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To have an instrument adds up a lot of work of taking proper care of it. Trumpets are no different. You would need a proper case to carry it around. But picking a proper case is not a very easy job. There need to assess your requirements properly for the getting the best value. There are varies types of trumpet cases in the market. 

Buying Guide


There are both hard and soft cases available in the market. This is the first thing to consider on your look out. Hard cases are usually made from wooden frames or plastics.

These are the cases that are comparatively heavier and can be a little difficult to carry around, but give extremely tough protection. The soft cases are made of nylon, polyester etc. These usually have thick padding inside. Soft cases are comparatively light weighted.


Weight is an important fact when it comes to your trumpet case. How comfortably you can carry the case around would depend on this. If the case is too heavy, it might not be very efficient to travel with. 


The more compartments a case has the more organized it can be. To carry your accessories and notes, it’s better if you have extra handy compartments. It is better to have a proper space for your mouthpiece. 


Most trumpet cases have room for only one trumpet. But if you need cases to accommodate multiple trumpet, then there are cases that can fit ¾ trumpets easily. These cases are comparatively heavy, obviously. 


Most of the trumpet cases in the market offers warranties. Depending on how rough user you are, you can choose your ideal deal. Most warranties are valid for 2-4 years 

Let’s dive into some of the popular choices that might fit your requirements.

Product Name
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Torpedo Bag Classic Case
  • Soft case 
  • 1680 ballistic nylon material 
  • Lifetime limited warranty 
  • Water Proof
Crossrock Trumpet Case
  • Hard case 
  • Fiberglass Material 
  • 2 years warranty 
  • Metal latches
Fusion Premium Series PB-04-B Trumpet Case
  • Soft case 
  • Polyester material 
  • Padded backpack straps 
  • Waterproof
Reunion Blues RB Continental Midnight Series
  • Soft case 
  • Ballistic quadraweave exterior
  • Quilted velvet interior
  • Palm contoured handle
Protec Trumpet Rectangular PRO
  • Soft case 
  • Ballistic nylon material 
  • Water resistant 
  • 2 pocket organizer


1.Torpedo Bag Classic Trumpet Case

This trumpet case from Torpedo is one of the best cases available in the market. It is made of ballistic nylon material, very reassuring for being strong and durable. The foam padding inside is 3 inches thick. It weighs about 6 pounds making it a super light case to carry around.

The waterproof feature of this make is an excellent addition. It has removable lid pocket to carry small accessories. There’s also a mute bag and a music pouch inside for carrying around music notes and whatnot.


  • Durable structure 
  • Water resistance 
  • Additional compartments 
  • Strong zippers


  • May not have enough room for all of the necessary accessories


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2.Crossrock Trumpet Case

This trumpet case from Crossrock is a good choice if you are looking for a hard case for your trumpet. This case is made of fiberglass material for exterior part, which gives the case a very eccentric look. It comes in red and blue shimmery shades, which are very eye-catching.

The weight of this case is only 4 pounds, which is super light and comfortable to carry around. The chains of this case have additional metal latches. There are additional compact for mouthpiece. It has both shoulder-straps and backpack style-straps.


  • Thick padding 
  • 4 colors to choose from
  • Very lightweight 
  • Multiple carrying option 


  • Might not have enough room for all your needs


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3. Fusion Premium Series PB-04-B Trumpet Case 

The Fusion trumpet case is a backpack style edition for your trumpet. The exterior of the bag is of polyester material, which is tough and resistant. The texture protects the case from water. Interior of the case has a 1.18 inches thick padding, strong enough to protect your trumpet from scratches or damages.

There are 3 additional accessories pockets to carry your small gadgets. It is a very light weighted case for travelling with a trumpet. There are chest and waist belts to create support.


  • Travel efficient 
  • Additional accessory pockets 
  • Water resistance 


  • Interior padding may seem comparatively thin to some



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4. Reunion Blues RB Continental Midnight Series

This case from Reunion Blues is specially designed for supporting flugelhorn trumpets. The exterior material of this case is made of ballistic Quadra weave. The interior of the case is fancy velvet.

Other than rich materials, this case also has corded edged, compartments for accessories and a palm contoured handle. The weight of the case is little more than 6 pounds. The exterior pockets are zippered and stylish. The pockets however may seem not enough deep for all.


  • Room for multiple horns 
  • High-strength double stretching 
  • Storage pockets 
  • Warranty 


  • Shallow pockets 
  • Might not fit 3 trumpets comfortably 


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5. Protec Trumpet Rectangular PRO

The Protec trumpet case is one of the toughest amongst the soft cases. It has a backing from wooden frame to redeem any external pressure. The exterior material is made of ballistic nylon.

There are two carrying options for this case, you can carry it like backpack or hand lift. This is a good case for travelling. The weight of this case is around 7 pounds. It is also water resistant.


  • Multiple Storage pockets 
  • Good for travel 
  • Water resistant 
  • Well organizer interior 


  • Large in shape 
  • Slightly heavy 


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Final Thoughts

To pick a proper case for your trumpet you have to consider the space and compartments you would require. Also how often you travel and where you carry the trumpet are also things to consider. The cases listed above are organized by considering the diverse requirement of the artist. Let’s hope you find the best fit for your instrument. 

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