audio chain which transforms your music and voice to the audience is a microphone. With tons of models to choose from, determining which microphone is suitable for your live performance needs can be difficult. This guide should assist you in sorting through the various styles of vocal … Read more

How to Remove Drums from A Sample

remove drums from a sample

You might be wondering if there is any way for you to get drums out of an album. Alternatively, exclude all instruments from an album except the drums. Alternatively, you should only take out the drums and keep everything else in place so you can practice your drumming with that track. Truth is, it is almost impossible to totally … Read more

Funny Drummer Quotes

funny drummer quotes

Being a drummer is mostly fun. Set aside the hard work and countless hours of practice, it is probably enjoyed by those who do it. What are some of the funny, relatable incidents that go on in a drummer’s life? For those of you wondering, we have covered this topic today. Here are some of … Read more

How to Play Conga Drums

how to play conga drums

Conga Drums are some very popular musical instruments, originated from Cuba. These have become very popular over the recent years. Conga Drums are very versatile in terms of their sound. This makes it easy to implement them into various types of music. Salsa and Latin music makes it essential to know how to play the … Read more

Drums vs. Guitars

drums vs. guitar

Drums and Guitars are two very different instruments when talking about their looks, play style, sound, and other things. They have very distinct roles in music. Choosing between one over the other might be difficult to some but there really is no one answer to this question. It all depends on what sound style you … Read more