Best Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz

Mastering the trombone is definitely a challenge that you can complete with practice. But for your trombone to give its best performance, you need a proper mouthpiece for your instrument. Without a proper mouthpiece the sound of the trombone will not sound clear no matter how well you play.

Let’s dive in and check out some of the best trombone mouthpieces available for jazz:

Best Trombone Mouthpieces for Jazz in 2021

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Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL
  • Medium deep cup
  • Well rounded rim
  • Centered tone


Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece (MPC65ALTRB)


  • Small Shank
  • 61/2 AL
  • Medium deep cup


BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)
  • Deep cup
  • Semi flat rim
  • Size 5G


Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece
  • Long shank
  • Standard cup
  • Well balanced rim


Vincent Bach 3416HAL Trombone Mouthpiece
  • Medium deep cup
  • Well-rounded rim
  • Large shank



1. Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL

Bach Trombone Mouthpiece 6 1/2AL

This mouthpiece is featured with a medium deep cup. The diameter of this cup is 25.40 mm. The rim of the mouthpiece is medium wide and well rounded. It is slightly larger in size than medium size mouthpieces, although it has a standard size throat and back bore.

It creates a rather rich and compact sound; the volume of the sound is high. Additionally it can be used on a baritone as well. It will be good on trombone as well. The sound of this compliments jazz composition.


  • Good sound quality
  • High volume
  • Budget efficient
  • Can be used on other instruments


  • Slightly larger than other medium ranges

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2. Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece (MPC65ALTRB)

Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece (MPC65ALTRB)

This is 25.40 mm medium deep cup mouthpiece. The rim shape of this is medium wide. This is designed especially for professional players.

The quality of this product can be trusted without any doubt. It’s a perfect fit for trombone. The sound quality is clean and exquisite to compliment jazz tunes.


  • Good quality
  • Brand value
  • Clear sound


  • Might not be suited for the beginners

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3. BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)

BACH Trombone Mouthpiece (3505G)

This mouthpiece has a deep cup and a rim that is medium wide as well as semi flat. The shank of this mic is small and narrow, which makes a good combination with the deep cup.

Because of that we get much brighter sound from this mic. The outer layer of the mic is made of silver that adds depth to the sound.

The width of the rim is narrow and rounded, which is very comfortable to adjust. This mouthpiece is suitable for small and large tenor trombone.


  • Deep sound
  • Comfortable to adjust
  • Versatile
  • Gorgeous looking


  • Might to be suitable for those who like shallow volume

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4. Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece (YAC SLL48)

Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz
Yamaha Trombone Mouthpiece (YAC SLL48)

This mouthpiece comes with a longshank, well balanced rim and a standard cup, this combination makes a great utility. The diameter of the cup is 25.25 mm. The rim is semi narrow back bore.

There is a thick layer of silver coat around this piece, which adds durability. You do not need to worry much whether this mouthpiece will fit to your trombone or not, this is a very standard size that will fit any model or brand of trombone.

The sound quality is nice and warm for your jazz composition.


  • Suits any model or brand of trombone
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Well designed


  • A bit pricey

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5. Vincent Bach 3416HAL Trombone Mouthpiece

Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz
Vincent Bach 3416HAL Trombone Mouthpiece

This mouthpiece is manufactured by one of the best company in life, Bach. This has a medium deep cup, a well-rounded rim as well as a long shank. The combination makes a tool all in all.

The sound quality of the mouthpiece is very clean and resonant. Composition of jazz would have been evident in this piece. This is comparatively large than other mouthpieces available, so you have be consider the size of your trombone for this particular one. The quality of the piece is trustworthy.


  • Clean and resonant sound quality
  • Nicely built
  • Stylish looking


  • The mouthpiece may be too large for some user.

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Buyer’s Guide to Best Trombone Mouthpiece for Jazz

There are different mouthpieces for trombone that work best with different genre. So if you are a jazz trombone player then you do not have hands on all sorts of trombone mouthpiece available in the market. For jazz there are special built trombone mouthpieces that create much clear and exquisite sound that a jazz composition requires.

To get the best mouthpiece as per your requirements there are certain things you need consider and make queries about in a trombone mouthpiece. Here is your guideline to make an effective purchase.

  • Cup

Cup is one of the essential parts of a trombone mouthpiece. The depth of these cups varies, and that creates all the difference in the sound produced by a mouthpiece.

The cups are usually medium deep or very deep. The medium deep cups make clear sound the resonance is a little less. The deep cups processes the sound to be very deep and detailed.

  • Rim

Rims can be wide, narrow, flat or round. The contour of rim is a very personal preference as it varies a lot from person to person. It determines how the entire mouthpiece as a whole feels and to some extent the response your mouthpiece creates.

The parameter of the rim is also important, if you don’t pick the right one it may be uncomfortable when you come to use it.

  • Shank

The size of the shank determines how comfortably the mouthpiece fits into the receiver. Shanks can be small or long, that too a personal preference. However, it doesn’t have much impact on the sound created by the mouthpiece.

Final Thoughts

Jazz composition requires clear and resonant sound no matter what instrument you are using. So it’s no different for a trombone. Above listed mouthpieces is good quality trombone for jazz. Your personal preference and touch will definitely add spice to the experience to these products. Happy Shopping!

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