Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze

Get into the latest, super fun fitness trends and march to the beat of your own down. Let’s talk about what is Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze and why it’s good for you.

Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze is a trend on the rise, as it incorporates the fun creative aspect with fitness goals, and can be done by anyone regardless of age and location!

Originating in 2021, this interesting anaerobic workout combines the benefits of an intense cardio exercise with the fun of drumming and has managed to take the world by storm. With programs like Drums Alive and DrumFit spawning all over the market, you should easily be able to locate a cardio drumming class near close by. 

It’s easy, works on people of all ages, and needs a very small investment to get started. You don’t need to have prior drumming experience, and won’t be expected to pull of any complicated paradiddles and licks, for cardio drumming, is drumming reinvented.

The concept of cardio drumming is somewhat similar to the concept of the very first organization pairing music and dance called “Drums Alive,” where participants increase an increase in heart rate alongside calorie burning.

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What is Cardio Drumming?

It’s consisted of drumsticks, exercise ball stand, and exercise ball. With only these equipment, you can set yourself up for one of the most interesting workouts of your life.

Using the floor and exercise ball as your drum, you move your body to the fun tempo while cardio drumming lets the rhythm flow into the workout and then your body, so you never want to stop!

Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze
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Drums Alive – Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze

It’s safe to say that cardio drumming was organized, rather than developing, by Carrie Ekins. The programs’ founder was suffering from a horrible case of hip injury which set her up for an elongated process of physical rehabilitation.

It was during this time that she occupied herself by randomly drumming on boxes, and immediately noticed the physical advantageous and uplifting effects on her body and mind. Thanks to that, you can spot a Drums Alive program being conducted in almost every YMCA in U.S.A.

But, the journey cardio drumming was just getting started.

Similar programs started to pop up gradually. Two of the noteworthy programs and groups include DrumFit and POUND.

Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze
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DrumFit – Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze

The purpose of this program is to introduce cardio drumming into schools spread out across the nation. It includes a detailed curriculum that instructs students on how to start cardio drumming as well as teaching them about the benefits and importance of exercising.

And, this is where cardio drumming was truly appreciated. Children has a natural love for making noise and beating away on things that normally people wouldn’t allow them to hit on. And what’s better than engaging them in an exercise regime that feels less like a workout and more like a huge musical game?

One of the best aspects of Drumfit is that they’re always prepared to provide kids with all necessary equipment and teachings right away. Whether you’re a teacher or parent, if you wish your kids would exercise more, DrumFit is made for you.

Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze
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POUND is directed more toward adults interested in high-intensity cardio drumming exercises that is guaranteed to drive their body to its limits (in a good way). For the most part, programs like this are more fluid in comparison to Drums Alive, which is much tamer. 

Now, this doesn’t say one is bad and the other isn’t. Both of them are great programs, but the distinction of POUND lies in the absence of stability balls and buckets. Instead, you’re going to have to pick up those drum sticks and pound the ground.

To help you get a comfortable start to cardio drumming, majority of these official websites include a search bar where you can enter your zip code or address and conveniently check which groups are having a meetup near you.

There on, it’s simply your decision on when you can get to a group meeting. Some of them also provide you with the required equipment in case you don’t have your own.

Benefits of cardio drumming- Cardio Drumming: The World’s New Fitness Craze

Much like any other exercise, cardio drumming has its own set of benefits. It will help you burn those extra calories and raise the heart rate, improve ability to focus and overall body coordination, and help tighten multiple muscle groups, especially the core.

The best thing about this unique exercise would have to be the fun factor associated with it. According to studies, people who like their workout routine and have fun with it are more likely to maintain said routine.

At this point, you should be clear be one thing: whether your cardio included drums or not, you must be doing some form of cardio. A good cardio routine is already great in keeping the body fit, and when you introduce a drum to it, the benefits get multiplied.

Cardio drumming promotes blood pumping to your muscles alongside increasing oxygen retention in the cardiovascular system. This results in better health, reduced depression, and has also shown promising effects in ridding the body of carbon dioxide and many other harmful wastes. 

And the most important of them all – cardio drumming helps keep your lungs and heart healthy.

These vital organs are still regular muscles in your body; so if you want to make them stronger, there’s no alternative to exercise and training. When more blood is being circulated to your heart over time, your body is getting used to relaxing more in resting mode.

You don’t need us to tell you the benefits of keeping your lungs healthy, but we can say that cardio is amongst the most effective ways to keep your muscles in good shape.

Bottom Line

Aside from providing an answer to what is cardio drumming, we also talked about the several benefits of this exercise. We hope this motivated you to pick up some form of cardio, even if that doesn’t have anything to do with drums. But if there’s one thing you can take from this it’s that, things are better with drums!

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